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May 24th, AW1276, Zyrica, Palma

I sat in an idling truck in the Techna suburb of Zyrica. I ran my hand through my short black hair and examined the unfamiliar face looking back at me. My orders required me to change my appearance - I was to infiltrate the cyborg ring, find information on the cyborg we had, and get out.

Cyborgs make perfect tools for criminals - strong, untiring, and to equip a variety of weapons and gear. While, naturally, cyborgs came shipped from the factory with prohibitions against illegal activity, but those were easily subverted. Cyborgs had more regulation than guns - some joked that nuclear weapons were less regulated.

Soon after the invention of the cyborg, groups sprang up that stole and modified cyborgs for nefarious acts. Eventually, a worldwide ring emerged, which is now so entrenched that almost every local ring has very strong ties to it. Despite how expansive it was, however, law enforcement had little luck in breaking the worldwide ring apart. Some officials have doubted that it actually existed, The Agulia ring was the local outcrop of the world organization.

The light flicked to green and the truck's autopilot jerked the truck forward. It turned and stopped at the gated entrance to a warehouse.

A blue overalled man looked at me from underneath a cap. "Well?" He said expectantly.

"I've got the roses." I said.

His lips turned upward. "That's such a stupid passcode." He opened the gate and waved me through. "Head into that garage," he pointed at the only open garage of the six the warehouse had.

I did what he asked, and the garage door closed behind me, locking with a loud "ka-chunk". The garage was empty, except for a couple of very conspicuous cameras and a cyborg, the barrels of the machine guns attached to it's arm glinting in the harsh light.

"Get out and open the back," the man told me via a speaker set on the wall.

I hopped down from the cab and went to the back of the truck, with the cyborg following. I pulled the back open to reveal six tall wooden crates, a design that had been used for millennia.

"Open them up for me."

With the cyborg looking on, I pulled the crowbar from it's holder from the wall. I "fought' with the crate for a second before popping it open, revealing a cyborg.

"Is that a Xiren type?" The man asked. Like cars, each model of cyborg had a certain stock body styling. The Xiren was "next year's model".

"Yeah," I yelled back.

"Open the rest up," the man said, "and we'll discuss how you got those."

More fighting with the crowbar revealed five more cyborgs.

The garage door unlocked with an audible click. It slid open. "Come on out," the man took off his hat and wiped off his brow, revealing a head of short cropped dirty blonde hair. "Name's Sete," he said. "Follow me."

"I'm Niya," I said, as I followed him into the warehouse. The warehouse was empty, save for a couple of motorhomes.

"I'd imagine that this would be more impressive," I mused.

"We wouldn't want to have new recruits come straight to our headquarters. That would be a giant neon sign to police - 'Please raid us!'"

"Oh." What he had said wasn't much of a surprise.

Sete lead me over to the warehouse's office, which had been converted into a fully equipped cyborg repair bay. "We need to test to see if you know your cyborgs," he said. "I'll be right back."

He wheeled in a rather new Wren type. He rolled it out on to the work table. "Fix it," he said. "Try to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible." He walked out of the room, leaving the cameras on the wall to watch me.

I tried to turn the cyborg on, which, to my complete nonsurprise, didn't work. I popped open the cyborg's chest. At first glance everything looked ok, but a closer look reveal that the cyborg's power supply, normally held in place by a powerful electromagnet when the cyborg was on, was slightly out of place. I snapped it back into position, closed the cyborg up, and turned it on.

The cyborg promptly powered up and said, "I am fully operational."

Sete came back into the room and shut the cyborg back down. "Well done. You can't believe how many people tear the cyborg apart looking for that one simple problem. Needless to say, they didn't make it."

"What happens to those who don't make it?"

"Depends - the worse case is that we just let you go. After all, you haven't seen anything important. I'll go get your next test."

The tests got harder and harder, to the point that one the last one, I had to completely disassemble the cyborg to fix the milieu of problems.

Sete came in and admired my handiwork. "Wow. Not many can figure out the last test. Nice work."


"Well, obviously, you've passed the test." Sete said. "Now I need to know your background. Tell the truth here," his voice took on an edge, "because we'll find out if you're lying."

I gave him the background that Pyre had prepared for me: I was a junior researcher at Sa Riik Robotics that thought there was more money to be made in the black market. He also asked about my high school, previous employers, my college degrees - nothing, fortunately, that Pyre hadn't prepared for me.

Sete took this down on a palmtop. "Alright. It's going to take some time for our contacts in various places to verify what you said. Until then, we're going on a little drive."

"Drive? Where?"

"Nowhere in particular. We do this to throw off anyone that may be following you." He led me back across the warehouse to one of the motorhomes and opened its backdoor. He motioned me to get inside.
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I love this fanfic!!!!
please keep writing... most looking forward to the conclusion ;)
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I climbed in and Sete closed the door behind me.

There was silence - just not auditory silence, which was odd enough to me, but radio silence as well. I normally picked up a buffet of random signals, but inside the back of the motorhome there was nothing - not even the hiss of random static. They had got through the trouble of insulating the back from radio waves.

It made sense. If I was wearing a tracking device, the insulation would block it's signal. The soundproofing would make screaming at the top of my lungs useless, too. Naturally, the living area of the motorhome had no windows.

The soundproofing didn't hide the slamming of the driver's side door from my ears. "Comfortable back there?" Sete's voice emanated from a small speaker underneath the small TV set into the wall.

"Uh, I guess."

"See that red button next to the TV?"

I did, and I said so.

"Use that if you need anything. The refrigator's filled with food, so help yourself."


I sat down on the motorhome's small bed. I couldn't radio Mieu to find out how Tim was doing. Actually, thanks to my faster-than-light hyperwave transmitter, I could. However, the minute amount of radio interference it produced would set off a radio scanner, if the motorhome had one. I was confident that the message itself couldn't be eavesdropped - not only the message would be heavily encrypted, the smallest hyperwave receiver other than the ones installed in myself and my sisters was the size of a small car.

The motorhome started up and backed up. I couldn't use Palma's GPS grid to locate myself during the trip, since GPS used blocked radio waves. I quickly figured out how to use Palma's hyperwave based interplanetary location grid to get a fairly exact fix on my position. I actually impressed myself.

Sete turned on to the main highway into Techna. We entered the city and turned east, crossing the main bridge over the Techna River and exited the city into the scrub plains. After passing through a few towns, we entered low foothills. We stopped at a town called Serapke, which I know nothing about save for its street plan.

"We'll be stopping here tonight," Sete said his first words since the morning. "Good night."

"Night." I laid down in the bed and pretended to sleep. It was an extremely boring night - normally when I pretended to sleep, I had a number of broadcasts to occupy me. Tonight, though, I heard nothing save for the sound of my unnecessary breathing and the thump of my simulated heartbeat.

Morning arrived and Sete came in the back. "Need anything?"

"Just a breath of fresh air."

"Sorry, I can't let you."

We drove up through the foothills and entered the Kiweia Pass in the Wetiere mountain range, which marked the western side of the Great Rift. We descended down into the Rift Desert and we spent the night at the County of Deseret's capital, Osria.

We left the small town and continued eastward. After a half day, we started to rise into the towering spires of the Ubspire range, crossing out of the Duchy of Techna and into the small Duchy of Struhus as we did so. We dropped out of the Ubspires into a heavily forested, river filled lands east of the towering mountains and stopped for the night at the riverine city of Gerhaus.

That night, Sete entered my mobile prison with a couple bags of groceries.

"When will I be allowed out?" I said - still being civil, for now.

"Soon." he said as he restocked the fridge. "You haven't eaten much, have you?"

"Would you?" I replied, making a mental note to eat more.

"I suppose not."

We continued east, leaving the Duchy of Struhus and entering the rich farmland of the Duchy of Zizamcakre, which was known as "Palma's breadbasket." And we kept going! We reached the east coast of the continent and the end of the next day. I could understand the group's paranoia, but a 2400 mile trek across the continent struck me as a little over the top.

The fifth day started with nothing new at all - except for my amazement that we still kept going, turning northward. At the end of the day, we reached the northeast corner of the continent, Point Farenao.

The next morning, I hammered the red button. "When are you going to let me out of here?" I yelled, angrily.

"Soon." Sete replied.

"Soon was two days ago!"

"Your background check is taking longer than expected - getting info out of Sa Riik's research division is no easy task. You'll have to wait."

"Well, hurry up."

Sete took us to the west. following the coastline before turning southwest. We reentered the Ubspires and stopped at the mountain village of Epspire.

Sete opened the back door, and a cold wind laced with a few snowflakes gusted in.

"Well?" I said, hands on my hips, a scowl on my face.

Sete shrugged and set a bag of food on the small stove. "Not yet. I'll tell them to hurry up."

"You'd better."

We left the small village and entered Epspire Pass. The windy road the ran through the pass was one of the most treacherous on Palma - and the snow made the situation worse.

We rounded a corner, and suddenly I felt the motorhome start to slip. It bounced against something and it tilted to the side. We slid downward, hit something, and the motorhome tipped over to the side, throwing me around a bit.

We finally stopped. I popped my shoulder of it's socket to join the cuts and scrapes that I had as "injuries".

The backdoor had been bashed inward, and it opened with a good shove. I squeezed my way out and landed on soft snow. It was below freezing and a brisk snow feel from the grey clouds above.

The motorhome was perched on the side of a sheer cliff, stopped by a small boulder. I hurried to the front.

Sete was lying on the bottom of the cab - now the passenger's side door - bleeding from a nasty gash on his forehead. A spiderweb of cracks on the windshield told the story of where the gash came from. Sete hadn't been wearing a seatbelt, a simple device that had been mandated for over a thousand years. Nowadays, far too many people entrusted their lives to normally very reliable autopilots.
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I had to get to him out of there. There was no telling how long it was before the rock gave way and the motorhome tumbled down the precipice. I kicked the windshield. The safety glass shattered, as designed, into a thousand small, smooth edged pieces.

I reached in the cab and carefully pulled Sete out, and dragged him to under a tree in the small flat area fronting the cliff. I hurried back to the motorhome and retrieved the neon orange survival kit someone had thoughtfully provided.

I had took two steps back towards Sete when I heard a loud crack. I spun around in time to see the motor home disappear over the edge. I heard it smash into the mountainside twice before sending an echoing crash at the bottom.

I scrambled up the slight slope back to Sete. I kneeled beside him and tried to assess his injures. I addition to his gashed forehead, which also probably meant a concussion of some sort. His right leg and arm was broken. I wished I had Mieu's biosensors to see if Sete had any internal injures.

I opened up the survival kit and found it very well stocked for Sete's current predicament. I bandaged his head with a pressure bandage and wrapped him in a space blanket. It was very cold, and I wanted to delay any onset of hypothermia.

My first, knee-jerk emotional, reaction was to run him back to town as fast I as possibly could. Logically, however, it was far from a good idea. While not by any means likely, being seen running at fifty-plus miles per hour would not be good. Likewise, arriving from the crash site in five minutes instead of an hour or two would raise questions - questions, that probably wouldn't lead to "She's an android", were still a real risk of doing so. The tipping point - the reason why I shoved my emotions aside - was that Sete worked for a criminal organization. It wasn't a bloody organization by any means, but they have had a few murders pinned on them. I couldn't rationalize risking anyone's life for Sete - much less my creator or General Pyre.

I took the flame less heater from the survival kit and set it up close to Sete. I wrapped myself in the kit's other blanket and looked for a way to climb back up the steep rocky hill to the road. It took me a while, but I managed to find a way that a untrained climber with one good arm could scramble up.

On the long, slow, and cold trudge through the increasing snow fall back to town, I radioed Mieu. I told her what had happened the past week, and what was happening now.

Too bad I'm not there, Mieu radioed back.

You've got someone more important to take care of. How is he doing?

The therapist says he's making good progress. I can't really tell, but I'm no expert.

After a good hour, I arrived at the outskirts of Epspire. I shambled up to a house, and after making sure there were people inside, rang the doorbell and collapsed face down on the porch.

I heard the door open. "Oh dear," the voice seemed to belong to an elderly lady. "Jero, come here!"

Another set of footsteps approached. "I'll call the doctor," the voice was a man's.

"And I'm supposed to drag her in, dear? With my back?"

The man sighed. "I'll do it." I felt a pair of hands pick me up and carry me into the warm house. "She's freezing." He said as he carefully laid me on a couch. "I'll get some blankets."

"The doctor will be here soon," The woman said.

Soon was only a couple minutes. The doctor came in and took my temperature. "89.7," He said, "She's hypothermic. I'll need to get her to the clinic right away."

"Will she be alright, Dr. Stye?" The woman asked.

"She should be, Linn." The doctor said.

The clinic was only a short drive away. The doctor carried me out of his car and placed me on a exam bed. He stripped my clothes off and wrapped my torso with a heated blanket. He then injected me with a cocktail of drugs to aid my "recovery".

I waited impatiently for the treatment to take effect. As soon as a typical human could have woken up, I did. A low groan served to alert the doctor of that fact.

"You're awake," the doctor said, "Good." This was my first look at the doctor, now that my eyes were open. He was young for a doctor, no older than thirty, with closely cropped brown hair and attentive blue eyes.

"There's someone else out there," I said softly, and I told him approximately where Sete was.

The doctor rushed into his office. "Sheriff? This is Doctor Stye." He was talking on the phone. "I have a patient that wandered into town - yes, she was at Linn and Jero's place - and she told me that there was an accident up the pass and there's someone injured up there."

The doctor wrapped up the conversation and came back to me. "They're going to go look for him."

I nodded.

"I should pop your shoulder back into place," Dr. Stye continued, "and it's going to hurt a lot. I could numb it for you."

"I'll be ok, doctor."

"All right," the doctor grasped my shoulder, "One, two..."

Without calling three, he shoved my shoulder into position with a loud pop. A small squeak passed my lips and I arched my back in response to the pain that I should have been feeling. Internally, my repair systems (quite capable of resetting my shoulder on it's own) made the joint as strong as it was before.

The doctor injected my shoulder with a standard Mate solution. "That should make it heal faster and make the pain fade quicker," he said.

"Thank you, doctor."

"I'm going to keep you here overnight. but you should be fine. You're lucky - much more time out in that cold, you might not have made it." He smiled. "I'm going to let you rest." He shut the door behind him.

Twenty minutes later, the sheriff arrived. "We found him, Nels!" The sheriff's gentle voice was totally unexpected of someone of her position.

"Bring him in here, Tria." I heard them walk into the room next to mine. "Lay him on the table."

"Let's see," the doctor said, "a grade 3 concussion, broken left humerus and femur, plus minor internal bleeding. Body temperature is near normal."

The sheriff came into my room, as petite as her voice hinted at. "I'm Sheriff Tria Dubina. What's your name?"

"Niya Jurason."

"Niya, what happened?"

"I don't know. I was in the back."

"Why were you in the Epspire Pass? Did you know how dangerous it was?"

"He wanted to go through the pass, I don't know why."

"What's the driver's name?"

"Sete. I don't know his last name... or anything else about him."

"Then why are you with him?" The sheriff's voice took on a sharper tone.

I didn't like the way things were going. Getting arrested on the hunch of a small village sheriff wasn't high on my list I wanted to do. "It was a job interview." I hoped Sete would give a similar response when he woke up.

The sheriff jotted everything down. "I'm know you're hiding something, but I can't justify doing anything." At that, she left.
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Postby Amwhere » Mon May 04, 2009 10:53 pm

I relaxed a bit once the sheriff left. I waited while the doctor in the next room worked on Sete. An hour passed before Dr. Stye emerged from Sete's room.

"How is he?"

"He'll be ok," the doctor replied, "but I'm transferring him to the hospital in Granize City for observation."

"Has he woken up yet?"

The doctor nodded. "He woke up for a little while. He gave me this," he handed my a piece of paper with a phone number on it, "I think he wants you to call this."

There was a buzzing sound from the front of the clinic. "That must be the transport." Dr. Stye said. "Feel free to use the phone."

I picked up the old style handset as soon as the doctor shut the door. I dialed the number and waited as the phone rang.

"Happiness Plush Toy Company, Adea speaking." A woman on the other end said, sounding a little bored.

If I didn't know better, I would have figured I had dialed the wrong number. "I'm Niya Jurason."

"The one riding with Sete?"

"Yes," I explained what happened.

Adea sighed. "I knew it! I'll be there in a couple of days." She hung up without another word.

The next morning, the doctor served me a hot breakfast and handed me a coat. "You'll need this if you want to go outside," he said.

I accepted the food and coat. "Thank you. I'll return the coat before I leave."

"Think nothing of it," the doctor said, "You're welcome to stay here until your ride comes."

I ate and let myself outside - wearing my new coat, of course.

The first thing I noticed was the cold - although the sky was clear, it was colder than yesterday. The next thing I noticed was how beautiful Espire was.

The village was nestled in a deep v-shaped valley. Deep green trees capped with snow were perched both on the valley rim and sides. Across the street from the clinic was a restaurant, so busy that people were waiting outside in the cold for a seat. Next to the restaurant was a small inn and general store. After my walk around the village, I found that it was the only store there.

A morning three days later, I was sitting outside the clinic, enjoying the winter sunshine when a red hovercar hummed to the curb in front of me.

The brown haired woman inside leaned over to the passenger side window. "You Niya?" She was clearly the woman I had spoken to on the phone.

"Yes," I replied.

"I'm your ride," she said curtly, "get in."

"I need to tell Dr. Stye that I'm leaving." I went inside and thanked Dr. Stye for his kindness and handed him back his coat.

"Good luck to you," the doctor said.

I climbed into the hovercar.

"I'm Adea, in case you forgot," she said as her brown eyes looked me over, "Nice to meet you." Her tone of voice wasn't exactly the nicest I've heard.

As soon as I strapped in, Adea tore out into the street.

"Hey, I've already been in one accident this week," I yelped, gripping the dashboard for dear life.

"Sorry." She paused for a second. "I visited Sete in the hospital today," Adea said. "I'm still mad at him. I shouldn't have taken it out on you."

"Mad? How can you be mad at him?"

"He always does this! He takes new recruits across the continent for no good reason. We had you cleared five days ago!"

"We'd better not see each other again," I said, "because I'll give him a piece of my mind." I had been only annoyed during the trip, but now I was somewhat angry. Each day that was wasted meant my mission would take that much longer. "Why does he do that?"

"Want me to show you?"

I shrugged. "Sure, as long as it doesn't involve a crash."

Adea spun the hovercar around and took us into the pass. Unlike three days ago, it wasn't snowing and the hovercar wasn't affected by the nigh invisible patches of black ice that had claimed the motorhome.

We turned off the road only a couple miles past where the motorhome fell off the cliff. The narrow road we were now on twisted and turned its way up the mountainside.

To my surprise, the top of the mountain was flat as a board, and had a collection of cottages in the center. A sign proudly proclaimed that it was "Flattop Mountain Royal Public Park."

The view off the mountain was nothing less than stunning. To the south you could look down on snow covered peaks near by and out at the towering mountains farther away. The south held peaks, too, diminishing until they met the deep blue sea. To the east, shrouded in a light blue mist, were the verdant forests and swamps on the rainy side of the mountains. Conversely, the west side held tan deserts. It was peaceful, with only a light breeze breaking the silence.

"He proposed to me up here," Adea said after giving me a chance to drink it all in.


"Sete." She said with a 'it's obvious' tone to her voice. "It was my first time up here."

I nodded. "I can understand why he likes to come up here... it's majestic." That fact wasn't going to change the fact that I was going to give him a piece of my mind if I ever saw Sete again in my current disguise.

"We're not locked into the Nest - he can make a trip out here anytime he wants. He doesn't need to drive recruits up here too." She looked over at me. "He didn't... uh... make a pass at you or anything?"

"Of course not!" I blurted out, shaking my head. "I hardly saw him!"

Adea stared at me for a moment before cracking a hint of a smile. "Good, because if he did, Light help him!" She climbed back into the hovercar. "We should get going."

I took one last look around and climbed in.

"Thank you for saving Sete," Adea said as we hovered down the mountain, "I do love him, despite his stupid streak."

I said nothing - any reply I came up with sounded hollow and fake.
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This story isn't dead! - it's just that I'm too lazy to write and type out. :) Some replies would probably make me unlazy. :)[/b]
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Postby Amwhere » Tue Jan 19, 2010 8:33 am

I'm going to get rid of the back and forth school thing - I'm going to style it more like a autobiographish thing, with more than one teller. I'll edit the old stuff... sometime. Without further ado....
The long trip back to Techna was made even longer due to being forced to wait out a powerful sandstorm under Osria's retractable dome.

When we finally arrived, Adea us off the Inter-Duchy Expressway in the industrial district of East Techna, on the other side of the river from my house. Unlike the noxious smoke spewing industrial complexes of old, modern industries were environmentally friendly. Factories were still mostly clustered together in cities, though - they were noisy, and not all that pleasant to live near.

We drove through the district until Adea pulled in a driveway. The factory it belonged to had "Happiness Plush Toys" painted in bright pastels on the side of the building. We stopped at the gate and Adea flashed an ID at the cyborg guard.

The gate dropped into the ground and we drove into the parking lot. Instead of finding a spot, however, Adea drove us down into the factory's underground storage depot. Like I expected, the level was filled with pallets, with just enough room to drive through.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"You'll see," Adea replied, driving down to the second level. This level apparently had been turned in a parking lot, with almost fifty cars and vans of various styles and colors parked there. Adea nestled in between a garishly painted van and a sleek hovercar.

"We're here," Adea said as she climbed out. "Come over here." She said, pointing at a wall that was unremarkable save for "No Parking" painted in bright green. However, my eyes saw a hairline seam that traced out what appeared to be a very large door. A human wouldn't be able to see it without looking very closely for it.

"Watch this," Adea pulled out the locket that she wore around her neck and opened it. Inside was the picture of her husband Sete. When she pressed down on the picture, the locket sent out a radio signal that I intercepted and recorded for future reference. The wall reverberated with a deep "ca-chunk".

I looked with complete surprise on my face - and the truth was, a bit of it was real - as the section sled several feet back and then aside, revealing a spiral slope downward.

"What is this?" I said, although I had a suspicion of what it was.

"Ever heard of the Fusion Rebellion?" Adea said as we began to walk down the tunnel. This question proved my suspicions.

"Vaguely. History never interested me much," I said with a laugh.

She explained it to me on the way down, although somewhat inaccurately, which I'll exempt you from. Instead, I'll give you the correct version.

The Fusion Rebellion started over 1300 years ago when King Bairten died with no heir. Under Palman succession law, this meant it was up the Council of Dukes to pick a new King.

After initial squabbling, the council was split between Alenain, Duke of Norna (east of Camineet), and Frenina, Countess of Exevxa (on the east coast of the northern continent).

Duke Alenain was supported because of the belief his supporters had that he would be easy to manipulate. Countess Frenina was chosen because of her father, the Duke of Exevxa. He was a expert statesman with forward thinking ideals. He was, however, ineligible for the throne as he could not trace a bloodline to the first Queen of Palma. Frenina, via her dead mother, could assume the throne, and it was hoped that her father's qualities rubbed off on her. Those who watched her countessship would see that this was so.

The election came, and as everyone expected, the larger duchies (Techna, the three duchies on the North Continent, etc) voted for Frenina. The other duchies voted for Alenain. There were more small duchies than large ones, so Alenain carried the day.

Even before Alenain had the crown on his head, the duke's the supported Frenina had seceded from the kingdom and enthrone Frenina as the true queen of Palma. The fighting started soon afterward.

Despite being outnumbered by the combined forces of the new King's supporters and the Royal Army, Frenina's rebels outmaneuvered them at every turn. Fighting slipped into a stalemate.

King Alenain was furious at the tenacity of the rebels. Before anyone could talk him out of it, he ordered a pair of the few fusion tipped missiles Palma had at the rebel capital.

A city of two million people vanished from the face of Palma. Queen Frenina was not in the capital at the time, and her advisers urged that she retaliate from the handful of missiles her forces had captured. She refused.

Fear swept through the people on both sides. People on both sides came together to build shelters (some called them "Vaults") that were originally designed as lifeboats in the case of a asteroid strike. They were designed to be self sufficient for a least 500 years.

Sadly, the shelters proved their value. As the war dragged on for years, Alenain dropped 3 more bombs. The shelters saved thousands.

The war ended abruptly when King Alenain was found slashed to death in his room in the highly guarded royal palace. No culprit was ever discovered - in fact, there were no clues or leads at all. Frenina was hailed as the true Queen, and nearly a decade of combat ended.

The spiraling ramped ended about 150 feet down at a large vaultesqe door. Standing in front at a control console was a cyborg. "Greetings, sub-director. Who is with you?"

"Niya Jurason, a new recruit. Can you finalize her in the system?"

"Of course, sub-director. Ms. Jurason, please face me and smile." I did so, and the cyborg said. "Thank you. Sub-director, Ms. Jurason has been entered into the system."

"Good. Hand me the tagger." Adea said.

The cyborg opened a small drawer in the control console and pulled out what appeared to be a oversized marker, and handed it to Adea.

"This is going to sting," she said, holding the device to my forehead.

The device clicked, and something inserted itself into my skin. It would have been painful for a human. "Ow!" I exclaimed. "What in the Light was that?"

"Your ID," she said, rummaging through her purse. Pulling out a makeup compact, she flipped it open and held the mirror in front of me. There was a small yellow dot in the middle of my forehead along with a trickle of blood. "Don't rub it."

I gingerly wiped away the blood. "What is it?"

"As I said, your ID. It identifies you to various systems in the base, and the fact it's on your forehead lets people know that you're new. Once you've been here awhile, we'll remove it and put it somewhere more discrete." She touched her earlobe. "Open it up."
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Anyone interested in me continuing this? I've got a lot of story left in my head, and if some one wants to read more, I'll place it on paper (or electrons, as the case may be).
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Postby Wing-0 » Wed Jul 21, 2010 6:08 am


Where did this fanfic come from? And... Dammit, I didn't know this was here...
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Postby H-Man » Wed Jul 28, 2010 1:02 pm

Don't worry Amwhere, as soon as I finish my other projects, I'll read this and send you the feedback. It's a bit large, so it'll take a while. But don't give up on me! :)
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Postby H-Man » Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:36 pm

Okay, I finished reading what you've done so far. I'm enjoying it. It'd like to see how it all ends, but it's fun. How many pages of material (re: ideas) do you think you got on this?
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Postby Amwhere » Tue Aug 10, 2010 11:51 pm

Plenty! I just need a bit of motivation to put them on electrons. :)
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