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So... Uh...

Postby Wing-0 » Thu Oct 15, 2009 8:04 am

I dunno where to put this, here or on the PSU section... Ah, well... Benoit's fault =P

Here are PSp2's characters so far:

(Romanization is done by me, so bear with it)

Emilia Percival
Age 16
Blonde pipsqueak who dresses in red. Your partner this time.

Yuuto Yun Yunkers
Age 15
His clothing choice remembers me of a mongolian... which is cool.

Crouch Mueller
Age 34
The beard with a beast and a penchant for wearing pink. Perhaps he's gay? I dunno, not like I'd ask him.

Lumia Waber
Age 17
The annoying little girl grew and turned cool all of a sudden. Kinda having a hard time being the sister of a hero (now he's called that?)... Or so I read...

Ursula Loran
Age 32
The badass lady with a whip who doesn't dress like a skank (WOW! SURPRISE!!). Voiced by Atsuko Tanaka in Japanese, one of my favorite VAs EVAR. You may have heard her as Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell.
Can't wait to see her kicking (more like whipping) ass in battle! Yeah!

Age unknown (listed as secret... Maybe she's so old she doesn't want to tell?)
The boobs on a cast. She seems fun to watch while interacting with other characters. Is she a fighter? I have no idea.

NPC helpers: Toro and Kuro, the mascots from Sony... What the hell are they doing in Gurhal? Beats me! Maybe Mister Sakai (the producer with a big self esteem) was high on fermented fruit or he drank too much Fanta while eating rancid pizza from Pizza Hut in a Sega-Sony meeting. Anyway, I happen to like Toro and Kuro (hey, they give me free news, straight to my TV now! How can I not like them?). I swear they will be by my side kicking ass... How can they kick ass with their short limbs? Again, ask Mr. Sakai!

I hope they add Alisa... Nei too... and Mieu... Fal too. I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope...

Two more characters to go! WOOOOOO!!! I need to sleep...

Okay, here are the characters that were missing:

Age unknown
Didn't put any effort on reading the short bio. So far seems like she's the maiden this time. Pros: She's an adult. Cons: NONE!!
Maaaaaybe that means Karen Erra is now free to jump on monsters' heads and stab them with her daggers? I hope so, as I really liked Karen.

Age 20
The Sephiroth wannabe. His bio is vaaaaague... so vaaaaague I got lazy and went away. I don't like him at all, he seems so clich'e. But, since he is going to be the antagonist this time, I guess it's all good since I'll get to kick his ass.

On the plus side, the PSp2 official guidebook is available for download in PDF format. Go ogle it over here: ... debook.pdf

The PSp2 demo is halfway downloaded at the moment of writing this.

Yaaaaaaay! I need sleep, dammit...
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Postby BenoitRen » Thu Oct 15, 2009 12:41 pm

Wait, what did I do? o_O

Some things are weird to you because you haven't played Episode 3. :P I'm not done on the scripts yet. There's always something else getting my attention. If only there was more time in a day.

Thanks for the character descriptions!
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