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Postby Tanith » Sun Mar 20, 2011 12:31 am

BenoitRen wrote:I like how you wrote Lena as a passionate woman. It feels very appropriate to her character. This story is a sharp contrast with her actions in the game, though, so it makes me wonder how everything fits from your point of view. But that's probably for another story.

Oh, and the duke seems like a cool person. :)

And more stories are forthcoming! I placed this story a month before the beginning of the game, so Lena has a bit more time to get over Rhys and focus on being a good princess and Orakian. She'll be a bit more game-like in upcoming stories, except that, of course, I've already developed her as having met Rhys before she rescues him from the dungeon, so there won't be the line, "Hi, I'm Lena." ;)

Glad you like the duke. I like him, too, but I have author's bias.

Thanks for reading; I know this story is a bit long. :|
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