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Piano collections from PS1

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Shark ZS362 Apex Duoclean With Self-Cleaning Brushroll Review

Shark ZX362 APEX Duoclean is a bagless vacuum cleaner with the functions of a regular vacuum cleaner and a handheld vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner comes with advanced features of shark uplight that set it apart from other 2-in-1 products. Let's find out what they are

Duoclean Technology

DuoClean is another popular technology on Shark vacuums that sets them apart from other models on the market. Shark apex uplight corded lift away with duoclean has an extra soft brush design. It removes large patches of dirt on bare floors, where it continuously spins to pick up debris and dust that accumulates on it.

There's a common concern when people hear about dual brush rolls: it can make it harder to push on carpeted surfaces. But luckily for you, this is not the case.

The second brush roll can lead to some drag, but this shouldn't be too much. Apex UpLight moves as fast as other machines on the carpet. If you're experiencing any issues on those surfaces, the real culprit could be other issues.


Self-cleaning with Zero-CODE

First, let's take a look at the inside of the nozzle. Shark makes an impressive self-cleaning brush roll called the Zero-M. The manufacturer packed the Shark ZX362 with 2 brushes. One roll combs deep into the carpet fibers while the other helps to remove the agents that affect the roll.

For example, when you clean the house and encounter tangled hair or pet hair, they will quickly get caught in the registration, causing trouble and making the machine difficult in the cleaning process. Then this system will have the function of untangling those hairs to help the machine work better.

However, a lot of recent reports have shown that Zero-M is not as perfect as advertised. Therefore, you need to apply some tips to make the cleaning process go quickly.

Easily converts to handheld

This is like a miracle that allows us to change the function of this machine.

With certain tricks, you can completely make this machine compact for easy hand-holding. Then, cleaning up debris becomes simpler than ever.

In this mode, its weight is basically only about 9 pounds with constant capacity.

Led light head

Another feature that makes the ZS362 Shark apex uplight duoclean a must-have is the LED light. Not only is the floor top equipped with super bright LEDs, but so is the canister unit. So when you're cleaning underneath furniture or in a dark place like a closet, the light will shine in to help you sweep away that dirt.


3-piece cleaning tool set

The unique feature of this product is that the supplier has added a great set of cleaning tools to the user. To support cleaning on any surfaces, Shark has two useful cleaning tools with this product.

The first tool is responsible for removing debris from the corners and between the pads.

One of the other indispensable tools is a multi-purpose tool, which can clean all types of pet hair on the most challenging objects such as seat cushions, bed cushions.


Above is some information about Shark ZS362 APEX DuoClean. Please take note of this information because most of the Shark apex uplight machines will have these functions; they only differ in specific details. I hope the above information will be helpful to you
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