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Phantasy Star generation II Secret Items & Easter Eggs

PostPosted: Wed Sep 20, 2023 4:17 pm
by Cleeem
Hello everyone !
I am happy to share secrets for Phantasy Star generation II. Here it is :
Secret items could be added in :

----- Animal Claw
Replica claw of the legendary Myau

For this one, you must have Nei resurrected.

If it fails, you can use a cheat code in a «?».pnach file for PCSX2 in cheats folder
Code: Select all
To find what is the «?» for you, make a savestate and you will find the name inside the parentheses, something like F1130528, 9867FBE9 or B1816D73 but it all depends on the exact version of the game translated or original.

If you're not used to pnach file, you can create one here by selecting PCSX2 format and download button in the first link.
You can also download one a first .pnach file in the bottom of the message of the second link ... #pid489428

You must edit the pnach file (for example with notepad) to have something like that to « resurrect Nei » :
Code: Select all
gametitle=Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol.17 - Phantasy Star Generation 2 (NTSC-J)
comment=File generated by

//resurrect Nei (after the fight with Neifirst, go back to your house to put Nei in your group, then go to the clone lab)

« No Random Battles », « Walk Through Walls » and « 100 000 Meseta » will also be a great help.
Code: Select all
//No Random Battles

//Walk Through Walls

//100 000 Meseta

In the resurrection process, you must talk to Philip at Optano with Rudger in your team to get the Silver Bullet Necklace.
You will exchange it for the Animal Claw in Skure tunnels.


----- Enhancer
Increases attack power
[it is an Easter egg for Phantasy Star Adventure on Game Gear]

To get this one, you need to talk about the item with Lot in the town of Piata *BEFORE* defeating Neifirst.
Then, you must talk with a Dezorian in his house in the town of Aukbar to get the Golden Stone.
Finaly, return to Piata and talk to Lot.


----- Heal Ring
HP is recovered when walking

First, you need to get two trifluids.

You will get the fisrt one in the third floor of the Control Tower, in the town of Piata :

You will get the second trifluid in Ryuon, after dialogues in different houses :

Then, you need to go to Aukbar and give two Trifluids to a Dezorian that usualy says :
« Our life expectancy's anywhere's from 140 teh 160 years. So I'm still in my prime, I means it! »
But if you talk to him after visiting, the Esper Mansion, you will get the secret dialogue.


----- planet Copto
[Eastern Egg for Phantasy Star Gaiden on Game Gear]

Talk to Gideon at Piata *BEFORE* anyone else.


That is all ! :-)

Re: Phantasy Star generation II Secret Items & Easter Eggs

PostPosted: Sun Oct 08, 2023 12:08 am
by Cleeem
I've added the code for Nei's resurection in the first post, as it's very difficult to obtain in the normal way. ;-)

Tip :
Try this guide in the link bellow to get at least the Silver Bullet Necklace, then use the code in my first post if the resurection failed... ... i89333.txt

You will find a save with Phantasy Star Generation 1 and a clear game of Phantasy Star Generation 2 here :
(load Generation 1 save when starting the new game at 0:00:00) ... -ver-1-4-0

Re: Phantasy Star generation II Secret Items & Easter Eggs

PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2023 10:58 am
by Missagh
This is great stuff. I wonder if we could add these to the main PS Cave pages?