Nerima Daikon Brothers

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Nerima Daikon Brothers

Postby MrKite » Sun Oct 18, 2009 1:31 am

I picked up this anime earlier this year. It's an interesting show. It's by Shinichi Watanabe, the creator of Excel Saga, and it has an obviously heavy influence from The Blues Brothers. This is the story of Hideki (Greg Ayres), Ichiro (Chris Patton) and Mako (Luci Christian), who have big dreams of building a giant concert hall in the place of their farm of daikon. The anime is a musical comedy, and for the dub, they even had the voice actors record the vocal tracks of all but one of the songs in english, and Ayres, Patton and Christian are very good singers too. Luci Christian especially is a great singer I think. Chris Patton's singing was also very soulful. Anyway, to get the money for their concert hall, they always end up going on these crazy adventures that have them breaking the law, and by the time of the 4th episode, they become the target of this crazy, yet hot police woman called Widget, who's played by the sort of still newcomer Carli Mosier. The series was originally released by ADV Films, but they discontinued it in 2008 because they were screwed over by the goddamn Sojitz Corporation, and the series has since been re-released by FUNimation in 2009 (bastards). Same show, just a different company.
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