[03 Apr 2008]-- Phantasy Star III Prequel

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[03 Apr 2008]-- Phantasy Star III Prequel

Postby Missagh » Thu Apr 03, 2008 4:01 pm

This was posted by Abominae:

A few years ago, I was working on an entirely original game (meaning, it sucked) using the RPG Maker 2 for the SNES (with limited translation). I kept getting lost so I decided I'd make a manual (it's a method I use to help myself remember large portions of information). My computer bit the almighty bucket and so did all the information I had on it, including all my sprite convertions and edits (I had some great edits of a Zero <Megaman X> character)

So, to help those who're unfamiliar with all the BS jargon of today's RPG Maker programs, I'm going to go back and redo that manual and make a PS3 Prequel using this manual (so you know it work. I'll even explain the entire process here on PSCaves so you can check the manual yourself)

So, any of you who have game idea's but can't quite get the hang of the more updated and detailed RPG Maker programs... there's hope for you yet! And if your game is really good, Some of us just might feel compelled to give it a face-lift into a more recent generation.

I'll keep everyone posted on my progress.

At the time I was doing all this, I hadn't seen a single attempt to make such a Manual, nor do I suspect that has changed (save my own effort). However, if anyone HAS seen a manual to that "Game", let me know so I can save myself the trouble, rip his off, and fix all his mistakes. And if there is a manual to this out there, I can guarantee there will be mistakes.

Follow the progress here.
-- Missagh Alami, webmaster of Phantasy Star Cave.
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