[03 Apr 2008]-- PS IV beta version script in progress

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[03 Apr 2008]-- PS IV beta version script in progress

Postby Missagh » Thu Apr 03, 2008 1:08 am

As many of you know, five Phantasy Star IV betas was leaked. The roms will be available at this site shortly! The beta dates are:

Phantasy Star IV (Prototype - May 30, 1994)
Phantasy Star IV (Prototype - Jun 08, 1994)
Phantasy Star IV (Prototype - Aug 15, 1994)
Phantasy Star IV (Prototype - Oct 27, 1994)
Phantasy Star IV (Prototype - Nov 07, 1994)

For more information and screenshots, please view this post:

Now, Benoit is writing up the whole script of the May 30 1994 beta.
Here is a sneak read of what to come:

Piata, principal's office

I'm the principal of this academy.
Let's see, you must be Ryre, the hunter,
and you are her assistant, Rudy.

Forgive me, but Rudy is an important, full-fledged partner
of mine.
Anyway, let's get down to brass tacks.
Describe the situation.

OK. It...it's like this. About a month ago...
Mysterious monsters started to appear within this academy!
It appears that they have made the basement their headquarters.
I've since closed it off.
So far we've been without incident, but who knows when
they'll appear again?
Please I beg you to destroy them all!
I'd like to settle this matter discrectly,
I'm counting on your talent and reputation, Ryre.

No problem. You can rely on me.
Although, it's strange that they suddenly
appeared in this academy.
Usually monsters don't come into town areas.
Do you have any idea how this happened?

Of...of course, I don't have any idea.
Stop asking questions,
just hurry and exterminate those monsters!
After all, I'm paying you dearly for your services!

Good luck. I'm counting on you.

(leave the principal's room)

Something smells fishy here. That principal is just too edgy.

Maybe he's afraid of the monsters?

I don't think that's the whole story.
Things are getting a little interesting!

Piata, first floor

What? You're the hunter? Really?

You mean you don't trust me?

No, no, not at all! Really, that's not true!

Since I have the principal's permission, let me pass.

Wait! Take me with you!

...Hmm. Seems like there's a story behind this.

I am an assistant at this academy and my name is Hahn.
Actually, a professor named Holt, whom I look up to as
my mentor,
has gone to investigate Birth Valley for his research.
We haven't heard from him since.
So, Now I am searching for the professor's whereabouts!

Birth Valley... that's that mysterious valley
that has been called the sacred precincts of life.

But what's the connection between the valley and this
current monster scare?

After the investigation team led by the professor was
reported missing, the principal barred everyone from entering
Birth Valley!
We're trying to get information as to what's going on, but
he keeps evading the issue.
And then a month later this monster scare begins!
I'll bet anything that there is some sort of connection
between these incidents.

Hmm, well it is true that there is something fishy
about the principal's actions.

Given the circumstances, I feel compelled to investigate
the basement myself.
But come to think of it, it is kind of scary.... ha ha ha!

So you were just waiting for me to arrive?

Well, yes, that's the idea! You sure catch on quick!

100 meseta!


I'll take you with me for 100 meseta.
I hope you weren't thinking of asking me to go for nothing?

Er...I can't get any money even from the principal...

They are completely different stories altogether!
Now, what are you going to do?

...OK, I'll pay....

As soon as the script is finished. It will be added to the PS Cave's PS IV section.
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Postby Dr_Odin » Thu Apr 03, 2008 3:37 am

whoaaaaaaaa!! when its finished??

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Postby BenoitRen » Sun Apr 13, 2008 1:10 pm

I'm currently back on Motavia, where I have to go to the Soldiers' Temple next. I think I'll do the remaining Hunters' Guild quests first.

This game has a lot of text...
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