Phantasy Star V Calculator Game


In this game for the Ti-83/83+ Calculator series, you have a party of 5 people and you go around in the classic Phantasy Star style killing monsters -- 'bio-hazards'. The basic plot... Zio from PSIV has come back and you must eliminate him. Your party consists of my favorite characters from all of the Phantasy Star games (with the exception of 3, I wasn't a fan of the third one).

The movements are pretty simple; use the arrow keys to move and any other functions will be given in the GUI. Mostly you'll be using the numeric keys and the arrow keys. The terrain is randomly generated, so you won't be able to just walk back to a town -- you will have to wait to find them again.

This version of PSV allows you to buy tech points and attack points with Meseta you earn from killing monsters. You cannot upgrade weapons -- there would have simply been too many variables for that -- the game is big enough as is and all you 'old-time' calc users will understand that.

A note on the Revisited version -- it is a project I started a year or two ago -- and it goes unfinished. I am not exactly sure what the differences are -- I think it was primarily code optimization, so I've included it if you want to try it.

Game created by Jason D. Ralphs.


It has been 1000 years since Dark Force was defeated. Peace and civilization have returned to the galaxy. But, the evil is once again about to resurrect. Five legendary warriors have been chosen by Lutz to continue the legacy...


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Download Phantasy Star V for the Ti-83/83+ Calculator series.

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