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Postby Murdock311 » Sun Jul 27, 2014 2:39 am

Hi, I'm Murdock311, atleast that's my online name.

I've been visit pscave for several years now. Listening to the Midi tracks to bring back old memories when I don't feel like bring out my Genesis. My love for Phantasy Star started when I was 5 years old and my father had just bought Phantasy Star 2 when it came out. So from the age of 5 through the rest of my childhood, the Phantasy Star 2 theme song has had a place in my heart. We rented out Phantasy Star 1 a couple times, never got to beat it though. We bought PS3 when it came out, and by the time PS4 came out, I was able to purchase it with my own money from allowance! I was VERY proud of it! I played Phantasy Star 4 for 8 straight days until I beat it! Since then over the years I have bought PS1 and beat it and have platyed through and beat all 4 several times over (I don't really count PSO or PSU as REAL Phantasy Star games), though I did buy PSU, which I just couldn't get into enough to play very long.

As for favorites, 2 and 4 are my two favorite video games of all time, but if I had to choose between them....... I don't know if I could make a decision honestly. I have played through PS4 the most, it owns more hours of my life than any of the others, but PS2 really takes me back, it was my first love, along with Sonic of course! As for JUST Phantasy Star games, I would have to put PS1 next, and PS3 last. Though I certainly dont hate PS3, it has a really unique charm to it, and the music is amazing. And Wren kicks ass in it!

Overall favorite character would probably be Rika, followed by Rolf. And my favorite villian would probably be The Profound Darkness, followed by Zio.

On a side note: I'm creating my own RPG game using RPG Maker VX Ace. It is in no way related to Phantasy Star, but anyone that plays it (when it's completed) will probably notice a lot of similarities.

Anyway, looking forward to spending some time here! I'm also curious about the status of PS5: The New Millenium
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Re: Hello!!

Postby BenoitRen » Sun Jul 27, 2014 11:02 am

Welcome to the board! Remember to stock the fridge. ;)
Get Xenoblade Chronicles!
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