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The Phantasy Star Memorial Drama CD ~Sealed Memories~ comes in a bundle with a fanbook. It was published in 1995 by SoftBank and cost 3900 yen (3786 yen + tax).

The CD consists of one drama track that is 68 minutes and 15 seconds in length, telling the adventure of a 13-year-old Rudy (Chaz), and a newman called Nei, who is searching for the memories of her past. The fanbook is a sort of mini-compendium, with info on and art of the four main games and the drama CD itself.

Plot Summary

Before heading to Ryucross (Rykros), Rudy and his party take a breather close to the space station while Forren (Wren) does some maintenance on the spaceship. Looking at the sunset, Rudy is caught by a wave of nostalgia, feeling like he's going to remember something. Thray (Rune) takes an interest in this, and after some arguing, Rudy lets him look into his mind with his magic. Rudy faints and has a flashback to three years ago, when he was living in the town of Tiria.

In AW 2281, Rudy was a pick-pocket who stole purses, and robbed warehouses. One day, he steals the purse of a girl called Nei who catches up with him and demands her purse back. Suddenly, a bio-monster attacks. Rudy tries to defeat it, in vain. However, Nei defeats it and saves his life. Rudy gives her purse back and wants to repay her. She says she's looking for a dome at an ancient site. Rudy decides to take her to the information monger, an old man called Roy.

After an uneasy night, Rudy and Nei meet the old man, who takes them to his village. There he gives Nei a map and explains the way to the dome. In exchange, he wants one of Nei's claws and the ring around her neck. The old man also gives Nei the "Nei Claw" as "change". Rudy wants to accompany her to the dome, but after a bio-monster incident in the village, Nei decides to go to the dome alone.

In the dome, Nei meets Gene, the artificial intelligence that regulates the facility. She reveals to her that she's a clone, named NM-1153, and the masterpiece of the NM-1000 series. With the help of Gene, Nei "remembers" her past, which is the past of the original specimen.

Gene explains further that her role is to conduct Neitype research on a race capable of surviving the harsh post-Great Collapse environment. But, in addition to that, she had decided that humans were inferior, and had created the NM-1000 series to wipe them out. Nei refuses to take part in this, so Gene reasons that she must be defective, and orders NM-2011, a more advanced Neitype, to kill her.

Nei and NM-2011 fight. They appear equally strong, but Nei's beam claw energy is running out. As NM-2011 tries to finish her, Nei blocks her attack with the Nei Claw, and finishes her.

Nei, enraged, starts tearing machinery apart, upon which Gene activates the Defense System. She's saved by Rudy, but they can't escape. Suddenly a Land Buster breaks into the facility with Forren and Freyna (Demi) in it. Forren destroys the Defense System, and confronts Gene. Gene refuses to comply, and activates the self-destruct mechanism. Forren, Freyna, Nei and Rudy escape in the Land Buster.

Arrived at Seed's Bio-Plant, Forren explains to Nei that the Neitype research was never meant to eradicate the human race, but to be its last hope. Nei decides to stay at the Bio-Plant to make sure that the mistake is never repeated again. Before Forren erases Rudy's memories, Rudy and Nei promise that they'll see each other again.

Rudy wakes up while Fal (Rika) is watching him. Thray says he didn't figure anything out, to which Rudy comments that his powers are useless, and they start to bicker. Forren announces that the maintenance is done, after which Thray questions Forren about the events of three years ago. Forren tells him that Fal safely inherited Nei's will.

It ends as Rudy is laughing during Fal's outbursts over him asking if she was watching him the whole time, and Nei's voice, saying that she had kept their promise.


Diana Montoya has translated the CD. The translation, along with a transcription, can be viewed at her site, the Phantasy Star Memorial Drama CD Translation.

The fan book has been partly translated by Andreas Skyman. It's available on his site.

Background information

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