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Postby DarkMyau » Sat Sep 18, 2021 12:28 am

So a few years ago we had a debate on whether to add any now members to the party.

And the thought seemed to be Darum or Tiem. I pushed for Tiem at the time but have reconsidered. Why not both?

So To change the party around I was thinking of a few small changes that I think would add a lot of strategy on who you have. So I will go through each one.

1. Rolf - Rolf is Great...Over powered but great. I think that's the point though, yes he's great. But nothing could save Algol. So I wouldn't change him much except to be allowed to leave him at home. He and he alone would be the wanted criminal and thus would spawn harder robot enemies and different dialog with shops refusing to sell him things and people just avoiding him. I think this would add a lot of fun to the game and allow you to really use other characters.

2. Nei - Nei stays the same..sadly.

3. Rudo - Hes fine as is.

4. Durum - He joins the party instead of dying. He is a tank like Rudo but uses swords. He cant use Techs so adds strategy as do you want a technique user or a fighter. Tiem is also with him and can cast res once or can attack with 2 slashers once per fight.

5. Amy - She need to be wayyyyy more tanky. She's far too fragile. Stays as main healer though

6. Hugh - Hugh needs to hit harder, but can stay fragile. He should also be the focus on buffing your party. His techs increases speed, strength and defence for everyone. He also does great damage to bio monsters. But is weak against robots or Monsters

7. Anna - Same as but gets Gi level attack spells. No healing tech though.

8. Kain - Kain debuffs the enemy and does better damage to robots. He is a weak attacker but can take a lot.

9. Shir - She stays pretty much as is.

So what do you all think?
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