ps2 unlimited nei gear trick

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ps2 unlimited nei gear trick

Postby moana » Sun Apr 25, 2021 2:19 am

found this lot of years ago and never tell it to anyone, this is really simple just never enter to arima before getting to zema, after that you can go back to arima and oputa to have rudo and amy for the first time in your party, you wont be able to have any other to knock at your door until you kill neifirst, after you kill her just go to your house and choose rudo and amy and you can choose a 4th one but dont have a name on anyone, the first one is nothing but when you scroll down you choose in order hugh, anna, kain and shir, the only way to make them knock at the door is to steal with shir and when you come back everyone will knock but dont do it yet, to get unlimited gear is pretty simple, get in your house take rudo and amy and the 4th one you have to scroll down on the last red flashing dot you see and and hit down button 102 times to choose the 4th one, this one have plenty of gear you can transfer from and when you move with him the gear change, you can get all the nei gear and even have 2 nei slasher for anna.
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