PSI Motavia Scenario (for Civilization 2)

Motavia Scenario


This is a scenario based on SEGA's famous RPG Phantasy Star I, which was released in 1988 and became a standard of quality for future RPGs. In this scenario, the Governor-General of Motavia, tired of Lassic's tiranny, doesn't wait for Alis to kill Lassic. Instead, he leads the way and declares Motavia's independence. Some colonizers and a city remain loyal to Lassic.

The planet is described as of recent colonization. The game is a struggle for survival and for hegemony on the Desert Planet, with plenty of oppotunities for terraforming and war. I have included the Berbrians and the Farmers as Nomad People (because they can speak in the game). Altough they are very backward in terms of technology, there are many of them, and they are well adapted to the arid climate (because they are natives). The random monsters (barbarians) are a real threat in this game.

I tried to design the map as it appears in the game. I have customized the city improvements, advances and units as they appear in the game or at least based on the PSI game elements.

This scenario is intended to entertain the players, amuse Phantasy Star fans and honor the Phantasy Star game development team and SEGA, that brought us this great RPG series.

Thanks to Juliano Hiroshi Torii for the PSI Motavia scenario to play with Civilization 2.


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Download the scenario. Remember, you must have Civilization 2 to play.

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