Human story, chapter 2

You go to the lobby.

Kai: Oh, good. You're here. I've been waiting for you.

Gray: Hey there, [NAME]. Glad to see you back in one piece. And, uh... Who's your friend here?

Sarisa: Er, I'm just--

Kai: That's Sarisa. We met up with her down in the valley.

Gray: Ah, gotcha. Sarisa, is it? Nice to meet you. So, what do you mean you met in the valley? Did you know her before?

Kai: Details, Gray. Can't worry about 'em. Anyway, now that [NAME]'s here, we should give our report.

Gray: All right, fair enough. So, what did you find?

Kai: The reports were true. There was a very real dragon out there. I say "was," because [NAME] and Sarisa here took it down on sight.

Gray: Sorry, what? I think I missed something. Run that report by me again?

Kai: Getting senile already? I said that [NAME] and Sarisa spotted a dragon and took it down on sight.

Gray: Uh...

Kai: What, you think I'm lying? You're welcome to go see for yourself. The thing's huge, you can't miss it.

Gray: N-No, sorry, I believe you. I'm just a little surprised is all. If you told me you'd done it, Kai, then maybe, just maybe... But just these two on their own? I guess I underestimated your eye for talent, man. You're a heck of a scout.

It was a piece of cake.

Kai: Ha ha! I may have done the scouting, but this one took me by surprise, too. You're crazy if you think that was a piece of cake. Crazy strong or just crazy crazy, I don't know. But I think we both know that was the result of more than just your skills alone.

Sarisa: Hm? Wh-What, [NAME]? Why are you looking at me?

It was all Sarisa's doing.

Sarisa: Wh-What? No, I hardly did anything! This one was all [NAME].

Kai: What are you two, twins? It's like there's a very modest echo in here. Take credit where it's due, guys. You pulled this off together. You both deserve credit. Hold your heads up high! Especially you, Sarisa. You might wanna do something about that posture.

Sarisa: Wh-What? Hey! What are you, my mom?!

Kai: Heh heh. Oh, and before I forget. Don't forget to stop by the Quest Counter to report, [NAME]. You can also collect your reward there. Keeping yourself armed and outfitted is your job, so hit those shops when you head out into the city.

Sarisa: When we get into the city? You mean this place isn't the city?

Kai: What, just this one building? Heh! That's right, I forget you're new to this town. We're in the city all right, but this place is kind of a separate space. Come on, let's hit the main strip. I'll show you around while we stock up on supplies.

You talk to Gray.

Gray: Yo, how's it going? Did you want to see me?

Just wanted to chat.

Gray: Hey there. It's [NAME], right? How's it going? You want to know more about the Hunters' Guild, do you? I'd be happy to oblige. The guild came about not long after the city was founded, while it was still finding its legs. The details are sort of fuzzy, since it happened almost a hundred years ago. It seems the guild started as a security group to protect the city from hostiles. Afterward, a hunter's job changed to scouting land and securing safety so the city could grow. Over the years, the guild started to accept quests from private parties, on top of what they were already doing.

What's the Quest Counter?

This text is unchanged.

Tell me about the Custom Shop.

This text is unchanged.

I'm just saying hi.

The conversation ends.

You talk to Lindow.

Lindow: Hello. Do you have a question for me?

What jobs are there?

Lindow: You may be aware that weapons come in the three categories of striking attacks, ranged attacks and techniques. The Hunters' Guild gives titles to those skilled at the use of specific categories of weapons. Hunters use striking attacks, rangers use ranged attacks, and Forces use techniques to attack. By having these separate jobs, the guild makes it easier for people to form parties with matched jobs. It also allows the guild to easily assign missions and quests matched to the strengths of its members. This system has been in use for almost 60 years. That is all I know on this subject. Do you have any other questions?

What races are there?

This text is unchanged.

What is a Mag?

This text is unchanged.

Nothing in particular.

Lindow: I see. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

The conversation ends.

You talk to Lindow again.

Lindow: Hello. Did you want to ask me something new?

What jobs are there?

This text is unchanged.

What races are there?

This text is unchanged.

What is a Mag?

This text is unchanged.

I came to see you!

Lindow: I believe you said that before. I am always here, so if you have any need to visit, please feel free.

Nothing in particular.

Lindow: I see. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

The conversation ends.

You enter the mayor's office.

Dairon: Sorry, but I've got important matters to attend to. Can this wait until another time perhaps?

You go outside.

Sarisa: So, this is a surfa-- Er, this is what your city looks like, [NAME].

It's a nice place.

Sarisa: Yes. It's amazing. Really amazing. Everyone here is so alive!

You like it?

Sarisa: Yes... I do. I'm not sure if that completely describes all that I'm feeling, but yeah. I like it a lot. Everyone is so alive. It's amazing!

Kai: You seem pretty surprised. Is it really that different than your old city?

Sarisa: Huh? M-My old city was... Yes. It was really different. It didn't have anywhere near this much energy to it.

Kai: Sounds like a real drag. With the world outside the city in the state it is, you have to at least make home a fun place.

Sarisa: Yeah. You're right...

Kai: Huh? Well, anyway, here it is. Welcome to Dairon City. Do you know where you're headed from here, Sarisa?

Sarisa: Huh? M-Me?

Kai: Yeah, you. Are you traveling around looking for something in particular? You left your old city for a reason, didn't you?

Sarisa: I hadn't really thought that far... There is something I'd like to do, though. I want to travel more. See the world for myself.

Kai: Oh, you're one of those! I gotcha.

Sarisa: One of those what? D-Do a lot of people think like that?

Kai: Eh, it's a natural enough urge. The world out there is like one big mystery. Who doesn't dream of solving it? Anyway, if that's what you're about, you should stick around with [NAME] and me for a bit. I can't guarantee you'll find what you're looking for, but it'll at least give you a good view of this area.

Sarisa: You wouldn't mind? I mean... Being seen walking around with a oddball stranger like me?

Kai: Ha ha! I couldn't care less about that. Besides, you're no crazier or stranger than [NAME] here. Don't let that serious face fool you. You never know what [NAME]'ll say next. I'm used to weirdness by now.

Sarisa: You think so? [NAME] doesn't seem all that serious to me.

Kai: Well anyway, you're talking about roaming around out in a world crawling with nasty hostiles. You've got some serious skills from your travels so far. Heck, you and this kid took down a dragon! Point is, the city's painfully short on hunters. We could really use your help. Right, [NAME]?


Sarisa: You wouldn't mind having me around either, [NAME]?


Sarisa: I'm not too confident either... [NAME] really did do most of the work out there before. I just don't know how much help I would be. The one who really needs help is me. I don't have anyone to turn to here but you guys.

Kai: Well, the choice is yours, Sarisa. I'm not going to force you into anything. It'd be great to have you with us, but that's just my opinion. How about you, [NAME]? Hah, look at that mug. If you smile any wider, the top half of your head's gonna come off, you goof.

Sarisa: Thank you... Both of you. I'll probably be more trouble than help, but if you'll have me, I'd like to stick around.

Kai: Good answer! All right, now that we're all partners, let's get real. No more holding back.

Sarisa: All right.

Kai: Then it's settled! So, what next?

Let's report to the mayor.

Kai: Ooh, that's right. We've got another new rising star hunter on our hands!

Let's throw a welcome party.

Sarisa: I appreciate the thought, but don't I need to apply somewhere before I can start working as a hunter?

Kai: Ooh, that's right. We need to run you past the mayor. We've got another new rising star hunter on our hands!

Sarisa: The mayor?

Kai: He's the guy in charge around here. Not that you'd know it by talking to him. Seriously, he's a pushover, so don't worry yourself over it. Oh, but whatever you do...

Sarisa: Wh-Whatever I do...?

Kai: Don't mention his hairline.

Sarisa: Huh?

Kai: That's all I'm gonna say about that. Let's head on over.

Kai leaves.

Sarisa: Um, okay. I... I guess we all have our hang-ups. Anyway, thank you, [NAME]. Ha ha, you're looking at me like, "Thank you for what?" I think I was really scared of being out on my own. My hands are still trembling from that fight. Now that I'm starting to calm down, I'm realizing how shook up I really was. That, and how reassuring it is to know that I'm not alone. That's all. I just feel like you've done so much for me. I wanted to say thanks. And I want you to know that I'm going to work harder from now on. I'll do my best to pull my weight.

You talk to Millio.

Millio: Hi, [big guy / lady]! Ya know, I just knew you were a hunter! Sheesh, I'm so jealous of you! Oh lady, I want to be a hunter right now so I can fight some hostiles. When I'm a hunter I'm gonna pack weapons and mow down the hostiles when they come at me. It's gonna be so cool. In fact, I bet I'll fight even better than you do, [big guy / lady]! I work out every day, you know, so watch out! Hey, don't get mad. Maybe you should rank up before I get old enough. I'll still whiz right by you, though. Aw, I wish I could be a hunter now! Isn't there a way I can speed up time?

You talk to Millio again.

Millio: They say I can't be a hunter because I'm a kid. I call that discrimination! [Big guy / Lady], you've got to tell the mayor!

You talk to Cyan.

Cyan: Hello, [mister / nice lady]! Do you know anything about Forces? They say Forces fight with techniques. They get all sparkly and stuff. When a Hunter works together with a Force, they're totally invincible. That would be so great! I want to be a Force. I'll get all sparkly and help you if you get in trouble. That's why I wanna grow up fast. Do you know a good way to grow up fast?

You talk to Cyan again.

Cyan: Hunters working for the city are really cool. I really want to join the hunters soon.

You talk to Natsume.

Natsume: Oh, hey, it's you again! I don't believe it. It must be meant to be. I see so much turnover everywhere I go. I mean, people are so freaked out that they can't seem to sit still. Not as much in this city though. A lot of people seem to settle down here. There must be something special about this place, you know? I think we're lucky to be here, you and me.

You talk to Natsume again.

Natsume: Where am I from? Geez, you know? I don't really know. You see, I've forgotten. But I'm kind of a nomad, so it doesn't really matter. The road is my home! I'm always going from city to city, never staying anywhere long enough to get tied down. It's quite a life!

You talk to Ohyo.

Ohyo: Oh, will you lend me your ear? I am grateful for it, as always. Well, then. Today, I suppose I will talk to you about newmans. As it turns out, there were once three sentient races on earth. That would be the humans, CASTs and newmans. The newmans disappeared from history with the coming of the Great Blank. No one alive today knows anything of the newmans' appearance or much else. No one's ever seen them, after all. Why, perhaps there is a newman among us now! Who would be the wiser?

You talk to Ohyo again.

Ohyo: The CASTs seem to be awakening in droves as of late. It wouldn't surprise me if newmans were to reappear all of a sudden too. No, it wouldn't surprise me at all.

You talk to Gray.

Gray: Yo, how's it going? Did you want to see me?

Just wanted to chat.

Gray: We don't accept just any old job at the guild. We screen out the jobs that don't really apply. We can't be going off mediating fights, for instance. It happens, you know, usually among the kids.

What's the Quest Counter?

This text is unchanged.

Tell me about the Custom Shop.

This text is unchanged.

I'm just saying hi.

The conversation ends.

You enter the mayor's office.

Dairon: Hm? Well hello, [NAME]. Did you need to speak to me?

Kai: What, am I suddenly invisible? Anyone with eyeballs can see I'm the leader here.

Dairon: Now, don't get in a huff. [NAME] was the one who struck up the conversation. It was nothing personal.

Kai: Mm hmm. I'll bet. Anyway, tell the mayor what we're here for, [NAME].

You explain everything that's happened so far.

Dairon: ...I see. Goodness me, a dragon between the two of you? That's no small feat! And now the young lady wishes to be a hunter?

Sarisa: H-Hello, sir. It's nice to meet you. My name is Sarisa.

Dairon: The pleasure is mine, Sarisa. My name is Dairon, and I'm the mayor of this city. My dear, I must say I've never seen anyone dressed quite like you are. Are you from around here?

Sarisa: N-Not exactly. Is it a problem that I'm not from here? For becoming a hunter, I mean?

Dairon: No, no, not at all. My apologies. I seem to have given you the wrong impression. All that I ask of my hunters is that they have the strength to fight and the will to serve the city. Kai here has spoken for your abilities. [NAME] as well. You're qualified if they say you are. I merely hoped to ask your thoughts on this city if you came from somewhere markedly different.

Sarisa: My thoughts? Well, it's very lively. The people seem full of energy. I think it's wonderful.

Dairon: Ha ha ha! Flattery will get you nowhere, my dear!

Sarisa: N-No, I really mean it! I wasn't just saying that, it's--

Dairon: I was just teasing. I'm thankful for the feedback, and happy to hear it's good!

Kai: I have to say, I was kinda surprised to see her with [NAME], though.

Dairon: Meaning that you haven't seen her in action yourself? Isn't it possible that [NAME] took care of the dragon alone, then?

Kai: You know that's not possible. Besides, you can tell just by looking at her that she's got some skills. And you've always had better eyes than me for that sort of thing. If she passed your test, I've got nothing more to say.

Sarisa: Um... Is there a problem?

Kai: Huh? Oh, no, don't sweat it. It's all good.

Dairon: Ahem. It gives me great pleasure to welcome yet another promising new hunter into our guild, Sarisa.

Sarisa: I-It's not a problem that I just appeared out of nowhere?

Dairon: Why on earth would you think that? Did Kai tell you that? Honestly, Kai, sometimes your sense of humor escapes me.

Kai: Hey, ease off on the slander, Mr. Mayor! I never said anything like that.

Dairon: What about you, [NAME]? How do you feel on the matter?

It's fine by me.

Dairon: I feel the same way. I like the look in her eyes.

I'm uneasy.

Dairon: I suppose that's natural. Your task will be to learn to better understand her as you offer your support in the field.

Dairon: Now then, Sarisa. Let me ask one last time, for the record. Will you lend your strength to protect this city and its people?

Sarisa: ...Yes. I will. I don't know how much help I'll be, but I'll do everything I can.

Dairon: I'll take care of the guild paperwork here. You should be in our system by the time you get to the Quest Counter. Ah, that's something else to explain. That counter is your gateway to the requests filed with the guild. They come in sporadically, so be sure to check back at the counter from time to time.

Kai: That's right. From here on out, you'll have to decide for yourself what quests to take on. No one ever got to be an ace hunter by just doing what they were told, you know. As a hunter, you can also head out into the field when you're not on a quest. You can clear out hostiles to get experience and items while you help make the area safe. It's totally up to you how long you want to stay out there. You can come back to the city at any point. To head into the field, just tell the lady at the Quest Counter where you want to go, and she'll set up the teleporter.

Sarisa: So that counter is our doorway out of the city either way.

Dairon: Yes, and that about covers the basics. I'm sure you'll figure out the rest as you go.

Kai: Great. Then the formal part of this little meeting is over! Welcome to the guild, Sarisa. You're gonna love it here!

Sarisa: Thank you! I'm excited to keep working with you, [NAME]. You too, Kai.

Kai: Ugh, I'm the side dish here?

Dairon: Oh, Sarisa. Before I forget, I'd like to ask you, as someone coming in from the outside...

Sarisa: Yes, what is it?

Dairon: Back where you're from, did you hear of any news about people intent on destroying ruins?

Sarisa: Destroying ruins? Hm...

Kai: Are you serious? What kind of nut...? Those ruins are priceless ancient technology! They're our lifelines. Why on earth would someone want to mess that!? Are you sure about this, Mayor?

Dairon: I'm afraid I am. The details are still foggy, but I've gotten reports to that end from other cities. These were ruins that had yet to be explored by us. And they appear to have been destroyed purposefully. Sarisa, do you have any ideas?

Sarisa: ...No. I haven't heard anything about that, sorry.

Kai: I still can't wrap my head around someone wanting to destroy ruins! Are you sure it wasn't hostiles that did it?

Dairon: The damage came primarily from weapons and technique use, and there are reports of people spotted leaving the scene.

Kai: Well, if it is people doing it, we'll probably see a request about it here. If you hear anything, let me know.

Dairon: Of course. I'm sure I'll be eager to ask for your help, Kai.

Kai: Yeah, I'll even cut you a discount.

Dairon: Excellent. Now, if you'll please excuse me, I should get back to my work here.

Kai: Well, that takes care of our report. What next? Want to throw Sarisa a big welcome party?

Sarisa: What? Er, I don't...


Sarisa: Look, I'm flattered by the proposal, but there's something I'd really like to do.

Kai: What's that?

Sarisa: I want to learn more about being a hunter! The mayor's counting on me now, too.

Kai: Great, another workaholic. Well, if you say so, I'm up for it. I leave picking the job to you, [NAME]. The only thing you guys are lacking in is experience. Choose whatever quest floats your boat.

We've got work to do.

Kai: Ugh! You really are all work and no fun, aren't you? Well, Sarisa seems to be a workaholic too, so I guess you'll make a good pair. Eh, I leave it up to you guys. Pick out whatever quest floats your boat.

Kai runs off.

Sarisa: Um... Thanks, [NAME]. I'm really eager to get a feel for what it's like to be a hunter. I'd like to get started right away.

The party goes back to the lobby.

Gray: Hey, speak of the devil! You've got perfect timing, Kai.

Kai: That grin of yours is making me nervous, Gray. Very nervous.

Gray: We just got in a new quest, and it's a doozy. Apparently we've lost contact with an expedition party. To make things worse, they were up in the mountains. That's not a happy place to be, if you ask me. The average hunter would wind up getting hunted up there.

Kai: That does sound bad.

Sarisa: What does he mean, "expedition party"?

Kai: It's a group of folks who go searching through dangerous territory for old ruins and stuff.

Sarisa: That seems like a rough job. And now they're lost somewhere in that dangerous territory?

Kai: I'm afraid so.

Sarisa: We can't just leave them up there! You think so too, right, [NAME]?

Nod enthusiastically.

Kai: I'm with you two. This one is serious. Still, for a dangerous mission, you guys sure didn't waste any time hopping on board. Color me impressed.

Sarisa: You look pleased by this, Kai.

Kai: Well, sure. Every teacher's happy to see his students grow.

Look unsure.

Sarisa: But you all said that everybody here has to help each other out. I think that's true too. I can't just walk away!

Kai: She's right, [NAME]. You've got her and me with you. Between the three of us, we can handle anything that mountain throws at us.

Sarisa: Let's go, [NAME]! Those people are waiting for us to help them!

Kai: Just don't get ahead of yourself. It won't help anyone if we go getting lost up there ourselves. Be sure you're ready before heading out.

Quest name
Snowbound Rescue
Contact has been lost with an expedition team in the snowfields. Search & rescue.
1 star

You accept the quest "Snowbound Rescue", and travel to Rioh Snowfield, Snowy path area.

Sarisa: Whoa! Is this... snow? I've read about it in books enough to know that it's cold and white, but wow!

Kai: What, this your first time seeing it? I guess it is pretty magical the first time around.

Sarisa: It really is! Wow, this is just like that scene out of White Winter Wonderland. It's hard to believe that all of this is made up of tiny crystals of ice.

Kai: I'm surprised you know that much about it if your old town never got any snow. You guys must put a real priority on education, huh? The first time I saw snow, I thought the air was full of weirdly huge dust.

Sarisa: I suppose we were well educated, but I mostly just enjoyed reading every book I could find. That taught me a lot.

Now you're seeing it yourself.

Sarisa: Yes. I never dreamed I'd get the chance, but here I am! Ha ha! I feel like I could almost cry. I'm really getting to see the world.

The snow's delicious, too.

Sarisa: Sorry, [NAME], but I already told you I've read all about snow. I know it's just water, so don't try to trick me about how good it tastes. I'm not stupid, you know. But now I kind of want to try some for some reason...

Throw a snowball at her.

You throw a snowball at Sarisa.

Sarisa: Waugh! Wh-Wh-What was that?! What did you just do?! Oh, it was balled-up snow! Whew... Now would you care to explain WHY you threw snow at me?

Kai: I think [NAME] might just have a low tolerance for sap. Seeing you get all misty-eyed over the snow must've triggered it.

Sarisa: H-Hey, I'm not making that big a deal out of it! You make me sound like a little kid or something.

Kai: Anyway, let's keep moving. I want to find this expedition with their heads still attached.

Sarisa: Yeesh, don't even joke about that! Let's go, [NAME].

You find a message pack.

Message pack: "Weapons Tips #1" Any weapon can chain attacks up to 3 hits. Eye the follow-through motions for timing.

You enter the Starlit waters area.

Kai: Phew, we're getting pretty far in. Let's take a break. Are you cold, [NAME]?

I'm fine.

Kai: Yeah? Well, all right then. I just know the first time I was here, my teeth were chattering like crazy.

Are you, Sarisa?

Kai: Ooh, very nice, [NAME]. You'll go far as a hunter if you can put your friends before yourself.

Sarisa: I'm all right, [NAME]. Thanks for asking, though.

S-So c-c-c-cold.

Kai: Yeah, you looked a bit chilly. Not much we can do about it up here, though. Sorry, champ. Take a look at Sarisa over there. She's as perky as ever. You should take a page from her book and buck up.

Sarisa: Oh, I'm only warm because of this suit I'm wearing. It's pretty heavy.

Kai: Man, I'm jealous! How about we take turns wearing it? I want to be next.

Kai: ... I'm joking. That was a joke. Stop staring at me like that already, guys. You're making me feel like a creep.

Sarisa: Hey, I've been wondering for a while now. What is that thing?

Sarisa: That light pointing up from the horizon.

Kai: Yeah, we call it the Celestial Pillar. Past giving it a name, though, nobody really knows what it is. All we know is that a band of light shows up over there every night.

Sarisa: The Celestial Pillar...

Kai: I guess it does kind of stand out, huh? I think everybody's wondered what it was at one point or another. Unfortunately, nobody's got the answer. No one's reached it yet. Maybe someday, though. Who knows? But for now, we've got an expedition to find.

Sarisa: You're right. Let's keep moving.

Kai and Sarisa leave. After a moment, a voice screams out.

??????: Help! S-Somebody, please help!

Kai: What?!

Sarisa: Look! Someone's running this way!

A man runs over to the party.

??????: Huff, huff... Oh thank goodness I found someone! Please, you have to help me! My brothers are being attacked!

Kai: Calm down. You're part of that expedition team, aren't you?

??????: Th-That's right, yes, but... How did you know that?

Kai: We got a rescue request at the Hunters' Guild saying we'd lost contact.

??????: And they sent you to help us, I see. Thank you. Thank you! We were canvassing the area when some hostiles came at us from nowhere. My two brothers and I scattered...

Run to help them.

??????: Please, help my brothers!

Urge Kai to hurry up.

Kai: That's what we came to do, buddy. Don't worry.

Let's stop and prepare.

Sarisa: There's no time, [NAME]! We've got to hurry!

Kai: You head back to the city and wait.

??????: N-No, I'll come with you!

Kai: Sorry, no can do. You'd just be another civilian to protect out there, and we can't get bogged down. You can rest easy, though. Hunters are pros, and we three are no exceptions. We clear out the hostiles, and you exploratory types go in to investigate. That's the way it works. Everybody pulls their weight.

??????: R-Right. I'm sorry, of course you're right, but... Please, help them.

Sarisa: We'll get there as fast as we can.

Kai: If they've got hostiles on their tail, we really can't wait. But what the...? Why are you grinning, Sarisa?

Sarisa: Huh? Oh, I'm just... I know it's bad, but I'm kind of excited. I feel like I'm in an adventure story!

Kai: You're pretty weird, you know that? Don't you think so, [NAME]?

Cock your head inquisitively.

Kai: Heh. Did she leave you speechless? But I'm right, aren't I?

Nod vigorously.

Kai: Right? Not that you're exactly run-of-the-mill either... But hey, birds of a feather, right? We weirdoes got to stick together!

Sarisa: What happened to hurrying? I think we should hurry. There are lives on the line here, Kai.

Kai: You're right, you're right. Let's go!

You find a message pack.

Message pack: "A Journey of Fun Times" My sheltered upbringing made traveling with them an education. Every day is fun!

You enter the Ice wall area.

Sarisa: Hey, [NAME]? You guys said that this area is well known for being dangerous, right? Then why did those people come up here in the first place?

I don't know.

Kai: You want a reason, huh? Well, think about it for a minute.

For the money.

Kai: Whoa, [NAME]. Now, you know that's not right. We're not in this for the money, are we? Neither are they!

For the adventure.

Sarisa: Adventure? I guess I could see that. I would take risks to get to see places like this.

Kai: I'll give you points for creativity, but I think the real reason is something else, guys. The way I see it, it's like this...

The ruins these guys explore sometimes hold amazing technology that can make life worlds easier for the rest of us. Finding that stuff is their job. But ruins don't just crop up in nearby, safe areas. It's usually the other way around. But they go off exploring just the same. They figure their risk can make life better for their families back home. Maybe for the whole world.

Sarisa: Still, it's so dangerous...

Kai: Probably more dangerous than any other job out there. It'd be nice if hunters could go out with them... But we're kind of short on hunters these days, as you know. That's why we make it a top priority to help expeditions when something does go wrong.

Sarisa: We all have to do what we can to help everybody else, right?

Kai: Exactly! But it's important that we all put our different strengths to work. [NAME] and I became hunters because we knew how to fight. Other folks should do what they know too. If you run into a problem that's over your head, you ask for help.

Sarisa: Yes, that makes a lot of sense. Sorry if I asked a stupid question.

Kai: It's always good to ask, Sarisa. No need to apologize. You're a good kid.

Sarisa: I didn't mean to take up this much time. Let's push on.

You reach the end of the Ice wall area.

??????: Help! Please, somebody help!

Kai: Hey! That yell sounded familiar!

A man runs over to the party.

??????: Wh-Who are you all? Are you hunters?!

Sarisa: Wow, he looks just like that other guy. They're definitely related.

Kai: Rest easy, we're hunters. We came to help you guys.

??????: Oh, thank you! Please, save my brother! He ran deeper into the woods to try to lure that thing away from me!

Run to help him.

Kai: Hey, whoa! I appreciate your hustle, but don't go running off without us, champ. We're in this together.

Leave it to us.

??????: O-Okay, thank you!

Sarisa: Let's go, [NAME]!


Kai: Calm down. Nothing about our mission here has changed. We'll just keep advancing, find our mark, take it out, and save our friend here's brother. Nice and simple, right?

You find a message pack.

Message pack: "Weapon Tips #4" Ample delay time is available after each attack, so a weapon can link up to 3 hits.

You take the boss teleporter to the Beast territory area.

A man has fallen down before a Hilde monster.

??????: Help! Heeeelp!

Jump in front of the hostile.

You hear something being smashed (?).

??????: Eek! Wow, a-are you guys hunters? Am... Am I gonna make it?

Kai: Nice reflexes, [NAME]! Just don't get careless, okay?

Sarisa: We're right behind you!

Leave it to Kai.

??????: Eek! Wow, a-are you guys hunters? Am... Am I gonna make it?

Kai: Let's take this thing out in a hurry! [NAME], Sarisa, back me up!

Sarisa: Right behind you, Kai!

Hide behind Sarisa.

Kai: [NAME]! Don't flake out when we need you the most! Sarisa, back me up!

Sarisa: I'm on it! [NAME], I'm going to tough this out. Please, stay and help me!

You defeat the monsters.

Kai: Phew. I'm glad that's over.

Sarisa: And the expedition party is all safe! We cut it pretty close, though.

Kai: I've got to say, I'm impressed, Sarisa. You're pretty good in a fight. I don't know many people that can rattle off techniques like that.

Sarisa: No, I barely did anything. I think [NAME] fought the hardest.

We both fought well.

Kai: Modesty's great and all, but you can feel proud of what you've done. That was a group effort, Sarisa.

Look proud.

Kai: Ha ha! Now look what you've done, Sarisa! Just remember that big-headedness can cost a person their life, [NAME].

Shake your head.

Kai: Hey now, none of that! You're doing just fine. I guarantee it.

A monster cries.

??????: ...Grrrr.

Kai: Hm? Did you guys hear something?

Sarisa: What?

You hear a heavy footstep.

??????: Graraaaawr!

Kai: Sarisa, look out! Behind you!

Sarisa: Huh? AIEEE!

Watch out!

The conversation continues normally.

Run to Sarisa's side.

The conversation continues normally.

Look to Kai.

The conversation continues normally.

An animated cutscene plays. A monster is about to attack Sarisa before a lightning technique takes it down.

Reve: I'm ashamed for you. Struggling so hard against such a weak foe.

The cutscene ends.

Sarisa: Wha--?! C-Captain Reve?! What are you doing here?

Kai: Hm?

Reve: Why so surprised? I've merely been carrying out my own mission. It is I who should be asking you what possible reason you could have for being here with two humans in tow.

Sarisa: I was just...

Kai: Do you know this guy, Sarisa?

Sarisa: ...

Reve: Yes, Sarisa, tell us. Explain to me why these surface cretins know your name. You've been busy making friends, hm? You do realize that the humans were here to lay claim to more ruins, don't you? If we allow them access to those ruins, they'll lead this planet down the road to destruction once again. What solution can exist, then, but to take control of the root of that knowledge ourselves? Have you forgotten your mission entirely, Sarisa?

Sarisa: The humans are... They're not as ignorant as you think they are. They may have made mistakes in the past, but I... I can't imagine they'll make the same mistakes again.

Reve: You put an incomprehensible degree of faith in these creatures. I suppose you'd tell me we should all be friends?

Sarisa: I would. I trust these two with my life, Captain. They are my friends. I decided that in order to complete my mission, I first needed to get to know the humans. To learn about them.

Reve: I suppose that's a reasonable claim. There can be no harm in better understanding what we are facing. Perhaps there is use for one deluded optimist in our ranks. Continue as you will, but remember our cause.

Reve leaves.

Sarisa: ...

Kai: So, uh...

Interrogate Sarisa.

Sarisa: I guess you'll be wanting to know who that was, huh? I'm sorry, [NAME]. I really do consider you two friends, but I just can't explain right now. I'm truly sorry, and you must think I'm being terribly selfish. I just ask that you give me a little more time. If you can't, I'll understand. If you want to just leave me here, I'll...

Kai: Come on, Sarisa. Don't talk like that. If you really count us as friends, don't try to cut things off so fast. You know that's not what [NAME] meant by asking. [NAME] was just giving you an opening, in case you wanted to talk about it.

Sarisa: Oh, I see. I'm sorry. Thank you for being so understanding.

Head back to the city.

Sarisa: Wha--?!

Kai: I'm with you, [NAME]. Let's get out of this place and head back home.

Sarisa: H-Hey, wait! You guys! Are you really okay with that? Can you still trust me after that?!

Meet Sarisa's eyes.

Sarisa: I'm sorry, [NAME]. I really do consider you two friends, but I just can't explain right now. I'm truly sorry, and you must think I'm being terribly selfish. I just ask that you give me a little more time. If you can't, I'll understand. If you want to just leave me here, I'll...

Kai: Come on, Sarisa. Don't talk like that. If you really count us as friends, don't try to cut things off so fast. [NAME] didn't even say anything. Don't go jumping to any conclusions, okay?

Sarisa: Y-You're right, but... I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but...

Kai: Ugh, enough already! You've got to chill out, Sarisa. I'm not about to force a friend to talk about something she doesn't want to talk about. End of story. We all have our secrets. You said you considered us your friends. That's all I ask. Look, I don't care about what just happened. You'll tell us when and if you decide you're good and ready. That work for you, [NAME]?

Nod in the affirmative.

Sarisa: Thank you, guys. I understand. I'll tell you everything, as soon as I can. But right now, I... I need some time.

Kai: That's fine, Sarisa. You've got your reasons.

Sarisa: Thank you.

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