PS2.5 Fallen Planet Audio Improvement 2.0 Interest?

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PS2.5 Fallen Planet Audio Improvement 2.0 Interest?

Postby Oresama » Fri Oct 06, 2017 6:26 pm

I recently got my hands on the PS 1st Series Complete Album CDs and am thinking about putting the music into PS2.5. We're still looking at wave audio so file size will be about the same, but if I go through it I'll get proper sources for all of the other music and everything will be CD quality from start to finish. Not "CD quality" the way the MP3s I converted were, but actual CD quality. Is there any interest in this? I won't have time to start it for another month or so, but won't be in any particular rush if there's no interest. Right now I'm on the fence whether or not to put my time into it.

OTOH, if a lossless version of PS Sound Collection should come my way, I'd definitely be up for making versions of both since it wouldn't be that much more of a hassle to do both at the same time. Apparently there still is a lossless version floating around somewhere on usenet, although I haven't had any luck in tracking it down yet. All of the web links I've been able to find are dead, and these aren't the easiest CDs to buy either. :(
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