Phantasy Star: Dark Millenium

Phantasy Star Dark Millenium


Phantasy Star: Dark Millennium is a fantasy role-playing game (RPG), based on the Phantasy Star game series created by SEGA. Phantasy Star: Dark Millennium (PSDM) begins roughly twenty years prior to the original Phantasy Star. The story focuses on several important events: The story of Alis Landale's true parents, King Lassic's turn to evil, the cold, silent arrival of the Earthmen in Algo, and the life and death of Alis' brother, Nero Landale. The story was created by Santa.. using the Phantasy Star Ultimate timeline by James Maxlow and Mike Ripplinger to make sure everything was consistent with the established plot. The game features the return of many original characters, as well as the introduction of new ones.

You, the player, assume the roles of the characters in the game and guide them on their quest. You begin as the young Alex Ossale, who is soon to be crowned as King of Algo. As you journey with Alex, you will begin to uncover the hidden evil that is yearning to destroy the Algo system. This is not a game that can be finished quickly; you must travel across the worlds of Algo battling beasts, picking up money, equipment and clues as you go. The game will end when you have completed the quest, or when all members of your party have died.

This project has been cancelled, mostly because of lack of time. You can download the final version at the bottom of this page. You can play a little longer in the game than in the demo version.

PS:Dark Millenium is created by Santa...


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Download the final version.

Download demo v.1.0.

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