PS3 remake story line changes/my story

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PS3 remake story line changes/my story

Postby steve_muzz » Tue May 29, 2018 12:08 pm

Those who follow these forums will know I am deep into a PSIII remake. I thought I'd share the first two generations story line for this game. There might be a few spelling errors but I've tried to create a story that explains a lot of the plot wholes in the original game. I am fully open to ideas and suggestions too.


Generation 1:
Prince Rhys is heir to Landen and due to marry Maia a mysterious girl who washed up on a beach near Landen around a year before. She has no memories or knowledge but formed a romantic connection early with Rhys. Rhys was due to marry Lena from the neighbouring Satera to help build a strong Orakian world. Landen is typically rich but weak where as Satera is strong but not weathly.
Rhys and Maia fell in love and against his fathers wish but there is no rules or law in Landen saying who Rhys should marry. Orakian history says Laya and Orakio fought a war over 1,000 years or more in the past. Orakio created and led a cyborg army but very few remain and the ability to make cyborgs was lost. Stories say Orakaio defeated Laya’s people banishing them to an unknown place.
Over the course of the centuries technology, knowledge and history has been lost. Landen lives as a semi medieval kingdom. Ancient cyborgs still exist but with little or no memories. Some technology is still around but civilization has accepted found and accepted its level.
For the past few weeks monsters and creatures have been appearing in the hills and mountains around Landen. Ancient legends tell Laya created monster armies and Orakio cyborgs. Many people fear Laya’s people have returned as a strange person has been seen wandering the plains.
During the wedding of Rhys and Maia a dragon appears and kidnaps Maia vanishing into thin air.
Rhys believing the rumours wants to take the small Landen army and last of the cyborgs who are strong and powerful to defeat the monsters and Laya. The king (Rhys father) feels this is a drastic move and would rather send small search party. Rhys reacts badly accusing his father of being old and weak and is locked in the dungeon to calm down. Rhys tells his father he believes he’ll do nothing other than sit his castle and he is the reason Landen isn’t as strong as Satera.

Lena whom Rhys was engaged to helps Rhys escape from the dungeon and explains more monsters have been seen and that a dragon flew to a south island with Maia. Lena forgives Rhys for Maia and returns home. Rhys travels south looking for transport to the southern islands where the dragon was seen but the only available sea captain won’t travel without protection. Following up on rumours Rhys goes to the mountains and encounters Mieu who has been seen wandering the plains. She is a cyborg not Layan or Laya but has no memories all she knows is Orakio sent her to wait for his offspring. Rhys is not convinced but Mieu joins him as he knows a fully functional cyborg will secure transport and cyborgs will not hurt Orakians.

On the south island cave Maia is no where to be seen but Rhys and Mieu run into the mysterious Lyle. Lyle doesn’t really help other than explaining he knows where Laya’s people were banished and gives Rhys a gem that’ll open an ancient magic gate to the east. Lyle disappears with Rhys deciding he is a Layan and kidnapped Maia.

Rhys and Mieu travel to the gate and open it. They find a passage way suspended in the stars made of glass and make it through to a barren ice world. They arrive in this new country/world and turn up at a town called Rysel that appears to be Orakian but is dying as it has been turned to ice and snow for the last 3 months.
Rysel elders and people explain ancient stories about cyborgs being able to control the weather and advise the gemstone Rhys has will open another passage south. Rhy and Mieu learn Rysel is one of several towns in the world/country of Aquatica. Rhys and Mieu travel through a passage in ancient ruins south of Rysel and discover the desert world of Aridia. There they find the town of Hazatak populated by more ancient cyborgs, again lacking memories but the cyborgs are friendly and control the weather. The cyborgs explain that Wren will be able to fix the weather control systems but he went west days ago has not been seen. Rhys and Mieu wander the desert and run into a crazy deranged cyborg known as Muin who claims to have known Orakio but makes no sense.
Rhys and Mieu travel to find Wren who agrees to join, like Mieu he has limited memories but like all cyborgs must serve Orakians. Wren is less emotional than Mieu and comes along just to have a bit of fun as he is bored.
The group travels to the weather control system in Aridia’s east and Rhys is shocked to find his worlds weather is indeed controlled by the futuristic palace. Rhys begins to believe old legends and myths might be true. There they all encounter Lyle. Lyle this time is more open and helpful he begs Rhys and the cyborgs to restore the weather. Lyle promises he will help Rhys once the weather is sorted.
Rhys warns Lyle no tricks but Lyle convinces him he didn’t take Maia but he knows where she is that his uncle holds the answers and he made him track Rhys down. This is all that he knows.
Wren manages to reprogram the weather and the party returns to Aquatica.
Rysel is now saved and is green and lush again.

With the weather normal Rhys and co travel across the seas to Lyles kingdom of Shusoran which is Layan and at war with Agoe a neighbouring Orakian kingdom.
Even though they’ve lived in peace for nearly a century Agoe is close to being defeated. No one really knows why the war has started.

Rhys and co find their way into the Shusoran castle via underground passages and a maze. There Lyle leaves the party and runs from Rhys telling him he’ll explain everything if things work out. The party confused fights their way through the castle.
When Rhys, Mieu and Wren find Lyle he has Lena captive. Lena had tried to follow Rhys but Lyle had taken her capture after the island cave meeting.
Rhys and Lyle battle 1v1 with Rhys defeating Lyle.
Lyle ridden with guilt can no longer take the burden of being heir to Shusoran knowing he’ll have to lead his people in a war against Agoe. He hopes Rhys will kill him but Lena begs Rhys not too. Lyle reveals his uncle the King of Cille became corrupted overtime and that Cille has the ability to create monster armies. An unknown figure have travel to Cille and corrupted his uncle. The king of Cille had discovered Landen and Rhy’s world and sent Maia as a trap and part of plan to bring Rhys people to Aquatica. Lyle promises no more tricks and with Lena they go to Cille to battle the king.
Once in Cille the people proclaim Lyle should be king and lead them as the king has gone insane.
Rhys and the party battle their way to the throne room after gaining access to the castle. There Maia is captive and the king tells Rhys he’ll never marry his daughter and that he intends to lead monster armies to destroy what is left of Orakio for banishing his people a millennium before.
Rhys and co defeat the king of Cille who tells the party just before he dies that he is just a small part of a bigger plan.

After all the lies, treasury and evil plans Rhys says that he cannot marry Maia. He plans to return to Landen with Mieu and Wren to lead his people. Lyle says he does not want to stay and will travel to Aridia and live out his days there. Maia some how persuades Lyle to stay and together she says they can fix things between the Layans and Orakians in Aquatica.

Generation 2: Rhys decided to return to Landen and a year later married Lena rather than Maia.
Rhys cares for both women but uniting the Orakian lands seemed more important for the future than his need to marry Maia and lose his kingdom and heir rights. We learn that Rhys was genuinely torn but had allowed love to dictate his emotions for too long. Rhys felt now that Layan’s were back in the fold a strong united Orakian nation is needed. He could never fully trust Lyle. Though Lyle and Maia stayed in Aquatica is was felt by Rhy that Lyle’s heart was not fully in leading and this was a major concern.
Rhys and Lena have had a son, Nial who is born into peace and is coming up to 20 years old when the story continues. They all live in a united peaceful kingdom with occasional communication with Aquatica. Diplomatically there is no formal alliance. Unknown to Rhys and co the weather control systems also controlled cryo sleep chambers on a moon known as Dahlia. Layan general Lune comes out of cryo sleep with his sister Alair. Lune and has access to bio monster tech aboard the moon and continues the ancient war from 1,000 years ago. Lune has access to a lot of the original Algol tech and is very powerful. He claims he will destroy all of Orakio’s people in the name of Laya his old friend. It is unknown why Lune has decided to restart the war.

In this generation we'll actually see Lyle even though he only appears in the Ayn timeline in the original game. Rhys sends Nial assisted by Mieu and Wren to investigate and tells Nial to go and see his old rival after guards bring rumours of a Layan general attacking both Orakian and Layans. Nial travels to Aquatica to meet Lyle with a message from Rhys. Cille has been wiped out but Lyle is safe in Shusoran.

Arriving in Aquatica Nial learns that Lyle's monster armies are weaker than Lunes and Lyle predicts his kingdom will fall soon. Lyle refuses to leave saying in order to restore his honour in some peoples eyes he must stay and lead. Mieu is surprised by this having known Lyle from their previous adventure as being selfish. Lyle has made a lot of mistakes and still regrets his uncles actions many years before that set off the chain of events in Rhys generation.
Like the Ayn timeline in the original game Lyle has had a daughter called Thea. Maia is now dead and Lyle blames himself for his cousin’s death at the hands of Lune’s monsters. He refuses to evacuate saying that Lune will be even stronger with Cille’s bio monster tech. Lyle and Rhys have barely spoken in the last 20 years. Though Lyle has a strong respect for Rhys and how he has united Landen and Satera he has tried to be friends but never succeeded. Lyle was never able to form a formal alliance between Cille and the other towns in Aquatica. He begs Nial to take Thea to Landen for her own safety.
Lyle has learned that Lune has gone mad and views Lyle and his Layans as traitors for helping Rhys and trying to work with Rysel and Agoe which are Orakian lands in Aquatica.

In return for saving Thea, Lyle will give Nial the gemstone to access other caves in Landen. Lyle begs Nial, Mieu and Wren not to tell Rhys that Lyle knows of other worlds other than Landen and Aquatica. Upon returning to Landen message comes that Satera over the water has fallen.

Rhys and Lena ask Nial to investigate further, Rhys needs to stay in Landen and lead his people but trusts Mieu and Wren to protect his son. Rhys grants Thea safety but is angry at Nial for bringing her to Landen and says she is Nial’s responsibility now. Rhys reluctantly wants to help Lyle but cannot risk the safety of Landen.

Rhys says to Thea that Lyle now owes him a debt that he cannot ever repay and says he will not send troops to save him or help as Lyle. Rhys says that he decided his own fate many years before, however Thea does not deserve her father’s punishment and that’s why she can stay. Rhys says that had Lyle been more honest all those years ago maybe they'd have formed a formidable alliance, he respects Lyle for staying but cannot trust him fully to commit the last of the cyborgs or men to help.

Nial, Thea, Mieu and Wren travel to Satera which has mostly been levelled by monster armies. A guard reports that Lena's family has fled but fears they may be dead. On Lyle's advice from the meeting in Aquatica Nial and co travel through new gate system and end up in Divisia in yet a new world/country. Recognising that Mieu and Wren are cyborgs the Orakian king of Divisia agrees to help Nial. The king has recently learned through his own scouts that Landen exists.
The king reveals he recently discovered the passage to Landen and that it's his fault Lune has found his way there he apologises but does not defend his actions. He reveals that during a raid Alair was captured, she is Lunes sister. Alair agrees to help Nial explaining that her brother is corrupted and still fighting a war from over 1,000 years ago. Her brother was visited by a man claiming to be Orakio’s brother and that he had angered and baited Lune. Alair does not know why they came out of cyro sleep like the cyborgs Mieu and Wren only have vague memories. The king of Divisia not wanting to lose a Layan prisoner won't release Alair to Nial. The king says in order to allow Nial to leave and trust Rhys and the other Orakians may help in the future he keeps Thea with Alair. The king says if Divisia falls and Rhys won't help then Thea will give him barter with Lune as Lune will have more power over Lyle and Aquatica.

Nial with just Mieu and Wren return to where Alair was captured. In this cave system they discover Ryan a staff wielding rebel who has found Lena's injured family. Ryan has rebelled against both Lune and the king of Divisia as he believes the king isn’t a good enough leader to defeat Lune. Ryan at first suspects Nial as being Layan and co working for Lune but Lena's family identify Nial as the Orakian heir of Landen. Ryan was the scout who discovered Landen and Aquatica after following some of Lunes army of monsters.

Ryan tells the party he knows where Lune is and how to get to him and that he has learned Wren cyborgs have the ability to travel underwater with sub parts he stole. Lune appears and communicates with the party that he intends to destroy all the Orakians and take over Aquatica and make it his capital after he has banished or destroyed all Orakians. He promises Nial that if he returns home and gets Rhys to yield he will spare their lives and they can live in his dungeon but well cared for as a trophy of his victory. Nial travels back to Divisia and after talking to Alair again discovers that Ryan is right about Wren after they fit the subpart. Alair says she knows from Lune where an ancient Layan in cryo sleep lives who may be able help them. The party then travel to Hazatak in Aridia with the subparts and travel in the whirlpool Alair spoke of to Laya’s palace.

The party awakes Laya who is actually a clone of the original Laya she claims to have fought on the side of Orakio nearly a millennium before and that a big secret is being kept. She agrees to come and see Lune hoping he will remember her and stop him. The advisors also in cryo sleep reveal that in the past people had the ability to create clones as well as monster armies. Laya was created and stored in case evil should arise again and that Nial is the same bloodline as Orakio.
The party with Laya and her gemstone travel to Mystoke and Aerone through caves in Aridia unlocked by Laya’s pendant. Aerone turns out to be technologically advanced the people there reveal the world is infact a big space ship that’s been travelling for over 1,000 years. It is now dawning on Nial that a big secret has been kept. With a fully functional space port the party take a ship to Lunes moon base of Dahlia. Here Nial and party learn that the planets they inhabit are domes/biomes on a spaceship and that moons orbit the ship. They do not know where the ship is from or its history but learn that Orakio and Laya were part of the first generation of people on the ship. At some point in time a big war between the two split the worlds.

The party arrives manages to fight Lune who does not believe Laya. Eventually the party defeats Lune and he yields saying only the true Laya could defeat him. Lune reveals that he has a son in cyro sleep and that he fought on Laya’s side against Orakio. Just as Lune is about to reveal more he dies.

Generation 3: I am writing this at the moment.
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