PS2.5 Fallen Planet Evil Walkthrough

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PS2.5 Fallen Planet Evil Walkthrough

Postby Oresama » Mon Dec 12, 2016 2:30 am

I made this walkthrough for the evil route. It is somewhat similar to James' Let's Play videos, but adds a few things and is more efficient in sending you to the next place. I did use them as a reference for making this after foobaring the game. (^_^); I'm open to suggestion on sidequests/other things that should be added for a more complete evil run. For example, if there are any character sidequests that should be added, if there's something more evil to do with Tyler's Spaceship parts, any other minor dick moves or NPCs to off, etc. I know Jana's story stops halfway. I get the second Polymyrtl acid but I must have missed something to get it to open the door to continue with it.

Links to the version with my upgrades/fixes were dead, so I went ahead and reuploaded it. Anotherfullscreenmode is also included and may fix full screen flickering issues. It does for me. ... Planet.rar

Onto the walkthrough! It's also uploaded as an attachment if you'd prefer to download it.


Once you have control of Jams go to Plumb's house (orange house just south of the exit). Head north from the house and talk to the old man that shows up at the spaceport. Select “I'd rather eat my own puke” to trigger a fight and kill Plumb's father. After killing him go back to Plumb's house to set up future events.

Talk the guard following you after killing Plumb's father. Go to Josh's house (next to Plumb's) where you'll change into a guard uniform and talk to the guard to progress the story. Talk to Talis, then to guard blocking the exit and head south to Loar.

Do NOT go back to Josh's house after doing this event, unless you want to remain in the guard uniform for quite some time.

On your way to Loar, note the location of the Biofarm, i.e. the giant circular tree. While most of these are merely decoration, you can enter this one, and its location will become important later in the game. Red berries can be found in the bottom right corner later. You see a dialog there now.

Note: I am not making many specific equipment recommendations in this walkthrough, both because of the option to cheat and gain levels from talking to the stationary green crystal in the tower in Abion and because if you're playing my version of the game, the random encounter rate in manageable enough to kill all of the enemies and level up enough to not need to buy every piece of equipment as soon as it becomes available. If you suddenly find yourself getting trashed after not upgrading your equipment for some time, consider upgrading.

Note 2: If you have screen flickering problems, hit ALT+ENTER to run the game in window mode and play it in window mode. You can then use anotherfullscreenmode, a tool made to prevent flickering in RM2K/RM2K3 games. If you downloaded my most recent upload as of this writing, it's included in the archive.

Note 3: The dungeons are relatively simple, seeing as they aren't first person perspective with everything looking the same. Most treasure chests are somewhat optional. Anything needed for the game to progress will be mentioned. Whether or not you track down every dimate or chest of 700 meseta is up to you.


Go the left of the entrance and talk to the giant NPC chick who looks a tad out of place. Ask her out for drinks and another NPC will appear. Talk to him (Tad) and tell that cocksucker to get out of your face. Kill him and talk to Placia again.

Go to the bar. You'll be able to recognize them immediately as they do not have doors. As you get more party members they will all sit around a table in the bar and you can add/remove them from your party by talking to them. Talk to the bouncer, then talk to the bartender and order anything other than a Diet Cola, because anyone who drinks Diet Cola is obviously too much of a pussy to be effective at being evil. For real in this game. Talk the bouncer again and give him your card, this will start you on your path to the dark side. There is a Titanium Shield hidden in the box of weapons in the bottom right corner. If you dance with the girl on the dance floor she will poison you and steal 75 meseta.

Head to the northern part of the city, talk to the guard and pay his bribe. If you don't the price just goes up. Go right, talk to the new NPC and he joins your party. Return to Abion and talk to Talis.

Also note that the pawn shop sells Greensleeves, which cut the TP cost of techniques in half. Highly recommend.


Talk to Talis and accept your commission to continue the plot for 1000 meseta. Upon leaving talk to the new NPC that appears to learn you pawned Talis' pendent after partying a little too hard, which might have something to do with her attitude problem. Return to Loar, buy the pendent back from the item shop, return it to Talis, use it as an item, talk to her and get the Darkfallz Skull.

Leave Abion, go south and around the coast until you see a woman guarding a cave.

K.O. Cave

Talk to the woman and agree to help her. Then use the Darkfallz Skull and talk to her again to gain access to the cave.

Make your way through the cave, it's not particularly difficult. Your destination is the bottom right corner. Talk to Karl and tell him there's one dead puppy coming up. Return to Loar, talk to the dog right to the north of the bar and bring it back to Karl. When it comes to time to cut up the puppy a most convenient earthquake lets it get away, and you get a call letting you know your Hovercraft rental is ready. Karl will also mention that he knows the bartender, so head back to the bar in Loar


The bartender will cry about his daughter getting kidnapped, and contrary to evil intuition, agree to help because there will be something in it for us.

Back to Abion and the Hovercraft rental shop! Or is it?


Dumi is in your face as soon as you return. Follow her back to her house and choose just tell me over the more fun/colorful options.

At this point you can also get the Landrover. Go the shop just south of Dumi's house and buy the Illegal Landrover for 16000 MST. Then use the Illegal Landrover to have a Landrover appear. Talk to it and you have a usable Landrover in your inventory, if you are so inclined. The primary benefit is that is faster than walking. Get it if you want, but it's not necessary.

Now that you have spoken with Dumi you can enter the manhole cover in the spaceport. Make your way through the dungeon toward the cultists you see when you enter. If you talk to the grave you see when entering the railroad area you'll get a bit of story and some stat boosters. Make sure you get the chest with the Mysterious Badge and hear a conversation about checking your house and talking to Fill. Heading all the way down and all the way left from the tombstone with the stat boosting colas should get you there.

Talk to the ghost sitting on the throne to fight the ghost of Dr. Mad from PS1. Take the stairs that appear after killing the ghost. Talk to the moving treasure chest for another fight and to get the Laconian Circlet. You must get all of the Laconian items to beat the game.

When you get to the stairs on the other end we receive a call from our bouncer friend. He's going to lay 5000 big ones on us to eliminate a threat to humanity! Anything for a payday.

Taking the stairs after the phone call will bring you to the contaminated area next to Abion. Head over to the upper right corner to find our android terrorist and take it out! Head down and to the left to find the exit and return to Abion. Our bouncer friend will be outside Talis' palace with our money. Go back to your house, talk to Fill (bottom left in Loar's bar) and it's FINALLY time to get the Hovercraft!

Head west, then south around the continent. When you find an island with a dungeon on it head east and park your Hovercraft in front of some lava. Walk through the lava and to the town in the north.


You must have Dune in your party to enter the town and progress the story. Talk to the girl on the left side of the screen to have Neen join the party. Don't get freaked out when Karl says he'll leave the party here or at any other time in the game – he only leaves the current party and can be added back at any bar.

Leave the city, heal after walking through the lava, get back on the Hovercraft and go south, east and north around the continent to Gothic.


Head to the bar and talk to the bartender. Take the job he offers you. Head north and shake her down for some money. Talk to the bartender again and he'll send you back to Bortevo to deliver a package.

Enter the house with the gold roof by the entrance. Tell him you got the badges here and there and agree to trade the badges for Polymyrtl acid.

I upgraded my weapons here, and this was the last time I needed to buy weapons before buying the best stuff you can buy. Your mileage may vary. The Heat Gun is strongly recommended.


By James' own admission, he was being a dick when he programmed this. Talk to the guard in the center north of the screen four times to deliver the package. Dune will warn you that you can turn this guy in to the cops and get back on the good path.


Return to the bar and get your money. He will now send you to Medusa's Tower. Head south from Gothic and go through the forest to reach the tower.

Medusa's Tower

Talk to the flame and it will let you enter, because you're evil. Get the treasure if you want, talk to the Spectre in the upper left corner and retrieve the Alis Sword from the bottom left corner.


Return the bartender and give him the junk sword. Naturally there's one more job, so follow him to his secret lair and agree to kill the governor. We're now off to Bortevo to move the plot along and find someone who can set up us the bomb without blowing his own butt to kingdom come.


Enter the control tower, talk to Tony, return to Gothic.


Add Tony to your party. Go the Governor's Palace and talk the girl in the lower left corner. Pay her, go down the stairs that appear and plant the bomb. Talking to any of the guards will get you kicked out of the mansion.

Return to the secret underground hideout to collect your 10,000 meseta. Stop by the bar to add Kole to your party. As the message says, head northeast to Scion.


Upon arrival you get some instructions from our benefactor. Talk to the guy working on the blue Hovercraft (Jimz). Hand over the Polymyrrl acid so it can be fixed. He will join once repairs on that sexy blue beast are completed. Enter the bar to add it to your Ryuka list.

Enter the other building without a door for a necessary side quest. Talk to the man in front of the ring to buy some techniques for Jams, then talk to the booker on the right to start fighting. You should easily beat everyone here. This will give you the Laconian Emel, needed to beat the game.

Get your party back together and head to the cave in the north.

Shortcake Cave

Go through the cave and buy a cake. Don't teleport out a few times and keep talking to him until he asks if you want a Roadpass. Pay him and take it. The green chest contains a Book of Hewn, get it if you want but it's not a big deal if you don't. As we are eeeeeevil we can technically get a Roadpass without buying one here, but you're already here.

Dungeon To Baya Malay

Enter the dungeon just north of Scion and see the dialog there. Then keep heading south to the next cave.

Garda Cave

Make your way through the cave and talk to Garda. Take her back to Dungeon To Baya Malay for a scene and proceed to Baya Malay.

Baya Malay

Jimz will call you to let you know the repairs have been completed. Open the treasure chest for the Laconian Helm. You can see a message by talking to the boulder and the stone tablets in the lower right and left corners.


Repairs on the HoverRover have been completed. You can now travel over deep water. Head south around the continent and southwest to Eppi.


There isn't too much to do in Eppi. Stop by the bar and order a red beer. He'll mention red berries. Remember that farm I mentioned at the beginning of the walkthrough? Go back to pick up the red berries. Give them to the bartender and accept the job he offers you. We're going a little south and then west to Drasgow.


You can buy some very high end equipment here and talk to some NPCs. If you don't get them now you'll lose your chance, up to you. The Flame Thrower is HIGHLY recommended for Josh.

Use the letter and talk to Damo in the southwest corner. Lie and go back to Eppi. Make sure you take the HoverRover back – you can't Ryuka to Drasgow!


Talk to the bartender and get the Spaceship Parts Tyler needs to repair his spaceship at Scion Airport.

Scion Airport

Using the Spaceship Parts and talking to Tyler will get you the Nei bar. If there is a way to double cross the rebels in a different sidequest by lying to the bartender, I haven't found it. Heading north from Eppi and entering the southwestern city will get you to Parolit.


Go to the bar and talk to Jana in the top right corner of the bar. She will join your party. Go the left meet your contact, who hands over a Roadpass and 15,000 meseta to take out the governor. Head northeast to Camineet.


If you try to enter without a Roadpass you'll fight a bunch of robots, and still not get in. Head to the bar and get a drink if you want. Talk to the cocktease on the dance floor, dance with her and punch her in the face for a nice bonus.

Head off to the right to see the governor. Fork over the shortcake and walk into the light. After talking to Milo you'll have a nightmare and fight Saccubus. No worries, this is much easier than the original Saccubus fight.

After waking up head outside, talk to the guard, then back to the bar. Talk to the guard and head upstairs for a conversation with Milo. He sends you to the Biosystems Lab, but you reveal that you're there to kill him. If you have Tony in your party the Army Eyes won't defend him, not a big deal either way.

Camineet Spaceport

If you go west to the spaceport you can go through the Passport process you remember from PS1, but you can't actually get a passport seeing as space travel is prohibited.

With Jimz in your party, head up to the manhole cover in the spaceport. Enter the tent and talk to Haspy. The little guy joins up and hands over the Laconia Gear. The stairs to the left will take you to Gothic, should you be so inclined.

Note the guy in the southwest corner of the spaceport that can't find his nuts for later.

Head north to the Biosystems Lab.

Biosystems Lab

Head north to the Biosystems Lab and use the Key Tube to open the door. Take notice of the stairs on the right side of the dungeon. Make sure you get the Laerma Nuts from one of the treasure chests on your way to the boss. Talk to the robot in the bottom right corner to start a fight. Talk to the computer to get the Systems Recorder and head for the stairs, not the door you used to enter. Per the phone call we get from our mysterious benefactor, head to Scion Airport.

Camineet Spaceport

Now that you have the Laerma Nuts use them and talk to the guy in the bottom left corner that asks if you've huh huh seen his nuts. Run through and get the Mirror Shield.

Medusa's Tower

Head back to Spectre, use the Laerma Nuts and talk to her again. As you might expect, feeding strange things to strange beings turns them into bosses, so take her out. The stairs to the third floor are in the southwest corner. From there keep following the path to Medusa. Make sure you have the Mirror Shield equipped before you start this fight! Upon killing Medusa you will have the Laconian Axe.

Scion Airport

Enter the bar, buy a ticket from the counter in the upper right, use the ticket and ask for Joly. The cheap (?) whore is sleeping, but our buddy shows up for the meeting. There isn't much to see with the other girls, but if you want to experiment with it make sure you save your game. The screen may stay black and not resume properly.

Head out of the club, go up and take the road to the left. Talk to the guard and Josh will have you change uniforms to get passed the guard. Walk to the end of the path and Josh takes care of it before you get transported to the Fish House. Agree to kill Talis to get locked onto the evil path. Ryuka to Loar and walk to Abion.


Talk to the guards to find out Talis has fled. No fear, our man knows she ran to the artificial continent south of Scion and has sent an Army Eye to the nearest bar to make sure we can get in. Ryuka to Eppi, make sure Jana is in your party and head west.

Odin Cave

Without Jana you won't be able to see anything or advance in the dark. Head to the southeast corner and put the Darkfallz Skull in the giant stone tablet. The Lassic Staff will be in the most southeast corner in the dungeon. Get back on your HoverRover and head west to the Haunted City on the long skinny island (west of Gothic).

Haunted City

This is a short dungeon. Go the left to move the story along and to the right to get an item. You can walk on the water if you like. Head east and a bit south to Drasgow.


It has now been destroyed and if you didn't stock up on things for sale, you have lost your chance. Go to the manhole and pick up the Laconian Sword. Head to the Arctic Continent.


Head down through the manhole to enter the bar. Make sure Haspy in your party, then head northwest. Haspy will unlock the door so you can proceed.

Arctic Cave

This is a long, windy cave and looks even more like a Phantasy Star 1 dungeon than most thus far in its layout. When transitioning between caves make sure you pick up the treasure chest you see, as it contains the Laconian Mail. When you go through to the next staircase you will be the proud owner of an airship!

You will still need to the HoverRover to get to the Artificial Continent, so let's get that back. Fly the airship to Scion, Ryuka to the Haaken Dead Lounge and jump in to reclaim it. Swap out Haspy for Army Eye while you're there. You'll be informed that Drasgow was attacked, but we've already been there and seen the wreckage. Head in a northwesterly direction to the Artificial Continent.

Artificial Continent

When you enter you will be greeted by someone who looks familiar, then upon closer examination a little more's the nasty Plumb! Turn her down and then put the dog down. Go south to get back on the world map and follow the path.

Upon arriving you should get a call from our Bouncer buddy telling us to find the Sub-Parts. Head to the bottom right corner and enter the building to get the Laconian Plate. When you take it you will be attacked by a bunch of robots. Take them out. From there go into each of the 8 towers and touch each of the computers to build a bridge that takes us to the Sub-Parts. If you are missing any Laconian items you will get a picture of the missing item instead of hearing a scraping noise.

Now that the bridge is built enter the bottom left Biofarm. Follow the path to the Sub-Parts. As James said, “Get ready for some serious bullshit as we head toward the last two stages of the game.” The man spoke the truth.

Make your endgame preparations, then head for the whirlpool west of Scion.

Underwater Area

There are no landmarks underwater which makes finding our destination...somewhat challenging. You are looking for a factory on an island that is southeast of your starting position. I find going right for 2 cycles of the water flashing and down for 2 cycles of the water flashing works for me to get there. If you see some shallow water you're getting close. Good luck.

Underwater Factory

You see Talis when you enter the factory. Kill Talis, walk around and/or touch computers until your visiphone rings, watch the scene and go into the light.


Open the treasure chest and beat the shit out of PS1 Dark Force. Your party members will have something new to say to you here. Make your way through Noah and talk to Mother Brain. Once you verify what side you're on Josh will puss out and turn on you. Take him out and you win!
Phantsy Star 2.5 Fallen Planet Evil
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Re: PS2.5 Fallen Planet Evil Walkthrough

Postby Missagh » Fri Dec 16, 2016 8:55 pm

Thank you very much for posting the walkthough AND the reupload of the game. If you get the time, it would be great to have the file on Mega as well.
-- Missagh Alami, webmaster of Phantasy Star Cave.
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Re: PS2.5 Fallen Planet Evil Walkthrough

Postby Oresama » Sat Dec 17, 2016 12:11 am

Sure, that's no big deal.!Q0ATGKKI!R_39CUsStXld ... 375Hv-gxIo

Both of those are posted to registered accounts well within the size limits for uploads, so barring Mediafire or Mega shutting down those should stay up indefinitely. I just went through both walkthroughs and corrected some typos I missed the first time in the posts and attached files. If you want to add those links and/or the walkthroughs to the main fan game page you definitely have my blessing. If anything more people using the links will keep them online.

I didn't make a walkthrough for the neutral path, because IIRC it's just the evil path with the only difference being that you don't kill Talis. I'll make a walkthrough for it if there were significant differences, but I'm pretty sure that was the only thing that was different from the evil path. The steps to get to the end were still the same unless I'm not remembering something.
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Re: PS2.5 Fallen Planet Evil Walkthrough

Postby Oresama » Sun Mar 12, 2017 2:25 am

Just to give final confirmation, I ran through the neutral path today and the only difference in the walkthrough between the evil and neutral paths is whether or not you kill Talis. The story changes, but the steps to get the end are the same either way.
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