How to use an emulator

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How to use an emulator

Postby segafanboy777 » Sat Nov 05, 2016 6:50 pm

While I think I'm somewhat tech savvy , this is out of my league. I think downloading an emulator should be pretty simple, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to know for certain if I save or run.

The real obstacle for me comes in how I'm supposed to obtain a rom, isos, or other file in order to play the English versions of the PS1 and PS2 remakes. Is this something I just download from a site?

Is there one emulator that does all this for me so I can play these games? I bought them for the PS2, but I don't speak more than a few phrases in Japanese, so I'm sitting on being able to play these games until I can either learn Japanese, or learn how to do all the steps required for using an emulator. Both are seeming about as difficult to learn.
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