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Postby Neo48 » Fri Apr 18, 2008 1:31 am

Ah yes, PSO Plus...

You can probably find that one although it might be expensive on Ebay.

It includes a little bit of everything for everyone...

-Tower Quests = New rare weapons and Monsters
-Gameboy Advance minigames which have to do with things like NiGHTs and Chaos from Sonic games...
-Episode 2 Challenge mode

Maybe not really worth the money but I still reccomend it.
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Postby Abominae » Mon Apr 28, 2008 7:34 pm

I've had PSO ep.3 for about 2 weeks now and I'm up to the point where I realize the game is a goldmine of untapped potential that will remain untapped.

This game would have been much better with a Shining Force (Gen) system (upgraded and expanded, of course), but obviously, would have the PSO element to it. They could have done so much with a PSO based strategy game. Hell, perhaps even a PSO RTS game.

Postby TB » Tue Jun 17, 2008 9:43 pm

I knew of the Canabin/Survival combo, but might as well add new combos here xD .

Heavy Blow / Change Attack
-It's fairly simple. Heavy Blow sets the opponent's AP to 0. Change Attack swaps HP and AP. Since the HP is swapped with AP, it becomes 0, then becomes instantly defeated. A Govulmer can also drop the AP of other cards, but sometimes it takes less efford to use Change Attack on cards that have no AP at all.

Negating Unfilial with Escape
-Unfilial causes the Story Character to take damage if the card with this ability is destroyed. But if the card is abut to take damage that's going to destroy it, Escape can be used as a defensive combo to negate the effect and avoid penalty damage. Most cards with Unfilial are monster cards that also have the Guard Creature ability, which protects the Story Character from taking damage by drawing the damage to the card instead. So the card can literally be used as a convenient meatshield that can be reused again to keep the Story Character going in the match, so long as Escape is on stand-by in your hand.
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