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Phantasy Star and Sakura Wars Crossover Fan Fiction

PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 2:46 am
by Drake_Zeppeli
As the title of the thread suggests, I'm currently developing a fan fiction crossover between the Phantasy Star series (Includes the original series, Online series, and Universe/Portable series. Some spin-offs may be included such as PS Zero) and the Sakura Wars series (Including the spin-off Sakura Taisen Kanadegumi).

At first, I did not have a clear image on what I can do to make it work. That is until I've realized it.

I could utilize the series as a mix of Sakura Wars' slice of life, romance, and character development along with Phantasy Star's action/fight scenes, world building, and terminology (use of meseta, techniques like Deban, Foi, and Wat, and so on).

So far, here's a synopsis of the first part I had in mind in this series. And before you ask, I am giving everything from the characters to the scenes some thought while also giving my respects to the two source materials.

Part 1: Upon the death of her elder brother Nero, Alisa Landale agrees to his last request of finding warriors with the potential to defeat Lassic including the musk cat Myau, the warrior Odin, and the wizard Noah Lutz. Meanwhile, Kazuma Shinguji and the Anti-SEED Squadron found themselves as enemies of Lassic and a former member of the squad.