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Phantasy Star Portable 2: Commercials of the Illuminus!!

PostPosted: Wed Oct 14, 2009 10:01 pm
by Wing-0
Well, those who saw the videos of Fun Fan whatever (Like me), knew of Sega getting Fanta advertisements in the form of straps for cellphones or whatever with characters printed on, right?

Well, that's not all, Pizza Hut is going to appear as well. There's a shield thing in the form of a Pizza Hut box and Pizza Hut themed clothing. Not only that, but the Sony cats Toro and Kuro from Mainichi Issho are appearing as well as NPC characters that can be added to the party.

I honestly don't like this direction Sega is taking, putting advertisements all over the place, but eh... Maybe Sega is still in a bad financial position?

Regardless, the producer mentioned that there will be more guest characters from the Phantasy Star universe, but did not seem to imply just PSU... If that means PSO and Classic PS characters can appear (although I still doubt it), then I could put up with the advertisements...

Anyway, this game promises a lot in terms of gameplay... I'll have to wait a bit more and see if I will buy it...