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New Phantasy Star Pornable 2 Infinity trailer

PostPosted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 2:35 am
by Wing-0
Yes, I just called it "Pornable"... AGAIN!

I just downloaded the story trailer. Hyuga Ryght is now a Dewman and will be the new antagonist, just like Shizuru was in the first. Great... I wanted a good antagonist and all I get is a fruitcake dressed like a freakin' emo... with white hair. That aside, PSU's version of Olga Flow shows up in all its glorious glory (yes, that was intended) and Nagisa looks like an asshole girl... Sweet! I like asshole girls in games! Benito, if you want the videos for uploading, we can arrange that. I also have the opening in crappy quality, but I think I can get it in a better one.