Phantasy Star V: The New Millenium

Phantasy Star V: The New Millenium

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SueWelcome to the PS fan game project Phantasy Star V : The New Millenium.

At first, when I got the news that a NEW Phantasy Star game is going to be released, it was one of the very best news I got. PSO is great, don't get me wrong, but I am one of those who prefer the plot and graphic to be as the old days. My point is that I and with the help of fans is going to create a PS game with the plot we all expected, and the graphic of PSIV and the older games of the serie. Beat that, if you can *haha*.

The story of the game is not fully written yet, and a lot of other stuff have not been made, but before we will begin creating this game, there is a couple of stuff we need help with (check bottom of the page).

The game will contain the main characters of PSO as you probably have noticed. More about this in the sections.

Since the project has not began much yet, I can't show you much, but, lets get on with the show...

Important notice : You are NOT allowed to use any sprites, graphic or anything related from this page at your site without permission please, please read the steal page, thank you.

PSV: TNM trailer

By many requests, it's here, Phantasy Star V : The New Millenium trailer! This trailor took a long time to make. Download it below:

Trailor credits:

Missagh Alami (that's me)
Directed and programmed the clip.
Chris Ekins
Drawen the incredible great graphic in the trailer, couldn't do this without him!
Olov Lenberg
Composed the masterpiece music, don't forget to visit his personal site!

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RappyPSV Staff

Any questions, comments, suggestions about this project goes to me, Missagh Alami.

Creator, programmer, director, and a little bit of everything...
Missagh Alami
Quinn Fox (HP)
General graphic help
Chris Ekins, John Carimando, Jeff Watkins, Meruado, Josh Tumpak.
Sprite maker
Mia, Grey Fox , Kei, Orbital, Chaos_a, KodiaX 987, Ren.

Where can I find news..etc.

You can find some flash news about this project at the Phantasy Star News section.

And remember to go to the Phantasy Star Forum.


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