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Re: PSG2 - Secrets (Spoilers, obviously!)

PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2016 9:34 pm
by SandyLandale
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Re: PSG2 - Secrets (Spoilers, obviously!)

PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2016 10:09 pm
by Migue
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Re: PSG2 - Secrets (Spoilers, obviously!)

PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2016 10:46 pm
by SandyLandale
Oh. Well, hey, it sure fooled me. :shock:

Re: PSG2 - Secrets (Spoilers, obviously!)

PostPosted: Sun May 29, 2016 12:31 am
by SandyLandale

I did it. The updated method will be released somewhat soon--let me do everything legit this time. On the successful Nei resurrection that my screenshots come from, I had sold everyone but Nei's equipment to get the money for both Polymetryls, and ran from more or less every battle until I could buy tons of Trimates and Covert Ocarinas. But Chi was right--the missing link is keeping Rudger on the party at all times until you get the Silver Bullet Necklace. I also want to see if I can remove some steps I had added.

I've just finished the first legitimate run of Roron. I need to make about two Laser Shields to sell so I can buy both Polymetryls when time comes.

Edit 1 -

This is it. This is the definitive way to resurrect Nei.

Edit 2 - I did want to say that all thanks should go to Chi, and not me, for having diligently tested over twelve playthroughs of Phantasy Star Generation:2 up until AMeDAS to discover the exact requirements of reviving Nei. So while I did do some legwork to make the FAQ typo-free and removed some unnecessary steps, (Like talking to everyone in town when in fact only a few people's text had updated.) Chi is the one who deserves all of the praise. Thank you so much, Chi. :clap:

Edit 3 - Rather than post something else below, I'm just going to quote Zzasikar for directions on the Animal Claw, since I'm still working on Uzo Island in my legitimate playthrough.

Zzasikar wrote:In regards to the Animal Claw: It is available from the southeasternmost room in Skure B3F from one of the muskcats. I believe that if you have fulfilled the conditions for reviving Nei you should also have no problem obtaining the claw. As I found mentioned on a random forum in a post I probably couldn't find again, you do need Rudger/Rudo in your party in order to trigger the dialogue. Something I did not find mentioned elsewhere, however, is that you need the Magic (NOT Mogic) Hat equipped in order for the cat to give you the correct response. It's a minor thing, but it had me scratching my head for a moment or two.

Once you've got Rudger/Rudo and Nei both alive in your party, the Silver Bullet Necklace in your inventory and the correct cap equipped, you can just walk up to the muskcat (there are two, so try both) and talk to it to start the short event.

Re: PSG2 - Secrets (Spoilers, obviously!)

PostPosted: Sun May 29, 2016 2:09 pm
by chi89333
Greetings Sandy and all

I wish to say this , all efforts no matter how small it be all contributed to the Nei resurrection guide today. I too have to thank Sandy for all updates,typos corrections and testing on the guide and indicating on which NPC to speak to. All this would not have happened if we did not work together for this. I believe all players were awestruck when they heard that Nei can be resurrected in Phantasy Star 2 Generations 2 and all players whom played this game at their attempt to resurrect her would NOT want to see the clone master at the clone lab in Paseo after AmeDAS say , these cells are too degraded and this person cannot be cloned.....

I would say that all players whom want to resurrect Nei wants an accurate , detailed and shortest possible guide to revive her. Thanks to Sandy whom pulled Rudger out while testing the guide hit a key point ; Rudger has to be in active party till the silver bullet event else Nei cannot be resurrected. This is teamwork :), if other players have hit a hitch in trying to revive Nei, please highlight the issue so we all can work on to make this guide to resurrect Nei as accurate as possible.

Re: PSG2 - Secrets (Spoilers, obviously!)

PostPosted: Mon Mar 16, 2020 3:56 pm
by tha_ape
Sorry to dig up an old thread, I'm a bit late to the game.
I've read through the instructions on GameFAQs, and followed them explicitly (TWICE!). Nei was not able to be resurrected. To be sure I'm starting correctly, I erased my 2nd memory card, loaded it with the PSG1 data, beat the game and saved the "Clear Game" data. Then I put in PSG2, started a new game and loaded the "Clear Game" data. I just finished beating PSG2 again and am trying for the resurrection again. I made checklists and detailed what every NPC is wearing along with their Japanese name in katakana. (I'm playing it on my Japanese PS2)

I did extensive searching and reading from others experiences and have some questions:

1) Someone on another forum made a comment about common mistakes in the resurrection: Talk to everyone in Arima on your first visit and then on your next visit again -without- Rudo in your party. (This is not in the guide - the guide explicitly says not to drop Rudger (Rudo) from the party and many in this thread agree. Do I need to visit Arima again BEFORE adding Rudger (Rudo)?

2) Do I need to speak to Governor O'Connor before meeting Rudger (Rudo) and Anne (Amy)? (Thats not the order in the FAQ)

3) When you go to Optano the first time it says talk to everyone. Does that include Aventino because it later says to go to Aventinos after adding Anne (Amy) to the Party.

4) After giving the System Recorder to Governor O'Connor, but before meeting Huey (Hugh), later Amia (Anna) Keinz (Kain), and Silka (Shir), do I need to talk to everyone in town after consulting with the Governor but before meeting the new teammate(s)? (Thats not in the FAQ)

5) Does it matter which Motavian B2F I give the Polymetryl to the first time when I get ripped off?

6) After giving the (bad) Motavian the Polymetryl, do I need to consult before speaking with him again (That's not in the FAQ)?

Issues I ran into following the guide (hopefully this will spark what I missed or if I talked to someone in the wrong order. I followed the guide on GameFAQs explicitly.

Everything I do matches the guide up until:

"{22} Kueris 1". I consult when I get to town and see fresh dialog. After talking to everyone in town and consulting again, there is no new dialog, it's the same as when I arrived.

"{23} Paseo 7" I speak to the governor, meet keinz (dont add him to party) and consult. I get fresh dialog. I talk to the governor again and consult and its the same dialog.

"{25} Zema 3" I speak with Carmel and its the same dialog from "{21} Zema 2".

"{31} Zema 4" Zachariah had no new dialogue

I appreciate anyones help even if its only answering 1 of the questions. I'm REALLY hoping I just forgot to load the Clear Game data on my first two attempts at this, but I cant imagine I'd forget such an important step....

Re: PSG2 - Secrets (Spoilers, obviously!)

PostPosted: Sat Apr 11, 2020 3:02 pm
by tha_ape
I'm on my 3rd run through and having the SAME issue in Kueris again (I've had on it each one of my runs). I am explicitly following the GameFAQs guide.
To be more explicit, when I arrive first arrive in Kueris (Step 22 in the guide),

{22} Kueris 1

- Consult after entering.

- Go talk to everyone in town, including the six Motavians. You can't deliver
the Happiness Ring to Nanette just yet, so don't worry about accidentally
advancing the plot. Consult once you're done.

I consult and it says "Wait a minute. Shouldnt we go home once? We should get prepared, then let's go!". I talk to everyone in the town including the Motavians and consult again. It says exactly the same thing.

What is supposed to happen here? Normally when you first go into a town it gives you a similar message (go home and meet a new person). Can anyone shed light on this or is there a mistake in the guide?

I literally have taken pictures of every single piece of dialog up to this point. I'm not sure whats going wrong.

Here is the dialog I see upon entering Kueris (I'm playing on a Japanese PS2).
20200411_103346.jpg (196.92 KiB) Viewed 3618 times

I see the exact same consult dialog after talking with everyone