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Phantasy Star Glossary

The Phantasy Star series unfolds over a period of thousands of years. Any terms with which you're uneasy during play will be explained here.

[footnote] For reference, [the games from which a term is taken] are noted in brackets [well, parentheses here] below each entry. Phantasy Star is "I". Phantasy Star II: At the End of the Time Which Can Never Be Returned to is "II". Successors of Time: Phantasy Star III is "III". Phantasy Star: At the End of the Millennium is "IV". [And my own footnote - due to the differences between the romanized and unromanized versions of the terms and between the Japanese and English alphabets and systems of alphabetization, the terms here are not, needless to say, in the same order as they were in the Compendium book itself.]

Aeroprism (I, IV [II as well])
A way was developed to counteract undetectable anti-gravity systems through magic power. Through the Aeroprism, systems using electro-magnetic waves can be rendered powerless, and the Air Castle, normally undetectable to the naked eye, can be seen.
Air Castle (I, IV)
A castle in the sky built for La Shiec in the year AW 341. It cannot usually be seen with the naked eye due to the magic power used to cloak the castle.
Moreover, the black magic that created the castle is infused in the monsters inside its walls. When La Shiec is resurrected in AW 2284, he is half-zombified and needs the magic power inside the castle to survive.
The Alisa III and the Neo-Parm (III)
The names of two spaceships composed of seven multipurpose domes. They were the two spaceships used to evacuate the people of Parma just before the fall of the artificial satellite Gaila.
Algol Maintenance System (IV)
The artificial satellites Zelan and Kuran were repaired after the defeat of Mother Brain by a small group of technicians. They control the bare minimum of the network necessary.
The Algol Solar System (I - IV)
A solar system composed of one star and four planets - Parma, Motabia, Dezolis, and Ryucross. The Great Light created it as the Great Seal used to seal away the Profound Darkness. Due to the "Conjunction", the close alignment of three planets in the system in AW 843, an extraordinary event occurred, and Parma and Motabia exchanged orbits. Parma was instantly and utterly annihilated in an explosion in AW 1284, when the artificial satellite Gaila fell.
Alsulin (I, IV)
Medicine that removes petrification. It's invaluable in an emergency, so don't waste it!
Amedasu (II)
The facility created as the heart of Mother Brain's development plan. It is charged with the task of moderating Motabia's weather and climate, and Motabia, which was once a desert planet, is now such no longer.
AW (I - IV)
The year that Supreme King Waizz united Parma is used as its base year; "AW" stands for both "After Wars" and "After Waizz".
Dark Force (I-IV)
The projected form of the soul of the Profound Darkness that succeeds in physically manifesting itself every 1,000 years. The Profound Darkness, through absorbing "negative emotions" like hate and fear, weakens the seal of the Algol Solar System fashioned by the Great Light.
Dezolians (I, II, IV)
The native race of Dezolis, the third planet of the Algol Star System. They are tall and have no body hair, and their average lifespan is 140-160 years. They are a conservative race with an easygoing disposition. Around the AW 2000's, their society became centered around the religion founded on the Faith of the Eclipse Torch; the religion's main temple is the Great Gumbious Temple. [Note: The "Eclipse Torch" entry says that the Faith of the Eclipse Torch was founded in the AW 200's; the "AW 2000's" here might be an extra-zero typo. I don't know if Dezolian society became centered around the religion when it was founded, or what. (The Dezolians seem reverant of their religion in PSI and II (all the talk of the Eclipse Torch, saying the Parman miners died because they didn't take care of the Eclipse Torch in II, etc.), not completely entrenched but enough for me to suspect that the religion took its current place of importance in Dezolian life earlier than AW 2000.]
Dezolis (I, II, IV)
The system's third planet, and the most isolated from the star of Algol.
In AW 157, a manned Parman spacecraft landed there, and contact was made with sentient life forms known as "Dezolians". After that, from AW 185 on, construction went forward on a spaceport. The discovery of Laconia in AW 843 led to a rush to the planet, but when a poisonous gas that caused genetic mutations was unearthed in the bowels of a mine shaft in AW 1281, the Parmans completely evacuated.
Earthmen (II)
People from another star who invaded the Algol Solar System in AW 822. They planned to seize and overrun Algol with Noah's central computer, Mother Brain, but, in AW 1284, they were slaughtered by an anti-Mother Brain faction. Whether or not any survived is unknown.
Eclipse Torch (I, IV [mentioned in II as well])
Once every thousand years, Ryucross draws near to and completely eclipses Motabia. On that day, magic energy from the sleeping spirits of Algol and Ryucross is emitted towards Dezolis, where it is gathered in and filtered through the Aeroprism, irradiating Laconia with a pale green light.
This flame is said to burn until it is extinguished in the next eclipse in 1,000 years' time. It does not emit heat, but the blessing of its light will heal frostbite from any living thing that holds it. Moreover, it will also "draw out" the bearer's true colors and bring to light whether the bearer is "good" or "evil".
There is a "Faith of the Eclipse Torch", with Dezolian priests in the Altiplano Plateau conducting its ceremonies. Founded in about the AW 200's, it is Algol's oldest religion and keeps alive Algol's ancient myths, those of the secrets of Ryucross and Algol's genesis.
Elsydeon (IV)
The sword that sleeps in the Cavern of the Sacred Sword in the Esper Mansion's Inner Sanctum. It is said to be the only thing that can seal away the Profound Darkness.
Esper Mansion (II, IV)
The building in which Lutz gathered his fellow Espers after the fall of the Landeel dynasty. The assembled comrades created the Nei series of weapons and Elsydeon to guide the heroes foretold to eventually appear and prepare them for Dark Force's rebirth. [A note on the "Nei weapons" - the raw Japanese in the book reads "Nei shiriizu no buki" - "Nei series's weapons". Since the term "Nei series" is used in the book to refer to Nei, Neifirst, and their species, the legendary arms could be either the series (as in group or collection) of "Nei (the one girl) weapons", or the weapons named after the entire "Nei series (as in species)". Anyway.]
Flow Mover (II, IV)
A hovercraft usable over both land and water. It's the most maneuverable of all the machines.
Gaila (II)
An artificial satellite where criminals are imprisoned. Its fall to Parma and the ensuing explosion annihilate Parma.
The Great Collapse (IV)
Term referring to the destruction of Mother Brain and the annihilation of Parma by the fall of the artificial satellite Gaila in AW 1284. Due to these events, more than 90% of the total population was killed, and civilization was thrust into a rapid decline.
The Great Light (IV)
A spirit-life form that, after a battle to the death in a star system in a massive nebula long ago, created the Algol Solar System and sealed away the Profound Darkness. The Great Light then gave birth to Protectors of the Seal, the Parmans, the Motabians, and the Dezolians, on the three planets, and warned them all that the seal would weaken about every 1,000 years.
Hapsby (I)
A robot with a very hard head made out of Laconia. He can pilot the spaceship Luveno and do small repairs on mechanical items.
Ice Digger (I, IV)
An ice-field exploration vehicle. With its two giant drills in front, it can move forward while smashing up ice.
Kuran (IV)
An artificial satellite, Kuran is the subcontrol system that processes the programs created by Zelan and sends them to each system. When Mother Brain was destroyed in AW 1284, it ceased functioning, but, in AW 1285, the survivors of the underground resistance movement restored Kuran and re-restored minimal function to the Atmosphere Control Plant [Climate Control Center] and Crust [as in layer of the earth, not bread] Stability Center [Plate System] on Motabia. [Wait, I'm confused. The Atmosphere Control Plant/Climate Control System was on Dezo. Are they talking about another ACP/CCC, or does the ACP/CCC on Dezo, for some odd reason, control goings-on on Mota? The latter seems more likely, since the text says that function was "re-restored" to the ACP/CCC, indicating that it functioned in Mother Brain's day, and Dezo wasn't hooked up to Mother Brain - but if that's so, then why, in Millennium, would Wren think that going to the ACP/CCC would fix the weather patterns on *Dezo*? Komatta...]
Laian-Orakian War (III)
Term referring to the fight between Laia, a girl with the power to control monsters, and Orakio Sa Riik, who commanded a robot army. The utterly devastating battle destroyed the world's highly learned civilization.
Dark Force deluded Laia's heart and caused her to start the war, but she finally came to understand that she was being used and, together with Orakio's power, overthrew Dark Force.
Land Master (I, IV)
A special multi-purpose vehicle supposedly designed for desert combat. It can smoothly travel over quicksand.
Magic (I, IV)
A power that, unlike techniques, is inherited. By the AW 2200's, the humans who could use magic were restricted to the residents of the Esper Mansion.
Incidentally, the ability is a dominant genetic trait, and a person of mixed race with the blood of a human who cannot use magic [and the blood of a human who can] can learn the ability through training.
Meseta (I-IV)
The Algol Solar System's unit of currency. Parmans, Motabians, and Dezolians all unquestioningly accept meseta.
Motabia (I, II, IV)
The second planet of the Algol Star System. It was formerly an exclusively desert planet, but, in AW 852, a forestation and foliation plan was launched, and the environment was drastically changed from its original state.
Motabians (I, II, IV)
The indigenous race of Motabia. Even in AW 2284, they live only in their own villages, apart from the Parmans. Their villages are scattered all over Motabia, so they of course have no centralized system of government. They have created a society that highly values an individual's independence, not because of any natural disposition toward tolerance, but because of a fiercely strong sense of family.
Now, the Motabians excavate artifacts from the ancient, more technologically advanced Parman culture and either sell them to Parmans or use them themselves. They don't always understand all of them, though.
Mother Brain (II)
The name of the central computer of the Earthmen's orbiting fortress. When the invading Earthmen slaughtered the entire royal family in a spaceship accident in AW 844, they manipulated public sentiment to abolish the monarchy and found a democratic republic. In the following years, construction began on the network on Parma, with Mother Brain at its core.
Musk Cats (I, II, IV)
Animals possessing high intelligence. Alisa's loyal partner from AW 342 on, Myau, endeared the species to the humans of the time, and there was a boom in Musk Cats as pets.
Their high intelligence allows all Musk Cats to understand the human language, but Myau's powers of comprehension far exceed any other Musk Cat's. (He was probably a mutation.)
A few of the cats abandoned by their owners after a mining accident in AW 1281 lingered in Skure, and, afterwards, their descendants founded their own village.
Naula Bakery (I, IV)
A bakery that has been selling cakes for the same price (280 meseta) for a period of about 2,000 years.
"I'm sorry; this is such a place to have a bakery!" is its slogan, and it has never changed. In AW 342, a store was built on the 4th floor of the depths of the Naula dungeon, but in AW 2284, it's been discovered that the store does business in the town of Aiedo.
Nurvus (IV)
The plant that supplies energy to each of Motabia's systems, under control from the artificial satellite Zelan. In about AW 1900, an accident occurred, and Nurvus's artificial intelligence ceased to function; Forren then created a new supervising unit for Nurvus - Freyna.
Parma (I, II, IV)
The first planet of the Algol Solar System, and its center of government. It was, however, annihilated in AW 1284 from the fall of the artificial satellite Gaila. All that remains of it is an asteroid belt in its former orbit.
Parman (IV [shouldn't that be I - IV?])
The life form indigenous to Parma. They spread to all of Algol's other planets, but when their home planet was destroyed in the events of AW 1284, they completely emigrated to Motabia and Dezolis.
The Profound Darkness (IV)
The spirit-life form that lost to the Great Light in a huge battle that took place long ago and is locked away by the Algol Solar System. The sealed-away being, which was never before evil, drew in hateful and vengeful spirits in its interdimensional prison - whereupon it grew into a manifestation of lust for destruction and murder and transformed into a wicked being.
Protectors of the Seal (IV)
When the Great Light created the Algol Solar System and sealed away the Profound Darkness, it allotted sentient life forms to each of three planets. They were called "Parmans", "Motabians", and "Dezolians".
Year after year, the people fulfilled their duty and protected the seal, but, with each passing generation, the Protectors came to forget their mission, and it now lives on only in the myths of each race's civilization.
Psychowand (I, IV)
A staff that holds the power to break down enemy magic defenses and guard one's allies with a protective barrier of light.
Ryucross (IV)
The fourth planet of the Algol Solar System. It is said to make only one revolution every 1,000 years, and it has a long, elliptical orbit. One cannot find it without the aforementioned Aeroprism, and no person alive knows where it is. When the seal on the Profound Darkness weakens every 1,000 years, it draws near the other three planets, its duty to warn of what's to come. The planet's guardian is the inheritor of the Great Light's will, a life form by the name of Le Roof [the "Le" pronounced like the word "lay", not like the French article "le". So, Le Roof is to the Great Light what Rune is to Lutz...? The parallel is intentional - the same phrase, "ishi o uketsugu" (to succeed to/inherit one's will, la the Memory Ball), is used here as in the description of the Thray-Lutz relationship on pg. 20].
Seed (IV)
The Bio-plant on Motabia, and the planet's largest bioengineering facility. In the plans made after the Great Collapse, Seed did not have an independent power source and had to siphon energy from Nurvus. The facility and its main computer have the same name, but they are not one and the same, even though they're described both in the same entry here.
Spaceship Noah (II)
The star-going vessel carrying the refugees from the destroyed Earth. Through deft use of their radio jamming system, they infiltrated the Algol Solar System. The Earthmen then used Noah's central computer, Mother Brain, to seize control of Algol.
Techniques (II-IV)
A more generalized form of magic. Since, unlike magic, its practice does not require extensive training and knowledge, there are a great many technique practitioners.
In AW 345, terrorists loyal to La Shiec made the engine of a spaceship in which Alisa I [as in Alisa the First] and Lutz were riding go haywire, and Alisa and Lutz were transported to another star. No record remains of what happened to them there, but, upon his return, Lutz originated techniques and their use. [Continuity check - this sounds like the story of Rieko Kodama's short PS comic "Phantasy Star: Out Side Saga", described in the SPEC section. In the side-story comic, however, Alisa did not become queen of Algol - which the Compendium contradicts. Offhand guess - Rieko never intended to have Alisa ascend to the throne, but whoever created all this backstory (a lot of which appears to have been written after all four games were released) decided that they needed to have Alisa become queen for *their* explanation of events, and, deciding that they liked using "Out Side Saga" in their version of things, worked its basic story into their timeline but not Rieko's ideas of what happened to the characters. Or not. Just a guess; just something to mull over.]
Zelan (IV)
The integrated management base supervising the Algol Solar System's environmental preservation system. Since it orbits Algol's sun, it's called an artificial satellite.

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SPEC is Sega's only official fan club. Here, we tell all!

A Fan Club Bringing Together Sega Developers and Users

SPEC is Sega's official fan club. It sold on the basis of the uniqueness of direct communication with the development staff and the fact that the newsletter was entirely handmade by them. Volume 0 of the SPEC newsletter was launched in August of 1988. Nine more issues were published until the spring of 1992. An extra supplement was published after that, but, since the company is not enlisting employees to make another issue, the magazine is currently on hold.

Picture Captions:

[membership card]
There Was Also a Member's Card!
When you joined, you were issued the membership card below.
[SPEC comic]
The Bulletins Were Entirely Made by Hand
Every little bit of the newsletter feels handmade. It was full of interesting articles.
[SPEC magazine]
The first was only four pages, but it quickly evolved into a splendid work.


We'll explain the outlines of the three sidestories outside of the four main volumes.

Phantasy Star: Phantom Cities

Artist: Phoenix Rie Total Page Count: 24 p.

The Story of Lutz's Childhood!

Lutz, an 11-year-old boy starstruck by the pale city skyscrapers rising to the heavens, consults with Yuriaude, a minstrel coming home from a journey. But, while Lutz leaves home to meet Yuriaude, his village is attacked by the monster "Leviathan". The story and artwork is by Phoenix Rie, who drew the character designs for I.

Manga Translation:

[Note: There are three characters here - the [unidentified] adult wearing a black outfit with a high collar in Lutz's flashback; Yuriaude [in a Vampire Hunter D-ish hat and cape]; and Lutz himself. Yes, indeed, that child *is* Lutz; if you don't have the Compendium, then I'll tell you that, yes, Lutz looks quite feminine here too. Another note: since these *are* excerpts from longer stories, don't expect the snippets here to tell a complete tale in themselves. Since this is a sampling of the mangas, the panels given in the Compendium are rather disjointed and nonsequential; scene shifts are denoted with a **. (Since "Phantom Cities" uses many flashbacks, though, the "scene shifts" there are part of the story, not of the Compendium's'll figure it out.]

Lutz [shocked, apparently reacting to an off-panel comment]:

[The next panel shows a picture of adult Lutz, then...]

Lutz [speaking of flashback]:
But we were only children...
Adult [again, in flashback]: are surely destined to make something great of yourself.
Yuriaude [in the present]:
[can't read - too small. From what I can make out, Yuriaude is asking Lutz what or how he feels about things]
Yeah... Mother told me. But...I can hardly see myself like that...
I'm certain of it. Your power is evident. Don't think it an illusion!
Huh - !
I've never even heard of that magic before!
It's a power called "foresight". It'll come to you someday, I believe.

Page 69

Page 69


Artist: Yoshibon Total Page Count: 39 pg.

This Became the Basis for the Millennium

This work, drawn after II, was created by Yoshibon, the chara designer for II [not I - that's a typo] and Millennium. The setting is the year AW 1423 on the planet Motabia, where the Hunter Nei Third meets a wandering lost child named Rudy... They get into many different situations, and it's sad to see the manga end.

Manga Translation:

[Note: There are three characters - Nei Third, Rudy, guy they meet (creatively referred to in this translation as "Guy"). In case you're wondering, yes, this Rudy does look like the Millennium Rudy (with a little bit of the Inner Sanctum Esper Guard's genes thrown in for good measure).]

Guy [pondering]:
For that, the crystal and parts would come to about 300,000 meseta...
It can't be!
Something like that...
How should I handle it...
[**]Nei Third [introducing herself]:
Third -
Nei Third!
Nei Third [to Rudy, holding him]:
You used Ryuka, didn't you?
You saved me...
[**]Guy [to Third]:
You're serious?
You really intend to take that greedy little brat you don't even know along with you?
We'll go with you!
But I don't have...
Nei Third [giving a thumbs-up]:
It'll be fine!!

Phantasy Star: Out Side Saga

Artist: Judy Totoya Total Page Count: 24 pg.

The Great Adventures of Alisa & Lutz!

A tale of the days after PSI drawn by Judy Totoya, of the Sorcerian character designs and the like. The engine of a spaceship in which Alisa and Lutz are riding goes haywire at the hands of some of La Shiec's surviving loyalists, and they are hurled into another star system.

Manga Translation:

[Note: There are three characters in the story - Lutz (wearing a more-adventurish, sorta-Thray-ish type getup - still has his hair down and the hood of his mantle over his head, though), Alisa (wearing a sportier, super-sugoi upgrade of her usual costume - I'd scan it, if only it weren't so near the binding...arrrghh...), and an apparent native of that "other star system" named Gardinan von Emardyne.]

[**]Alisa [not in the story, just as an illustration]:
Eh heh heh... How do you do? Nice to meet you.
[**]Alisa [in manga - not a continuation of above]:
Oh...I'm sorry...I'm Alisa...Alisa Landeel. And this is Mizerith Lutz Iysa Lanai. [total guess at romanization on my part - in pure katakana, it "Mizerisu Rutsu Iisa Ranai"]
Lutz [quietly amused]:
Lutz will be fine.
[**]Lutz [to Alisa]:
Oh, I understand that you didn't become queen because you wanted to live as a normal woman, but...
Motabia's urbanization has drastically accelerated over these last three years. And great changes have resulted from that. Alisa...
Alisa [thinking]:
Really...Has it been three years already...
[**]Alisa [approaching Gardinan]:
You...who in the world are you?
I am Gardinan von Emardyne!
I'll protect you and your friend from those guys from the National Army! The Sword Gammas were hired to escort you to the trouble-free land of Lydomuhl!

There Are Also III-Related Comics!

III's comics were 4-frame manga comedies complete in themselves published in various books. These masterpieces truly hit their marks. [Note: the word used for "masterpieces", "kessaku", also can mean "goof-ups" or "blunders", so this might be a joke. These look hectically great, in any case; one shows a slightly crazed Lyle goofing around in a cave; another, Rhys at the altar, thinking back on all the cute girls he met on his travels and crying (Marlena regarding him suspiciously); one with - I dunno - it looks like Forren, Shilka, Rudger and Rudy?!?!; and one with a loopy Alisa *trying* to accomplish something and Lutz and Tyrone just *staring* at her. No, they're not even remotely large enough for me to make out the writing.]

Page 70, 71

Page 70

Page 71


Due to Unforeseen Circumstances, Publication Is Uncertain

Eight issues of SPEC have been produced, but the magazine is currently on hiatus; the possibility of any further issues of SPEC being produced is rather slim.

SPEC #9, however, is already finished. Well - it might be more precise to say that it's almost finished. Actually, SPEC #9 was meant to be a Millennium commemorative issue, with settei sheets, commentary, and so on.

[small, shrunk-down inset of SPEC #9 article on Freyna] Freyna

When it was brought up that "maybe an android should be made just to supervise some of the other systems (the recovery system, say), since all the systems might be too much for Forren to handle alone", it was decided that another android would appear in the story. The resultant change in plans triggered a memory of an android girl I had drawn a while back; after a few corrections and refinements, I fashioned this character into Freyna.

Since it was decided that Freyna, like Forren, would be a an android-class supervising unit, I at the time thought that it would be interesting if she first appeared at her post (at the Climate Center, say).

Picture Captions:

[Freyna torso shot]
Freyna rough sketch. Her arms are as of yet unformed.
[the aforementioned "android girl"]
The character whose features became Freyna's.
[Freyna with her connector-arms]
Freyna was originally supposed to be able to spring connectors out of her arms to break into Nurvus.
[manga Freyna saying "This is goodbye, Rudy. Farewell, everyone. Thank you for everything."]
Around the AW 1900's, Nurvus's supervising unit (a unit of the same type as Seed) broke down. Afterwards, Forren built a new supervising unit for Nurvus, an android-type named Freyna.


The First Public Appearance of an Elusive Comic

Here, thanks to the generosity of the development staff, is a special appearance of the making-of comic originally scheduled to be published in SPEC #9. This is the only place you can read it!

The Last Yoshibon Club
For the first time - and the last time
by Yoshibon!

-- 1 --
Though his name and face are in the public domain, considering recent circumstances... [Yoshibon's face in this manga is always (even when he's taking a bath) covered with a sheet of paper with an eggplant drawn on it. Is there a special significance to this? Are eggplants the subject of some sort of inside joke in Japanese culture? I mean, you start thinking of other strange appearance of eggplants in game-related material - the Eggplant Wizard in Kid Icarus, for instance... *ahem* Anyway...]
Thank you! I'm Yoshibon!
This is my first public appearance in two years,
but, I made it!
Nei Third [popping up, holding a copy of SPEC #8]:
Hey! Now explain that comment you made in SPEC about "having a special reason" [for laying low]!
Who? Me?

[Third protracts her claw weapon, sounds of slashing and screaming are heard off-panel, and a very worse-for-the-wear Yoshibon and a Third holding a sign saying "My name is Nei Third! I was the heroine of the 'Third!' manga published in SPEC!" reappear.]

I have a kind of strange explanation for my absence.
I'll call it -


Nei Third:
"Phanta" again?? Couldn't you come up with something else?
Hey! I was only given two years!
-- 2 --
It all started out with an article in a certain gaming magazine.
I can still remember what it said...
Text of article:
It looks like some old, well-loved, longed-for characters appear in this game!
The real side story ["gaiden"] was completely different...
And, of course, that got me thinking...
Yoshibon in flashback:
Hmmm... I wonder if I gave them an all-star cast...
Lutz from I, Nei from II, Shirren from III...
Hm! Wouldn't that be interesting! But, we'd need some sort of hero...
Yoshibon [narrating in the "present" again]:
In the planning stages, he was a very well-publicized character, but...
since those days, I guess he's kinda fallen back into the shadows...
Further inspirations followed.
Yoshibon in flashback [sitting in the bathtub]:
What if the Algol Solar system were really...! [Note: Yoshibon uses double zeroes for the text "after" "really", which, in Japanese, signifies either profane language or information that someone doesn't want to disclose. This case is the latter.] How would I plan this...
Yoshibon [in present again]:
My imagination was already running wild.
They [my ideas] were nothing more than flights of fancy at that point, though.
But, one day...
I received a sign from above. [Yoshibon is flattened, Looney Toons-style, by a gigantic boulder bearing a note saying "Why haven't you given me PSIV? BY buchou" - "buchou" meaning the office department head, presumably Yoshibon's boss.] (Note: Actually, it was Phoenix Rie-san who told me about it.)
And so
the party
was brought together
once more [Yoshibon and three other folks - a guy named "L.C." (who shows up later in the manga), a woman wearing glasses, and someone in a bunny suit - are arranged la Rudy, Thray, Fal, and Forren in the title screen of the Toy Show demo of Millennium.]
Cover of book:
And so began Phanta IV.
Actually, we had to make a presentation to the company president and do a lot of other stuff [first]...
But I digress. Phantasy Star is often abbreviated as "PS", but around the office, it's called "Phanta".
The meetings about the planning, story, and [presumably game] system went on for days, all in order to finalize the outline of the story.
-- 3 --
"Special guest star" Fal [reading from a book]:
"The final version of the story wound up much different from my original ideas!"
Originally, Lyla was supposed to die in Tonoe...
Eh? That raucous little burg?
Fal was supposed to be in an incubation tank.
Another, shrimp-shaped Dark Force was supposed to appear.
Oh, yes, and, most importantly - this character [Raja] wasn't scheduled to appear at all!
Raja [outraged]:
Wha, what's the meaning of that!
Oh, and neither was Shiam!
Speaking of Shiam, his full name was something like "Shiam Shizuabram"...
But, why?
Nei Third [looking disgruntled]:
It's about time that Third broke in here!
Yoshibon [sweatdropping]:
Actually, a little past time...
Why could Third be interrupting?
It must be for Phanta-related stuff! Well, we're all done with that now, so...

[Yoshibon is pulled down, leaving behind. When he and Third resurface, Yoshibon is all bandaged up.]

I'm sorry - SPEC didn't give us any time to spare...
[in small comment-type, presumably under Yoshibon's breath] Well, it's actually because I'm too busy, and I still have to put out next issue...
The idea of using Third in Phanta almost wound up in the game.
I meant for her to appear with this person [Thray]...
But, it was recommended that we let someone by the name of Rudy or something like that remain in the game, so...
Yeah, I bet you got that idea from Lyla-san! The nerve of her...
"Special guest star" Freyna:
Well, now that the basics are out of the way, on to the real work!
-- 4 --
It's work, work, and more work on the graphics.
I started out on the biological monsters and battle scene characters.
Babbling #1
L.C. in flashback [looking at a battle graphic of Pyke wielding a knife]:
I think Pyke should be able to equip something more than a knife...
Yoshibon in flashback:
L.C. and Yoshibon i.f. [to "Special guest programmer E. Fujiwara"]: that's why we need you to please fix this.
Eh - I'll do what I can.
Yoshibon [in present]:
Some days later -
Yoshibon in flashback:
Huh? Wait a minute...
L.C. i.f.:
Yoshibon i.f.:
Um, doesn't "Crash" have Pyke using a knife? [We see a battle graphic of Pyke wielding an axe.]
He's drawn with an axe...
L.C. i.f.:
Oh, no!
Let's cut out the knife.
But E-Fuji-san already fixed it!

[Yoshibon and L.C. stare at each other, sweatdropping.]

Yoshibon & L.C. i.f. [to each other]:
Don't say anything...
Yoshibon [in present]:
Things went fine after that.
We had a lot of other things to take care of...
Frenzied flashback comments from below:
What? That fire isn't supposed to be coming out of there! Huh? That character is all messed up again! Sigh...
But we still had plenty of time to spare...
Yoshibon in flashback [grasping bottle, sake, I suppose]:
Huh? Idiot...
He drank a little too much...
and he's looking a little pale...
L.C. i.f. [huffy]:
There aren't enough Dezolis monsters!
Yoshibon i.f.:
Should I draw some more?
L.C. i.f.:
That'd be good - but could you draw up the visual events after that? [hands Yoshibon a stack of papers]
-- 5 --
L.C. i.f. [calling over his shoulder]:
I don't think anything's been done on them yet!

[Yoshibon's sigh blows over the stack of papers. They're all "pure white" - i.e., totally blank.]

Yoshibon [in present, shaking fist]:
And even more hardship came almost immediately after that! What happened next would show me what hell really was like!
Nei Third [hand propping up head, "tell me another one" look on her face]:
"And, of course, none of it was any of MY fault!"
1993, Summer
I had to plug in the visual events.
Yoshibon in flashback [typing at computer, exhausted]:
Uhhh... This's NEVER going to end...
His hair's getting a little shaggy...
Yoshibon i.f.:
Now, I just have to do the pictures.
It'll many days?... [counts on fingers, realizes answer, sweatdrops]
Yoshibon [in present]:
I thought I was losing my sanity.
Although my memory wasn't that sharp around then.
I remember getting the game, though...
Yoshibon in flashback [playing game]:
Hey... That wasn't the picture I spent all night drawing...
Yoshibon [in present]:
It was really quite a tear-jerking experience...
But, somehow, I made it through...
It was autumn when everything finally wrapped up...
But I also had to participate in the final check [for bugs].
Nei Third:
But you had only five days' time to do the check, right?
Well, they extended the deadline a little when it got down to the wire, you see...
There were many problems...especially for Yoshibon...
-- 6 --
Babbling #2
Yoshibon in flashback:
Wa-ha! A Haunt came out!
[snickering] I'll wipe him out with Grabuto!
L.C. i.f.:
I made sure that Grabuto won't have any effect [on a Haunt]!
Yoshibon i.f.:
You devil.
You're joking.
L.C. i.f.:
I swear!

[battle screen; Thray starts to cast Grabuto]

L.C. i.f.:

[the Rudy on the battle screen starts sweatdropping, saying "I just died a little while ago...!"]

L.C. i.f.:
Stay the night.
Yoshibon i.f. [sleeping on cot]:
Bah...I want to go home.
Yoshibon [in present]:
We worked out the bugs (and other stuff) at the last minute somehow, just in time for the release.
12/17/93 Release Date
Well, I guess that's it...
There was something else I wanted to say, but...
I think it had something to do with...with...hero-supers?
Nei Third:
It's probably best not to tell him. [Note: No, I have no idea what this joke means, either.]
Anyhow - a heartfelt "thank you" to all those who purchased Phanta.

[We see Yoshibon standing in a neat group shot of Eusis, Nei, Thray, Hahn, Rudy, Fal, Pyke, and, of course, Nei Third, giving a "victory" sign.]

Well, at last, we're done.
I'm sorry that this never got published [in SPEC]; it was beyond my control.
Thanks for all the support you've given to SPEC, everyone!


Page 72

Page 72

One-Time Only Phantasy Star Present

A drawing will be held among the people who bought this Compendium for the following prizes. To enter, completely fill out the questionnaire on the enclosed postcard and send it in.

Entries must be postmarked by the last day of November 1995. Winners will be notified and have their prizes forwarded to them.

Phantasy Star: At the End of the Millennium Telephone Card
1 winner
Phantasy Star Irogami
4 winners

[My dictionary says that "irogami" is "colored paper" (oh, *big help*, like you couldn't tell that from the kanji); from the pictures, they appear to be pieces of paper with autographed sketches of PS characters - Lutz, Nei, Thray, Dark Force, and the like - by Rieko Kodama, Tohoru Yoshida, and others. So, the phone card was the grand prize and the original sketches were just smaller giveaways? Where's the logic in that?]

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