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Best world Map

Postby DarkMyau » Thu Nov 21, 2019 8:20 am

While watching a youtube video about video game maps sizes I started to think about Phantasy Star world maps.

And which I liked best.

So for Phantasy Star 1: Its Palma easily with Motavia being my least favourite. Dezoris is good, but Palma is better.

Phantasy Star 2: Mota wins because there more to see and do. Dezo seems rushed to me.

Phanatsy Star 3: Well...they arn't great but I guess Aquatica has the most personality with Terminus being the most boring as there is nothing there.

And Phantasy Star 4: hmmm a tough one as Motavia and Dezolis have a lot of personality....Its hard to split them. I guess Dezolis by a warm jacket. Rykoros bored me and I was happy to leave.

But out of all of them: Its Palma from Phantasy Star 1. It just has so much to explore and keeps opening up as the game progresses. It also never get dull.

So what maps did you like best?
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