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PostPosted: Fri Mar 04, 2011 2:53 am
by Wing-0
Well, despite the completely weird topic, and because I know most of you don't give two craps about the Portable series, I don't think I need to make it on topic...

I'm just testing my cousin's Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity disc. He came from the land of the rising sun and dwindling children for a week. He brought his games, but since he's so brilliant, he accidentally dropped his PSP into the toilet as he was taking a crap. Sucks to be him... HAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I am laughing my ass at him.

The GOOD NEWS (for me) is that his PSp2 Infinity UMD came unscathed, if a little dirty... Actually, really dirty. I asked him to lend it to me, and so he did... I cleaned it, made sure that the disc wasn't damaged when I wiped it, and you know what? I'll skip the crappy details and go into the game... =P

Upon running the game, you get several options like starting from the beginning, etc. I went for importing. The third option is the one I was interested in. Importing past data from PSp2. Now I have to choose between Episode 1 and Episode 2. Shown in the selection screen are the profiles of both Nagisa and Emilia. I will give BenitoRen screenshots later...

I picked Nagisa (duh) and was greeted by the typical "blah blah" explanation about the events of the past game and links to the new one with a selection of the few pieces of FMVs from the past game and an explanation about what the crap Dewmans are and a good shot of Nagisa's pale mug. A few seconds later, Emilia appears in a very low angle shot that magically avoids showing me her panties. Thank you, aphysical skirts. If there is something I dislike is jailbait fanservice. No sarcasm there. One thing I do like, however, is that Chiwa Saito is back in Emilia's throat to give her a voice. Great actress.

I will avoid the spoilers, don't worry. I just have to say that whoever designed some characters needs to be told the Emo scene has dwindled considerably. I will update this post as I advance through the game a bit...

1sr update: Okay, I gave it another go today, and I'm afraid it had to be the last one because that sucker got a new PSP... DAYUM...

Anyway, here's some interesting stuff. For those who have more than one character, the other main characters that have been made in the same memory stick can be used as partner characters adding them in the same manner that story characters whose partner cards you have. I couldn't confirm whether they can level up as well as I played for a very short time with that.

The infinity mission is there, which basically means you can make a customized mission. That should help with replay value.

What carries over? From PSp2, everything. You can even import from PSp1 as well with no effort. The characters from the regular version carry over in full. Nothing is lost and in the case of one of them with downloaded items, those are compatible as well. Quite the plus, since I really like the valkyrian spear and shield that were released as DLC items to promote Valkyria 2.

One thing that I did notice is that some sound effects feel lower in quality. Like the hit had to be taken somewhere, and the sounds got it. Not all, mind, but it's noticeable. I'm not complaining, though. The amount of content is ridiculous. PSp2 came as a complete overhaul with tons of new items, stages and even high quality voice recordings for the story mode. This version continues with the same trend. The access to the UMD is constant and to be honest, the sound of the laser traveling back and fro tends to grate on my nerves after a few minutes. The UMD seems to be dual layered too, but that's speculation on my part. It might just be that the compression this time around is massive. Same as the case with my physical copy of Valkyria 3. Major stress on the laser...

So far, it has seemed like an upgrade in the same vein as PSO V1 to PSO Eps 1%2. The First episode is basically the same. I have detected no differences, but the second, of what little I could play, shows new monsters, items, story and from what I saw in trailers, new stages, one of which I have already played.

Now, is it worth to buy the international version if this is going to come later? That's a tricky question... On one side, we have that this game has double the story of the first version, a non trivial chunk of new items, probably a few new stages and new monsters, so the normal answer would be to... wait. On the other hand, sales of the regular version ARE what might make or break a decision to bring it over by Sega. If I was in your shoes, I'd get it.


PostPosted: Sat May 28, 2011 10:10 am
by Zucca
I just had to bump this topic back up because of ONE reason, which is this:
WING-0 wrote:... but since he's so brilliant, he accidentally dropped his PSP into the toilet as he was taking a crap.
WTF? Does he drop bricks with legs wide open?
:?: :?: :?:


PostPosted: Tue Jul 12, 2011 11:30 am
by Wing-0
Not only that! He can even fall asleep while on the crapper!

And so can I!