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Phantasy Star Discord

PostPosted: Thu Jan 30, 2020 12:01 pm
by LutzPSO
Hello all. Considering the first time I entered pscave I was in high school, so I was probably around 14 (I am now 35), this is my first venture into the forums. I have skimmed them in the past however. My love for PS is strong, like all of you. Majority of the last 20 years has been spent playing PSO. I'll replay through the og series once a year or so also.
I am a regular on a couple of PSO Discords right now, including Schthacks and Sylverants, also the fan GC PSO Discord - The Hunters Guild.
However... among the vast amount of people scattered among the discords, I have only met a handful of people who have played or even know, anything about the original series. I have therefore created a Discord with all Phantasy Star games in mind, with a channel for each desired game. The original series has it's own and also pso dc, gc, ep3, psu etc etc.

The Discord I have created is brand new, it just needs members! I shall eventually be sharing it with the discords I am present in to hopefully gain some new members, without it seeming like I'm just poaching people. I dont intend it to be a central hub for pso, or anything else, but somewhere where like minded individuals who just love this series can come in, relax, talk and enjoy each others knowledge, theories and excitement for Algo, Ragol, Gurhal, wherever.

So come and join us, at The Esper Mansion.

Re: Phantasy Star Discord

PostPosted: Tue Feb 04, 2020 2:51 pm
by LutzPSO
The Link has been updated to not expire. My bad. Apologies for double post.