Phantasy Star Timeline

Note: for Phantasy Star III, the Japanese dates were used for convenience. To get the dates for the English version of Phantasy Star III, substract the dates of the Phantasy Star III-related events with 1000.

Year Events Source
Thousands of years ago A spiritual entity splits in two, and the two new entities start to fight each other. After a long battle, one of the two emerged victorious. The victor, known as the Great Light, banished its rival, known as the Profound Darkness, between the dimensions. Fearing its revival, the Great Light created the Algol Solar System to act as a seal on the Profound Darkness' prison. Phantasy Star IV
AW 327 Alis Landale is born. Phantasy Star Compendium
AW 342 Phantasy Star takes place. Phantasy Star
AW 345 Terrorists loyal to Lashiec make the engine of a spaceship in which Alis and Lutz are riding go haywire, and Alis and Lutz are transported to another star. No record remains of what happened to them there, but, upon his return, Lutz originated techniques and their use. Phantasy Star Compendium
AW 822 The Earthmen's spaceship stronghold, Noah, invades the Algol Solar System. Phantasy Star Compendium
AW 845 Mother Brain, secretly controlled by the Earthmen at the heart of Noah, begins construction of its centrally controlled network on Parma, and reconstruction advances at an accelerated pace. Lutz awakens. He goes into hiding with his followers on Dezolis. Phantasy Star Compendium
AW 1234 Mother Brain bans sea travel. Phantasy Star II
AW 1249 Rudolph Steiner is born. Phantasy Star Compendium
AW 1261 Amy Sage is born. Phantasy Star Compendium
AW 1263 Rolf, Josh Kain and Shir Gold are born. Phantasy Star Compendium
AW 1264 Hugh Thompson is born. Phantasy Star Compendium
AW 1274 Two spaceships collide over Dezolis. In one of them is Rolf with his parents. Rolf is saved by Lutz, who was woken up by Alis' scream. Mother Brain bans space travel. Phantasy Star II
AW 1282 Energy meant for Climatrol is redirected to the Biosystems Lab, causing a power surge. This creates Neifirst out of experiments combining human and bio-monster cells. The scientists try to kill her, for she is a failed experiment, but Neifirst escapes, steals DNA samples, and begins creating bio-monsters. Phantasy Star II
AW 1283 Nei splits from Neifirst. Phantasy Star II
AW 1284 Phantasy Star II takes place. Phantasy Star II
AW 1286 Forren is created to oversee and support the environmental systems from Zelan. Phantasy Star IV
AW 1299 Lutz dies. His will and memory are carried within a gem in a temple in the Esper Mansion's inner sanctum. Phantasy Star Compendium
AW 1960 An accident occurs at Nurvus, causing its artificial intelligence to stop functioning. Demi is created to replace it. Phantasy Star IV, Phantasy Star Compendium
AW 2199 Raja is born. Phantasy Star IV
AW 2260 Hahn Mahlay is born. Phantasy Star IV
AW 2265 Gryz is born. Phantasy Star IV
AW 2266 Kyra Tierney is born. Phantasy Star IV
AW 2268 Chaz Ashley is born. Phantasy Star IV
AW 2283 Rika is born. Phantasy Star IV
AW 2284 Phantasy Star IV takes place. On the Alisa III, war begins between the Orakian and Layan factions. At its conclusion, Dark Falz is sealed in the Sunken Palace by Orakio's Sword. Phantasy Star IV, Phantasy Star III
AW 2484 Wren is created. Toyo Ozaki
AW 2704 Mieu is created using forgotten skills and technology. (Japanese version only.) Phantasy Star III
AW 3264 Lyle is born. Toyo Ozaki
AW 3266 Rhys is born. Toyo Ozaki
AW 3267 Lena is born. Toyo Ozaki
AW 3268 Maia is born. Toyo Ozaki
AW 3284 Phantasy Star III takes place. Phantasy Star III

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