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Postby Semix » Mon Mar 22, 2010 8:21 pm

WING-0 wrote:
Semix wrote:PLEASE get MW2 and a headset so me you and peagui can own together :)

Heheh, careful. I have played several FPS games, and while I don't play them much, I can say I'm far from proficient.

I'd have to practice a lot to be able to not slow you down.

That said, I'm considering getting one of those games (probably MW2) until winter, and we're not even done with the first half of the year. So if you two still play it until then, I'll be happy to jump in, just don't expect a Killing Machine out of me... More like a Killed Machine... :P

Although I already have a headset.

Everyone is variable. I could get a game where i get a quick 30 kill streak and 60-80 odd kills, or a near perfect FFA, then get deathstreaks the next. Depends on the Map, your Class, the Enemies and so on. However having a low level like you would really help us, you could get us some low level enemies. And me being 4th prestiges scares the hell out of em ;)
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