What Phantasy Star location would you like to see in 3D?

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What Phantasy Star location would you like to see in 3D?

Postby Valen » Thu Aug 04, 2016 3:24 pm

I'm a 3D artist and game developer, and one of my hobbies is recreating areas from old videogames, especially series that are no longer active or that have been forgotten by their developers. I like bringing them back to life in hi-definition 3D, and not just that, but I also make playable demos out of them in UE4. Nowadays I even add VR support, so you can actually feel like you're there. I can link you to some of my past projects if you PM me (so you know I'm the real deal), I won't post them here publicly as I don't want to seem like I'm advertising, even though the projects are 100% free.

For Phantasy Star's 30th anniversary next year, I started working on a 3D remake of the place where it all began. Camineet, from Phantasy Star 1. However, I've been using the Sega Ages remake's visuals as reference, and I've now realized that this won't really evoke the nostalgic effect for fans of the original game, ruining the point of this anniversary project. On the other hand, the original Master System version of the city looks too barebones and doesn't work well as reference material. So now I'm not sure if I will continue with Camineet and instead I'm going to ask the fans directly.

What location from the classic Phantasy Star series (1-4) would you like to see in 3D?
It could be anything - a city, dungeon, whatever. It just has to be a place in the games that you think would evoke a lot of nostalgia from fans of this classic series.

A location from the Genesis games would probably be best as their visuals give me more to work with. But if you do want a 3D Camineet based on the Sega Ages remake of the first game, then that's cool too, I can just continue that project instead (I already have most of the pavement done). Or I could even just remake the Master System Camineet - but bear in mind that it would look as basic (in terms of layout) as the original town did.

P.S. If posts like these are not allowed here, I apologize. I didn't know where else I could ask.
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Re: What Phantasy Star location would you like to see in 3D?

Postby Drake_Zeppeli » Fri Aug 05, 2016 2:33 pm

When it comes to Phantasy Star IV, nothing says nostalgia to me but the two towns of Aiedo and Piata. Aiedo simply for the Guild side-quests and the practical free inn in the form of Alys' house and Piata because it is where the story has begun to slowly develop.
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Re: What Phantasy Star location would you like to see in 3D?

Postby augmentedfourth » Sun Aug 07, 2016 3:00 pm

I do like the idea of Camineet, but I get what you're saying about how it would be a little sparse. What if you did Termi from PSIV, which would have the statue of Alis and Myau? You'd get the reference to the original game, but more complex source material to have fun with.
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