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Soundtrack of Your Life

Postby Black Sword » Thu Jul 26, 2012 4:49 am

A lot of people have probably done this before, but let's do it anyway! The Rules are simple:

1. Open up whatever music player has ALL or MOST of your collection.

2. Start it up on Random (if you really can't figure out how to start on random, turn random on and press the next button and use that song as your start).

3. List the songs as they appear as the theme song per event listed.

4. Do NOT limit your selection or fake what songs come up. You will be frowned upon if you discreetly CHOOSE the songs to make them fit. This is game of chance with your music player.

5. If you don't like your Soundtrack, post it anyways, but feel free to make another one. Even if you like your soundtrack, if you feel like it, make another one.

6. Have fun! If you want to comment about how you think the song fits or not, or if you want to complain about how your music player seemingly hates you, add those comments.

So here are the topics:
1.Opening Credits:

2.Waking Up:

3.First Day At School:

4.Falling In Love:

5.Breaking Up:

6.Formal Social:

7.Life's Okay:

8.Mental Breakdown:



11.Getting Back Together:


13.Birth Of Child:

14.Final Battle:

15.Death Scene:

16.Funeral Song:

17.Nice One:

18.End Credits:

19.Epilogue/Sequel Preview:
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Re: Soundtrack of Your Life

Postby Black Sword » Thu Jul 26, 2012 4:49 am

To lead by example, here's mine! Random profanity as my mind breaks is included!

Alright, let's do this! My body is ready!

1.Opening Credits:
City in the Storm by Saori Kobayashi. Panzer Dragoon ORTA OST

....holy shit, my opening credits are badass. I'm riding a dragon, bitches, and killing everything in my way!

2.Waking Up:
Itazurana Kiss by day after tomorrow. Inuyasha Ending 6

....huh? Isn't this... way too positive to be my wake up music? It's like hopeful, mischievous, full of love, eager to kiss, optimistic. I'm barely conscious when I wake up in the morning, and I only get grumpier as the day goes by. This is like.... falling in love music or maybe school music.

3.First Day At School:
Ayatsuyu no MELODY (Instrumental) by Hitomi Shimatani. Jewel of Kiss single

...well, that' School sounds pretty chill for me, like all jazzy and hip and stuff. My hypothetical life is... pretty positive so far. I think I can get behind this.

4.Falling In Love:
Castlevania Wicked Six OC Remix by Sixto Sounds. OC Remix

....what. A remix of Wicked Child. ....oh, fuck. And life seemed good up to this point. Shit is not going to end well.

5.Breaking Up:
浮遊夢 (wandering dream?) by Origa (Japanese Version) Fantastic Children Kikaku album

After Internet research, I have to say, it fits. One particularly relevant lyric below. My life is going downhill....

I roam the endless meadows.
I see a dream through my sickly-encased eyes.
Inside my heart there is only one precious thing.
A form of a bud softly sighed, shriveled up and died.

6.Formal Social:
I'm Out of Love by Anastacia

...whiskey. tango. foxtrot. I guess my theme for my prom is to get over the absolute destruction of my life and soul? Nucking futs, yo, nucking futs.

7.Life's Okay:
Forgotten Sanctuary by Yuki Kajiura-sama. Xenosaga III OST

This is my life's okay? I'm alone, forgotten, and abandoned, and this is my life's okay? Wow. I think I'm getting the hint that my life sucks.

8.Mental Breakdown:
Celos by Marc Antony.

My mental breakdown is set to salsa. My mental breakdown is caused by jealousy and envy because the woman I want is not mine. .....well, fuck. Not cool, bro, not cool.

Koi no Dogfight (Chotto Dake) by Megumi Nakajima. Macross Frontier


Tersicore by Origa. Era of Queens

What? Another Origa song? Ok, time for internet research and.... .... .....fuck. I really do still love her. ;_; Why.... why did I have to lose her?! WHY?!

I have been so lucky,
Strengthen me, my one desire
With her graceful beauty
Light and power - Tersicore!

11.Getting Back Together:
My Mind ~ Rinoa's Theme by Nobuo Uematsu. Final Fantasy VIII OST

A variation of Eyes on Me is the getting back together music. Wow. So this will either have HAPPY END or our kids will be the ones who get together, fulfilling our failed romance through their own unique love for each other. ...this has the potential to be sweet or bittersweet, I'm not sure which.

M22 by Yuki Kajiura-sama. Kara no Kyoukai OST 2: Murder Speculation (Part 1) (殺人考察(前), Satsujin Kōsatsu [Zen])

I... huh? My wedding is pretty funky, dudes. It's like.... funky. I don't even know anymore, man.

13.Birth Of Child:
Recovery Spring by Shōji Meguro. Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne OST

Huh? My kid.... so what, a healer? And into Japanese stuff? Well, I guess that's not all bad, huh?

14.Final Battle:
Suwa Foughten Field by Demetori.

TOUHOU POWER METAL! FINAL BATTLE! ....sure, it sounds good, but I was hoping for something a bit cooler and more dignified than Touhou. Just saying. EITHER WAY, I CAN FIGHT TO THIS!

15.Death Scene:
Imitiation by Sachi Tanaka.

I'm... I'm just a faker. I know that. I'm not real. But still... still! I'll show you that this false dream can be fulfilled! You can still ridicule me now! Even if it's idealistic, I want to make it my aim! It's still far away now, but surely... What is fake will become what is real!

16.Funeral Song:
Signs of Love by Shihoko Hirata. PERSONA MUSIC LIVE -Velvetroom in Wel City Tokyo-


...wait. Does that mean.... that means.... that means I.... failed romance, bittersweet end? ;_;

17.Nice One:
黒のリリアナ ~メランコリア~ (Kuro no Liliana ~Melancolia~) by Akiko Shikata. Umineko no naku koro ni

...huh? This is the nice one? I... what? I don't.... I don't understand. I really don't. There's a hint of malevolence, a dark vitality, a bit of madness in there too. It's... confusing and disconcerting. That's what my fond memories are made of? This.... oh dear.

18.End Credits:
Turks Theme by Nobuo Uematsu. Final Fantasy VII

....well, damned if I don't have some nice end credits. This show is ending in the classiest way possible, dammit! And I'm going to look good on the way out!

19.Epilogue/Sequel Preview:
Reversed Thinking by Nakagawa Koutarou. Code Geass R2 Original Soundtrack 2

....epilogue/sequel is going to involve the betrayl of those who I once led? and I'm going to be really sad about it? Ho, boy, seems like the really grim dark is yet to come....
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Re: Soundtrack of Your Life

Postby carlsojos » Fri Jul 27, 2012 1:20 am

I guess I'll demonstrate my poor taste in music here....
Opening Credits: Tenderoni (Kele)
Uh... Do I really need to know how to spell that word? *re-rolls*
Theme Of Aya (Parasite Eve OST)
I'm starting to tire of the piano and sampled-opera-girl synths, but this one gives the impression that there's some big stuff to come in this....

Waking Up: Way (Akihisa Yamaguchi)
This suggests that I wake up immediately thinking about new ideas. In reality I send the alarm clock flying across the floor and roll back over.

First Day At School: Take The Long Way Home (Supertramp)
(I have the album version, but I couldn't find it on Youtube) So, the kid got lost after his first day of school and starts driving around in the city....

Falling in Love: I Don't Wanna Stop (Ozzy Osbourne)
I guess the kid gets in a race with another car, and right when they stop he realizes the other driver was a hot girl?

Breaking up: (Theme From) Red Dead Redemption (Bill Elm and Woody Jackson)
This one's a bit too quiet.... I imagine first breakups are probably a little more dramatic. *reroll*
You Give Love A Bad Name (Bon Jovi)
This one... actually fits pretty well. I see a fight leading to the breakup.

Formal Social: UB (Parasite Eve OST)
I see a party that slowly warms up, and when the key slide thing hits is where a fight breaks out.

Life's Okay: Muertos Rojos (aka The Gunslinger's Lament) (Bill Elm and Woody Jackson)
I guess there's time to relax and enjoy the scenery?

Mental Breakdown: Jumping Jack Flash (Rolling Stones)
...Really? This is the antithesis of a breakdown. *rerolls*
Concentrate (nervous_testpilot)
A little better. I guess this is the point where the kid locks himself away to think about what really matters to him. Maybe dabble with the experiment he hides in his closet.

Driving: Yankee Rose (David Lee Roth)
I guess the kid's driving around to look at scantily-clad women....

Flashback: Patterns (Band Of Skulls)
...Well, this song's about patterns and stuff....

Getting Back Together: Run To You (Bryan Adams)
So... The kid is cheating on his girlfriend with his ex? I hate soap operas....

Wedding: The Shootist (Bill Elm and Woody Jackson)
...You know, I don't think it's a good idea to get married in the back of a wagon.

Birth Of Child: Let There Be Rock (AC/DC)
I can see the doctor coming in with leather pants and hair halfway down his back. "Rock on, little shredder...."

Final Battle: Triggernometry (Bill Elm and Woody Jackson)
This one's also perfect for a final battle in the desert.

Death Scene: White Wedding (Billy Idol)
...So, the kid's dying, and someone decides to hit on his wife? The beat makes me think of driving down the interstate.

Funeral Song: You Wreck Me (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)
...Yeah. Someone's leaving the funeral home with the kid's wife.

Nice One: Hollywood Nights (Bob Seger)
...The wife takes the guy who hit on her for everything he had. Is she a black widow?

Ending Credits: I'm Not Alone (Deaadmau5 Mix) (Adam Wiles)
...I can't think of anything witty to say about this one.

Epilogue/sequel preview: Somnia Memorias
So, the next part is gonna follow the wife travelling around South America with more money than you can spit at?

...Yeah. I feel confused by this life....
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Re: Soundtrack of Your Life

Postby Tanith » Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:01 am

1.Opening Credits: Return to Innocence, by Enigma

A fitting opening! And one of my favorite tunes!

2.Waking Up: Fake Plastic Trees, by Radiohead

Oh, good. I wanted a depressing song here.

3.First Day At School: Papercut, by Linkin Park

Why is this even in my music files?

4.Falling In Love: Crumblin' Down, by John Mellencamp

Fall, crumble, whatever.

5.Breaking Up: No Rain, by Blind Melon

All I can say is that my life is pretty plain. I like watching the puddles gather rain.

6.Formal Social: Kaleidoscope (feat. Tekitha), by DJ Okawari

Kaleidoscopes are kind of festive, anyway.

7.Life's Okay: All Over You, by Live

Kind of a heavy tune for something that's just "okay."

8.Mental Breakdown: I Know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me, by Annie

Ah, I see. I'm a crazy bitch.

9.Driving: Naked In New York, by Kyle Andrews

This would have worked better for the previous entry.

10.Flashback: Angel, by Aerosmith

Bleh, cheesy.

11.Getting Back Together: Indestructible (Acoustic), by Robyn

Very appropriate.

12.Wedding: We Are Alive, by Paul Van Dyk

Yes, we are.

13.Birth Of Child: Warning, by Incubus

My kids aren't scary.

14.Final Battle: Prutataaa (Darth & Vader remix), by Afrojack & R3hab

Apparently it takes place in an Amsterdam disco in 2240, when ruthless capitalism has taken over the world (and Earth is now jointly owned by Wal*Mart and Google) and we're all robots.

15.Death Scene: What (feat. Jantsen), by Bassnectar

Funky way to die, anyway. I guess it makes sense, since I'm a robot.

16.Funeral Song: Interloper, by Carbon Based Lifeforms

Hmmm. Kind of spiritual and mellow.

17.Nice One: Perpetual Motion, by Ryan Farish

I must be old and uncool, because I don't even know what "nice one" means in this context. Good song, though.

18.End Credits: Wish You Were Here, by Pink Floyd

<3 Awwww, one of my favorite songs!

19.Epilogue/Sequel Preview: If You Crump Stand Up, by edIT

Bonus freestyle videos of If You Crump Stand Up (maybe I'll freestyle in my next life):
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