Human story, chapter 1

An animated cutscene plays. You find Kai waiting for you at the market.

Kai: Hm? Hi! You're right on time.

The cutscene ends.

Kai: Hey, [NAME]. You're right on time. On the dot, in fact. You always were very by-the-book. Not that I'm criticizing, mind you, but it wouldn't hurt you to relax a little. Actually, the Guild would probably fall apart if all its hunters were as laid back as me. I guess you'd better stay who you are. Don't ever change! Now, I know we both know the answer already, but I have to ask. Are you sure you're prepared to join the Guild as a hunter?

Nod energetically.

Kai: Good answer. I've got high hopes for you, [NAME]. But I know you'll do fine with or without me here yakking at you.

Nod vaguely.

Kai: What, are you nervous? You'll be fine, don't worry. Everyone gets the jitters at first.

Kai: Let's drop by and see the mayor, for starters. He's also the head of the Hunters' Guild, you know. You'll need his permission before you can officially join up. It's no big deal. Just a quick chat, no formalities. C'mon. His office is in the big building at the back of town.

You talk to Millio.

Millio: Hi, [big guy / lady]. I'm Millio. Nice to meet you. Hunters are so cool, you know? Like, whoosh! Ka-pew! Yeah! I wish I could grow up faster so I could become an awesome hunter right away.

Cyan: Me too! Me too! I'm gonna be a hunter, too!

Millio: Cyan, don't butt in! You know I'm gonna be a hunter before you! Yeah.

Cyan: Bleh to you! I'm gonna be a hunter before you are. You'll be sorry!

Millio: Yeah, says you, Cyan! I'm gonna be a hunter as soon as I can. I'm gonna go everywhere. And I'll protect my friend, Cyan. Yeah.

You talk to Millio again.

Millio: I'm gonna be a great hunter! That's why I run here every day. That's good, huh? Exercise, yeah?

You talk to Cyan.

Cyan: Hello, [mister / nice lady]! My name is Cyan. It's really nice to meet you. Hee hee! You look really cool! Like one of the hunters! Wow, that's so neat. I'm gonna be a hunter too. When I grow up more, I mean.

Millio: Heh, that's not happening for crybaby Cyan. I'm the one who's gonna join the hunters! I'll do all the protecting around here. Yeah.

Cyan: Millio, buzz off! I'm gonna join the hunters no matter what! I'm gonna be one before Millio. I'm gonna work really hard and become the best in the city!

You talk to Cyan again.

Cyan: [I am sooo serious. When I join the hunters, please teach me what to do! / Really, I am sooo serious! I'm gonna join the Hunters' Guild for sure!]

You talk to Natsume.

Natsume: Oh, hey there! How's it going? I don't think I've met you before. What, are you a rookie or something? I'm Natsume, a CAST. As if you couldn't tell, right? Nice to meet you. I doubt we'll meet again, though. I'm pretty busy, always on the move. I'm important like that. Heh!

You talk to Natsume again.

Natsume: You know, there's a really good vibe here. I've been to a lot of places, and this city really sticks out.

You talk to Ohyo.

Ohyo: Ah, how do you do? Or should I say, I'm glad to make your acquaintance, I'm sure. I am Ohyo, a humble CAST, and this is the city in which I reside. Oh, how I envy your youth! It gets harder to get around with old age creeping up on me. Were I only younger, perhaps I would travel the world as a hunter. But my time for such things has passed. What now gives me the most pleasure is to chat with carefree youths such as yourself. I shan't bore you with tripe, however. I have done some studying, you see. I am a fount of knowledge, you'll find.

You talk to Ohyo again.

Ohyo: Ah, you've come to share your time with me? Your kindness and company is most appreciated. Well then, yes. Perhaps I should tell you everything I know about CASTs today. Long ago, the CASTs all took to sleep. Today, they are slowly awakening. As you can see, I am one of them. But the majority of CASTs still sleep, scattered here and there throughout the world. Their population may well surpass the number of humans if they all were to wake up. If that were to happen, it is quite obvious the world's cities could not be able to accomodate everyone. It is for good reason that every city organizes hunters and expands even in the face of danger.

You enter the building.

Kai: The mayor's office is on the right. On the left is the Quest Counter, and the teleporter is straight back. You can ignore them both for now. They'll be there once you've been officially admitted to the Guild. For now, let's take you to see the mayor.

You talk to Gray.

Gray: Yo, how's it going? Did you want to see me?

Just wanted to chat.

Gray: Huh? You want to know what the Hunters' Guild is all about? In a nutshell, it's where you get assigned all your jobs, not to mention where you get paid for doing them. The more dangerous a job is, the higher the pay. Some jobs even include items along with Meseta as the reward. There's a good selection of jobs to choose from, from helping folks out to getting rid of hostiles. Just remember that the guild isn't liable if you can't do a job right, you hear?

What's the Quest Counter?

Gray: The Quest Counter? Well, the name says it all, so how about I just go over the basics you need to know? The menu item "Access field" lets you choose the teleporter's destination so you can go anywhere you like. Since it's not a quest, there's no reward. On the other hand, hunters are free to search for items all they want. If you're on the hunt for something, you might be better off doing it on your own time than when you're on a quest. The menu item "Take a quest" is the opposite. You choose a quest, then you go to wherever that job needs you to go. Because you'll be working with quest restrictions, you'll get more experience from fighting hostiles. If you want to build on your experience as a hunter, a quest would be your best choice. Either way, you're leaving the city. It's best to be safe, so it wouldn't hurt to go with some other people. Once your destination is chosen, you can add others to your party by selecting "Choose members" in the menu. Of course, you can always go solo and rack up the experience by yourself. That's pretty much all I can tell you about the Quest Counter.

Tell me about the Custom Shop.

Gray: You want to know about the Custom Shop? That place can be a little confusing until you get used to it. The owner's not much help, either. Uh, but that's beside the point. I should be providing a solution to your query, yeah? So, what about the Custom Shop do you want to know about?

"Explain "Element Synthesis."

Gray: "Element synthesis" is exactly what it sounds like. The shop synthesizes an element onto a weapon. Next question, right? What's an element? You must have seen it by now. Prefixes like "Heat" that go before the names of weapons. That prefix names the element that's been synthesized to that weapon. That's what the Custom Shop will do for you, synthesize an element onto the weapon of your choosing. You need to keep in mind that if your weapon already has an element, the new element will replace it. It's always only one element per weapon. For synthesizing an element, you need element minerals like Heat Element and Ice Element. You take an element mineral and a weapon to the Custom Shop, and they'll synth it for you. As for the effects of elements... Nothing beats experience. Try it and see. Some are easy to figure out from the name, and some you won't be able to guess at. They're all going to help you in some way. Make good use of them. You won't regret it. That's pretty much all I have to say about element synthesis.

Explain "Photon Fortification.

Gray: "Photon fortification" is, uh, how should I explain this? Put simply, it's a bonus. It's something the shop will do only on weapons that have been strengthened to the limit with grinders. What the shop does isn't the same as grinders. The shop boosts the photon attribute of a weapon. You can choose which photon attribute you want boosted. The four attributes are Native, Beast, Machine, and Dark. These correspond to the types of hostiles. The higher the photon attribute ratio, the more damage the weapon will inflict on a hostile of the same type. So, how much will the shop boost an attribute? Well, that's where the luck of the draw comes in. Once you choose the attribute to be boosted, you hope for the best. Still, it's a weapon you've shown dedication to. You hope it lives up to your expectations, yeah? That's pretty much all I have to say on the topic of photon fortifications.

No more questions.

The menu with conversation starters appears again.

I'm just saying hi.

The conversation ends.

You talk to Lindow.

Lindow: Hello. I am Lindow, the mayor's secretary. Among my duties, I am responsible for interfacing with guests. Are you surprised to see a CAST working as a secretary? It is quite logical, actually. We CASTs never forget anything we memorize, short of deleting and reformatting our databases. That makes us ideally suited for clerical and administrative duties. That said, I have only awoken recently. And, with much of my memory gone, I am re-learning about the world anew. In that context, serving as a guide suits me perfectly in terms of race and personal timing. Now, did you wish to make an inquiry?

What races are there?

Lindow: Three races have been confirmed: humans, CASTs and newmans. I will describe them respectively. Humans are a race of organic beings. Presently, they are the most populous of all the races. Their population was decimated by the collapse of civilization, the Great Blank, but it is currently recovering. Their high birthrate and dedicated rearing of future generations have enabled them to adapt. The humans have managed to survive and even overcome the many challenges that exist today. CASTs are a race of mechanical beings. As you can see, I am a CAST. The Great Blank caused the majority of CASTs to go to sleep. In the process, our memories were wiped clean. We have no ability to procreate, so our population could not possibly grow. However, in recent years, the sleeping CASTs have been gradually waking up. The active CAST population is therefore expected to swell by several times in the near future. As for newmans... I am sorry, but very little is known about them. What is known is that they were present before the Great Blank, and that they are currently nowhere to be found. This data is subject to investigation and must be researched further for accuracy. That is all I know on this subject. Do you have any other questions?

What is a Mag?

Lindow: A Mag is a mechanical life form that accompanies us to provide support in several ways. You've noticed the flying mechanisms that hover above the shoulders of people? Those are Mags. Although small in stature, a Mag has many interesting features. The most remarkable feature is that they can grow by ingesting items. When a Mag ingests an item, one or more of its parameters are affected. The Mag's parameter improvements even extend to its master. When Mags grow to certain levels, they are known to change shape in a process called evolution. An evolved Mag gains the ability to use something called a photon blast, which is comparable to a technique. A photon blast can be used by filling the Mag's blast gauge. The blast gauge is filled by the master taking and/or giving damage in combat. A photon blast is triggered by holding down the L and R Buttons, then releasing when the blast gauge is full. I don't have the technical expertise to know what the term "L and R Buttons" means, but I hope that you do. Also, the blast gauge is not always for triggering photon blasts. For example, consider the case of a party member triggering a photon blast with you nearby. You may add to the photon blast by pressing the L and R Buttons simultaneously. A cooperative photon blast is usually made stronger. Its effect may be changed altogether in some cases. That is all I know on this subject. Do you have any other questions?

Nothing in particular.

Lindow: I see. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

You talk to Lindow again.

Lindow: Hello. Did you want to ask me anything?

What races are there?

This text is unchanged.

What is a Mag?

This text is unchanged.

I wanted to see you!

Lindow: Please. Such jokes aren't appreciated. If you have any other questions for me, please do feel free to ask.

Nothing in particular.

Lindow: I see. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

You enter the mayor's office.

An animated cutscene plays. The doors to the mayor's office open.

??????: Ah, come on in.

The cutscene ends.

??????: Ah, hello, Kai. And who is this? Oh, you must be the brilliant young protege Kai mentioned before. [NAME], was it? If you have Kai's mark, I know you'll do us proud here. His recommendation means quite a bit. As a hunter, Kai's performance has always been exemplary.

Kai: What do you mean, "as a hunter"? I'm exemplary all around, aren't I?

??????: Do you really want me to answer that in front of your friend here? It would be a shame to have to destroy whatever illusion you've managed to build up.

Kai: Always a comedian, Mr. Mayor.

??????: Ha ha! I try, I try. But where were we? My name is Dairon. I'm the mayor of this city, and its Hunters' Guild master.

Dairon: It's a pleasure to welcome a student of Kai's into our membership.

Respond confidently.

Dairon: That's the spirit! Keep up that attitude and you'll do just fine.

Stare at your feet.

Dairon: Come, now. There's no need to be nervous here. Relax. Kai has recommended you quite highly. I'm sure you'll do just fine.

Dairon: I simply ask that you remember, [NAME], that this world of ours can be a dangerous place. For reasons we don't understand, the air and soil are rife with toxins, save the few pockets of land we inhabit. Even within those pockets, creatures we simply know as hostiles prey on our citizens. But we cannot allow these threats to stop us. For the sake of all people. We must repair the damaged land, and build upon it a society where all of us can live in safety.

Kai: That's why us hunters exist. At least, that's the impressive-sounding version. In reality, we do a little bit of everything. Exploring ruins, looking for missing people, clearing out hostiles, you name it. Whatever the people need.

Dairon: We don't have a choice. Even the hostiles alone present a massive hurdle to our progress. If we stand any chance of overcoming that threat, it's through teamwork. None of us can make it alone. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. It's up to each of us to do what we can. Hunters just the same. Not many people have the strength required to fend off hostiles. That's why those who do must fight. We do all that we can to make life better for us and our fellow man. That's the hunter's creed, and the one guiding principle that binds us all together as a community. Sorry, I seem to have gotten a bit carried away. That's more than enough talk for today. [NAME]. On Kai's recommendation, and by the power vested in me as guild master, I hereby appoint you as a hunter.

Kai: Whew, finally! Welcome to the club, [NAME]. Don't go doing anything crazy just because you're official now, okay? Just do what you can to help out while you get a feel for the job.

Dairon: Now that you're a guild hunter, you can visit the Quest Counter for work any time you wish. They'll act as go-betweens, telling you what issues the people of Dairon City have asked for assistance with. That's all I have to say, [NAME]. I look forward to watching your progress from here.

You and Kai leave the office.

Gray: Heyyy, I thought I heard you coming, Kai! Thanks for all the hard work. We've got a few real nasty ones built up. I was hoping you'd come and take care of 'em for us.

Kai: Sorry, Gray. I'm not here for a job for me today. We're looking for [NAME] here's first mission as a hunter.

Gray: Ooh, right, I heard! Congratulations. It's [NAME], right? I'm Gray. I'm the liaison for those who want to file requests with the guild.

Kai: Got any good missions for me to show [NAME] the ropes on? I'm thinking something that won't bore a kid with a lot of talent, but nothing too crazy to start with.

Gray: Hm, let's see. Give me just one second...

Gray leaves for a moment, then comes back.

Gray: How about this one? I've got a rumored sighting of a large hostile down in Gurhacia Valley.

Kai: In the Valley, huh? The pollution's cleared out there, and there's nothing too crazy going on. Sounds good.

Gray: Yeah, they've discovered some ruins there recently, so there are even more folks headed there than usual. A number of exploratory teams are out there as we speak. Imagine what would happen if a big hostile decided to show up with all that going on.

Kai: Things would get ugly fast.

Gray: Exactly. But, with things as thin as we're stretched right now, we can't do much based on one sighting report.

Kai: I see. Well, it shouldn't be too tough for [NAME] to go take a peek and report back.

Gray: If we can get the rookie here to verify that report is true, then we can commit a veteran like you to go take it out. The sooner we can do that, the better. Think you could help us out?

Kai: Got all that, [NAME]? All you have to do is take a stroll down to the end of Gurhacia Valley. Piece of cake, right?

Accept eagerly.

Kai: That's what we like to hear! Now go see the Quest Counter and get to work on your first job!

Nod quietly.

Kai: Then that settles it. It might not seem like much, but you're just starting out. I think it'll be a good way to get some real experience. Go talk to the lady at the Quest Counter to accept the job.

Look indecisive.

Kai: If your luck's bad, you could run into some mean hostiles out there. I can understand why you'd be nervous. But try to relax. I'll head out there with you, and I know you can handle yourself in a fight. Trust me. Now go talk to the lady at the Quest Counter and formally accept the job.

Kai: After you've accepted the quest, the guild staff will prep the teleporter for you. You just have to hop on.

Quest name
The Valley King
A giant hostile has appeared in the valley. Investigate it at once.
1 star

You accept the quest "The Valley King", and travel to Gurhacia Valley, Path to depths area.

Kai: Welcome to Gurhacia Valley. I guess this is your first time here, huh, [NAME]? There's no real worry of pollution around here, but that means it's homier for the hostiles, too. Makes sense, right? They can't live in polluted areas either, so we naturally wind up together in places where it's safe. The end result being that you'll probably be seeing a lot of this place. For now, let's just make for the far end and see what we see. Do you need a refresher on combat before we head in?

Yes, let's review.

Kai: No problem. It's good to make doubly sure you're prepared. Ignorance can get you killed in this line of work. If you're ever unsure of something, just ask. Now, let's go back over the basics. All right, let's review tactics. What do you want to go over?

Action Palette

Kai: The Action Palette lets you assign actions to specific buttons for instant use.

The standard palette is shown.

Kai: Remember seeing this thing at the upper right of the lower screen? From the left, the Palette has three actions assigned respectively to the Y, B and A Buttons. If you haven't changed it, from the left, the Palette will be set for Foie, evasion and normal attack.

The second layer of your palette is shown.

Kai: There's also another layer to the Palette that can be accessed by keeping the R Button pressed. If you haven't changed things, the item Monomate should be set for use with the A Button. If you want to change what's on the Palette, choose "Palette" in the menu. Make as many changes as you want to suit your style.

The image of the standard palette is discarded.

Kai: Do you want to know about anything else?

Attack methods

Kai: There are two kinds of attacks: normal and heavy.

The normal attack icon is shown.

Kai: Press the button with this attack icon to do a normal attack.

The hard attack icon is shown.

Kai: Pressing the button with this attack icon lets loose a heavy attack.

The image of the hard attack icon is discarded.

Kai: When an attack is ending, pressing the attack button lets you get in another hit in succession. After the second attack, you can get in another attack the same way. What I'm saying is, you can chain up to three attacks in a row. Doing that also adds to your accuracy. The timing of these consecutive attacks is different for every weapon. You should test out the timing first. Here's something you should keep in mind. A normal attack is weak, but doesn't leave you vulnerable. On the other hand, a heavy attack is strong, but has a long delay, and it's not very accurate. You may think that a heavy attack's drawbacks make it hard to use. But hold on a second. Think back to what I said about chaining attacks. When you chain attacks, they get more accurate. So, for instance, try hitting a foe with two chained normal attacks, then go for a heavy attack for the third attack. Chaining makes the third heavy attack more likely to hit. Remember, there's always a good side and a bad side to everything. If you're smart about it, you can turn something bad into a positive thing. Also, all weapons have special attacks that are called photon arts. A weapon's photon art is used by keeping an attack button held to charge power, then releasing the button. There are several kinds of photon arts for each weapon category. Look for one that fits you best. About photon arts, all I can say is you'd better get used to using it instead of just reading up on it. If you get a weapon with a photon art, give it a spin and see what it's all about. Do you want to know about anything else?

Other actions

Kai: You can use PP to create a variety of different effects. We call those techniques. These techniques can be used for many things. Like attacking, healing and fortifying yourself. Try out the techniques and keep the ones that are useful to you. Techniques are contained in disks. If you get any disks, try using them. You'll learn the techniques they hold. From the Action Palette, you can use healing items right away. You should set items in the Palette for your own convenience. Like, those you can use on yourself. You should also learn about evasion. It lets you quickly dodge hostile attacks.

The evasion icon is shown.

Kai: This icon is for evasion. If you haven't changed your Palette, it should be triggered by the B Button. After using evasion, you'll have a short period of immobility, though. Watch your timing when you use this move. Do you want to know about anything else?

Field rules

Kai: In the field, they put up fences around the habitats of hostiles. That keeps the hostiles away from the city.

A gate is shown.

Kai: Here's a gate. There's no living thing, or mechs for that matter, that can get over it. That includes us, too. These gates are all made to identical standards, so they can be opened by the keys work with all gates. So the hostiles don't get smart and start opening the gates themselves, the keys are left in other places.

A key is shown.

Kai: Here's a key. You pick that up and open a gate with it. Don't worry about resetting the gate or putting the key back. Someone will come by to do that after you're finished with your job. Some gates take two keys.

A double gate is shown.

Kai: If you see gates like this, they're double gates. That setup takes two keys to open.

A gate without a terminal is shown.

Kai: Some gates don't have key terminals. Those ones operate automatically using hostile sensors. When there are no hostiles around, they open automatically. Since that kind of gate doesn't need maintenance, we've been seeing more and more of them around.

A white arrow is shown.

Kai: Remember this, too, partner. You'll be seeing white arrows like this while you're in the field. The white arrow shows you a path that you haven't taken yet.

A green arrow is shown.

Kai: Which brings us to this green arrow. This one shows you a path that you've already taken.

The teleporter icon is shown.

Kai: You find this indicator on paths leading to the teleporter that goes back to the city. Look for it if you need to head back in.

The teleporter icon is discarded.

Kai: These indicators are all important, so memorize them, all right? Next... Touch the map on the lower screen. That will let you see the whole field map. It's an essential tip for exploring the field. You'd better memorize that, too. Do you want to know about anything else?


Kai: Are you done with your questions? I'm not going to go over this again. Are you sure you're finished?

Ask another question.

Kai: Yeah, I figured as much. So, what do you want to know?

The menu with combat topics appears again.

End the session.

Kai: Okay, gotcha. Let's get moving, then.

The conversation ends.

No, I remember.

Kai: You sure? All right, then. Let's get moving.

You find a message pack.

Message pack: "Normal & Heavy Attacks" A heavy attack needs charging, so it takes longer to use, but it's also stronger.

You reach the end of the Path to depths area.

Kai: So far, so good, [NAME]. How do you feel? Pretty comfortable with combat? What say I leave you here and let you take care of the rest by yourself?


Kai: That's what I like to see. So long as you're careful, nothing out here is going to pose much of a threat. Stay sharp and you'll be fine.

Look worried.

Kai: I know you're a little nervous, but you don't want me to hold your hand every step of the way, do you? You made it this far just fine! I know this won't be too hard for you. And you can always cancel the quest and return home if things get too hairy. You'd have to start over again later, but you'd still have all the experience you earned, so it'd be that much easier. Sometimes, being brave means running away. If you can't go any further safely, cancel out and regroup.

Kai: Good luck out there.

Kai runs off.

You enter the Healing meadow area.

An animated cutscenes plays. A pod crashes nearby, and a newman comes out.

??????: I know it's a drop-pod but would it really kill them to make it a little bit smoother?

The newman looks around.

The cutscene ends.

??????: Rrrngh... Whew! So, this is the surface. I'm actually here! It's so different from just seeing a picture in a book. It's so... real! Huh? Somebody's lying there...

The newman runs over to you.

??????: Huh? A human? What's a human doing out here? And what happened to-- Oh, dear. Ohhh dear, I'M what happened, aren't I? The blast from the landing must have... Ouch. This is bad! H-Hey, are you okay?! Ooh, what are you supposed to do for a bruise again? A-ha! Techniques! Whew, okay... Here we go! Aaand, Resta!

The newman uses Giresta.

??????: ... Oh, whew! I think it worked. You should wake up soon... But wake up and what? I guess I... probably don't need to guess that you'll be pretty mad. When you get up, you're probably gonna see me and... Eeeeek! I'm sorryyy!

The newman runs off.

You find a message pack.

Message pack: "The Reckless One" There's no curing old habits. Someone stop that fool from charging after dreams.

You find a message pack in the Ancient clearing area.

Message pack: "Weapon Tips #2" The attack speed varies by weapon. Swords are slower but more powerful than daggers.

You take the boss teleporter to the Dragon's den area.

An animated cutscene plays. The newman encounters a dragon.

Sarisa: A dragon!?

The cutscene ends.

??????: Aaaaaaaaah! I-Is this a... Do dragons really exist?! I thought dragons were the stuff of legends!

Dash in and help.

You run over to the newman.

Sarisa: What? Y-You're the one from before! Wait, are you... You'll help me fight?

Stay back and watch.

The newman runs over to you.

??????: Huff, huff...! Y-You're the one from before! Run! You need to get away! What?! Y-You'll stay and help me fight?

??????: I don't think this thing will let us run... I guess it's do or die time. I'll stick to the basics for now. My name's Sarisa. Let's try not to die.

Sarisa: What's your name? Ugh... I don't think this dragon wants to wait while we do introductions. We can talk when we're done. For now, let's take care of business!

You defeat the dragon.

Sarisa: D-Did we get it? No way! Check us OUT! That thing was huge and we totally took it down! Wow. Just wow! We're like two heroes out of some fairy tale story! Two people fated to meet against all odds join forces to fight a powerful evil, standing victorious in the end! It's so classic! It's... Er... Um, sorry. I got a little fired up. I... guess that's kind of obvious. Thank you. I don't think I would have made it without your help. If you don't mind my asking... Why did you help me? I mean, about the only thing you owe me is a beating for that bump on the-- Ha ha! I mean, we're total strangers! Of course I've never seen you unconscious or anything. Ahem! In any case, you had no reason to risk your life for me.

Who needs a reason?

Sarisa: You helped me for no reason at all? But that thing was so huge... Does everyone on the surface do things like that? No, forget about other people. You helped me. That's what counts. Hee hee! You really are like a hero from a story book.

I'm a sucker for cuties.

Sarisa: Hm? Cuties? Wait, what's a cutie? You mean me? Wait, ME?! Er, uh, I... Ha ha! Well, I mean... thank you? I suppose that's what I should say! Ahem. Thank you.

I wanted you to owe me.

Sarisa: O-Oh... I see. Well here, give me one second. A-ha, here we go. Here, this is for you. Take it as a reward for helping me.

Sarisa: ANYway. So yes, thank you for saving me. Without you, I probably wouldn't be here right now. Ooh, and now that we're talking, let's pick up those introductions where we left off. I'm Sarisa. It's nice to meet you. I didn't catch your name before.

It's [NAME].

The conversation continues normally.

It's Kai.

Sarisa: Kai, huh? That's a nice name. ... Now, do you want to tell me why you're grinning like a lunatic? Ah. You lied, didn't you? I knew it! So what's your name? Your real name, I mean!

It's Sarisa.

Sarisa: Um, yeah, that's MY name. I'm asking you what YOURS is. So, what is it?

Sarisa: [NAME]... I like it!

??????: Heeey, [NAME]!

Kai runs over to you.

Kai: Oh, good. You're safe! What happened to you?! I thought I saw a shooting star or something, then I heard this huge roar off in the distance. I got worried and came to check up on you, and what do I find? Our huge hostile is real and dealt with, and you've got a cute new friend. Who is she, anyway?

Sarisa: Er, I...!

She's a friend.

Kai: Oh, a friend, that's nice. You're a terrible liar, you know that?

Sarisa: I can speak for myself, thank you.

I just met her.

Kai: A stranger? You seemed to be chatting pretty friendly-like for strangers.

Sarisa: N-No, [NAME] is right, we really did just meet.

Kai: Really? Well I'll be! So who are you?

Do I know you?

Kai: You know, [NAME]... Your sense of humor is a little messed up. Your friend's gonna think I'm some sketchy creep who just showed up out of nowhere. Look, you've got her freaked out. Seriously, tell the poor girl you were just kidding.

Sarisa: Y-You really know [NAME]? [NAME], does he know you?

Kai: Really, I swear! C'mon, you're killing me... Just trust me!

Sarisa: O-Okay. If you say so.

Sarisa: My name is Sarisa. [NAME] helped me when that huge dragon attacked.

Kai: You don't say? I'm glad to hear it! And you said your name was Sarisa? I haven't seen you around before.

Sarisa: ...

Kai: Oh, sorry, I forgot it was my turn. The name's Kai. Good to meet you. I taught [NAME] here how to fight.

Sarisa: I'm very glad you did.

Kai: You don't see many people dressed like that around here. What city are you from, Sarisa?

Sarisa: Um, I... I'm from, er...

Kai: Hm? Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to put you on the spot like that. Forget about it.

Sarisa: Wha-- I... You don't mind?

Kai: In this day and age? Everybody's got their share of troubles, Sarisa. And we just met. I shouldn't be so nosy.

Sarisa: Sorry... If it were something I could talk about, I'd be happy to tell you. But I'd be happy to answer any other questions you might have.

Kai: Anything, huh? Well, hm... That's quite an opportunity! So... Tell me about your most embarrassing life experience.

There's a long silence.

Sarisa: What?! W-Well, if I have to... to earn your trust, then I guess I...

Kai: Whoa, whoa, joking! I'm joking! Ha ha! Wow... Look, I've got stuff I don't want to talk about, too. So does [NAME], I'm sure. It's only natural that you would. And like I said, we just met. It wouldn't be fair to expect you to trust me out of the blue. Just know that if you ever need someone to listen, I'm here to help. The world's a hard place to live in if we don't all help each other out.

Sarisa: All right... Thank you.

Kai: Anyway, this isn't a very cozy spot. How about we head back to the city and get to know each other better? You must have had a rough time fighting that thing. Why not take it easy for a little while?

Sarisa: O-Okay, sure. I am a bit tired... I'm also curious to see the city you live in, [NAME].

Kai: Then that settles it. Well, [NAME], it didn't go quite according to plan, but that's the end of your first job as a hunter. I'll meet you back at the city. Be sure to get Sarisa there in one piece, okay?

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