Phantasy Star - The Animated Movie


Latest news:

After years of break, I'm very sorry to say that this project is cancelled. If the project will open again someday, is not clear, though I doubt it. It has gone six years since the project first opened, thanks to everyone who have help me during this period.

19 March 2001 news:

This project is under a break while working hard on this site, I'm searching for artist, are you intrested helping us with the graphic? Then please Mail me or contact me through the contact page.

28 August 2000 news:

Now at last, this section is updated! We have now been into a big break. For all of you who don't got a idea what I'm talking about, here is what has happened for the last months. First of all, my computer crashed (AHH!) and most of my stuff went gone. But I did have backup copies of all files to do with the Anime Movie so don't worry. After that my Mac crashed, we couldn't continue with the project so we decided to take a while vecation till I get my hands on a new Mac. So I did order macs from all over Sweden, but when I waited more than 3 months, I did change to a new place to get the computer. After changing from here and there, I did finally find a perfect place that did send my Mac whithin three days (and ofcourse, after the experience, even that I didn't tell them, I didn't believe them). So I waited three days and at the morning someone rang the door. It was the delivery, so I have finally got the damn computer ^^

Now there is just some small things I need to do before we can all continue with the animated movie. First of all to contact all of the persons who is helping, to check if they are still out there.

This is the things I need to do before the project will reopen:

There is a chanse that some of these might go wrong, but I have several "backup" plans so there is no worry ^_^ (-sorry for my bad English-)


You can check the old FAQ that I did create a long time ago, but remember, most of the information that is stored there has changed.

Remember, you can always ask questions, requests, comments or what so ever at the Forum.

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