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Postby LesterWitherspoon » Wed Nov 19, 2014 9:18 pm

Phantasy Star. Wow. I feel old. Has it been over 20 yrs since I was stocking up on dimate so I could survive that dungeon when I should have been studying? Well, now I'm making songs when I should be getting my shit together for work so if can survive that. I see some of you are making games. PS has been a huge influence on my imagination. Sometimes when I'm making soundscapes, I draw on my memory of certain elements of these games
(the music, the mythology, the mystery, the environments...) as a reference. Maybe someone will hear a tune I make and get lost for a couple of minutes in the environment I made like I used to in the plots and worlds in these games. That was the goal anyway. But yeah. Some of you are making actual stories and games to keep this special thing alive, and I registered here just to say that I totally respect that and find that to be an awesome thing to do. If anyone has a project that needs sound or music, get in touch with me. Here are examples of what I can do: (not sure if this one will work) ... ve/s-Emp0F

I would be delighted to be involved in anything related to Phantasy Star. Glad to find a place where this is happening
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