Phantasy Star III retranslation codes

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Phantasy Star III retranslation codes

Postby Cleeem » Wed Sep 20, 2023 5:08 pm

Hello everyone,

Action Replay codes given for Phantasy Star III work only for the official version.
I converted a few of them that you can use for the retranslated version and share it here :
Code: Select all
006B14:4E71   walk through walls
001A00:6006   no battle
FFC042:00FF   65280 Meseta

One thing about Phantasy Star III on Sega Genesis is it missed some dialogues that are only in the Japanese version.

See for example here in the Triva section, second point :

So, for those like me who wants to replay the game in Japanese, the patch of the retranslated version is here :
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