Phantasy Star... 20 Years Past


2304 AW. Algol Solar System. Motavia. Twenty years passed since the elimination of the Profound Darkness. Ancient technologies were hidden from the people's eyes again. Hahn Mahlay is the first man on Motavia, principal of Motavian Academy, exemplary family man and the best scientist. He starts a new organization in the east - the Guardians. Defenders monitor the ecological state of the planet and any of its deviations.

Our story starts in Zema, where two Guardians ready for a mission are having a rest.

Game by Di.H and Studio Locator.


Version 3.0


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Before playing, you need to install fonts PhantasyStar4 and PhantasyStar4Men, which are included in the game folder!

Download Phantasy Star... 20 Years Past 3.0.

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