Human story, chapter 4

You talk to Millio.

Millio: Oh, hi, [big guy / lady]. Um, I wanted to ask you something. Is that okay with you? Huh, can I? I only knew about Hunters and Forces before. And now I just learned about Rangers too. They say Rangers shoot guns and stuff from far away. Is that really true? Attacking from somewhere safe far away sounds kind of like cheating to me. But it's perfect for sticking close to Forces using their techniques, right? A Hunter or a Ranger, which one is better? Hey, [big guy/lady], what do you think? Which job would be better for me?


Millio: Yeah, I hear you. I think I'd be a good Hunter too. Yeah. But if I become a Hunter, I won't be able to hang back with the Forces.


Millio: You think so? A Ranger? I might make a good Ranger? I'd be able to hang back with the Forces, I guess...

Millio: Okay, thanks, [big guy/lady]. I'm gonna think about this some more!

You talk to Millio again.

Millio: A Ranger? Or a Hunter? I'd be the best if I could do both!

You talk to Cyan.

Cyan: Oh, [mister/nice lady]! Listen, listen, do you know anything about Rangers? Oh, I mean, before that, hello! It was rude of me not to say that first. Hee hee hee! So, Rangers? Rangers can attack hostiles from far away where they can't hit back, right? It sounds like a Ranger would work good with a Hunter, don't you think? I think a Force would be good, but maybe a Ranger would be good too. Which one do you think would be better?

Go with the Force.

Cyan: But I got told a Force has to be protected or else it's dangerous!

A Ranger is better.

Cyan: Yeah, that's right! A Ranger would be okay without getting someone to protect them, right?

Cyan: So, maybe a Ranger, huh? Um, what should I do?

You talk to Cyan again.

Cyan: What to do? What should I do? Being protected all the time sounds kind of weak to me...

You talk to Natsume.

Natsume: Hey there, hunter [dude/dudette]! [How's it hanging?/How're they hanging?] Oh, you didn't like that, did you? Sorry, I didn't mean anything by it. What do I do? Oh yeah, I guess I haven't told you much about me, have I? Well, fair is fair! I've got the exciting job of... a cable worker! Okay, yeah, I know. I don't blame you for not knowing what a cable worker does. It's not a very glamorous career or anything. Cable workers like me lay communication cables between the cities and service them. The cable I'm in charge of extends all the way to Aroma City through the other end of the valley. We're planning to lay new cables to other cities within the year. I'm on a break right now, though. That's why I've been here for so long. And I have to say that I've really been liking it here!

You talk to Natsume again.

Natsume: When I visit other places, people always ask me what this city's like. I guess this is just the place to be!

You talk to Ohyo.

Ohyo: Well, now. What shall I speak of today? How about the pillar of light that stands in the night sky? The pillar of light that one can see in the sky at night is known as the Celestial Pillar. They say it is a path to the heavens. It may well be true, for none has proven otherwise. It rises among the clouds at night as if beckoning, but none has reached it. That makes it all the more enticing.

You talk to Ohyo again.

Ohyo: There was once an expedition bound for the Celestial Pillar, but only one explorer returned, badly beaten. That one survivor is a warning that we must not venture near the pillar. It is no place to be without good reason.

You talk to Gray.

Gray: Yo, how's it going? Did you want to see me?

Just wanted to chat.

Gray: How's it going, [NAME]? You know, it's not common knowledge, but the Hunters' Guild is actually a city agency. The network management union, which oversees the cable workers and the ruins exploration teams... Those are also city agencies. That said, while the guild is a city agency, the individual agents aren't agents. They're contractors. That's why they have to meet with the mayor before they get certified. Did you end up listening to the mayor's long spiel about that? That's a real endurance test! But don't be fooled by his looks. The mayor's no dummy. He's a great judge of character and gets a pretty good feel for applicants from their interviews alone. Thanks to him, I can safely assign jobs to the hunters he certifies. The ones who don't make the grade, well, I usually don't give them work. It's a pretty good system, even though some hunters get bent out of shape if they don't make it, you know?

What's the Quest Counter?

This text is unchanged.

Tell me about the Custom Shop.

This text is unchanged.

I'm just saying hi.

The conversation ends.

You talk to Lindow.

Lindow: Oh hello, [NAME]. Did you wish to ask me something?

What is the Hunters' Guild?

Lindow: You are aware that the mayor also serves as the guild's leader, are you not? Why would he be responsible for both? The Hunters' Guild is one of the city's many agencies. Its staff are on the city's payroll. The guild members work for the city under freelance contracts. That is why the Hunters' Guild approval process includes having the applicants meet with the mayor. The mayor claims confidence in his ability to judge character. True to his word, the hunters he has approved have all been uniformly outstanding in character and morals. In the past, there have been incidents involving hunters. But there have been none since our mayor took over. That is all I know on the subject. Do you have any other questions?

Tell me about this city.

This text is unchanged.

What jobs are there?

This text is unchanged.

What races are there?

This text is unchanged.

What is a Mag?

This text is unchanged.

Nothing in particular.

Lindow: I see. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

The conversation ends.

You talk to Lindow again.

Lindow: Oh, good day, [NAME]. Did you wish to make an inquiry?

What is the Hunters' Guild?

This text is unchanged.

Tell me about this city.

This text is unchanged.

What jobs are there?

This text is unchanged.

What races are there?

This text is unchanged.

What is a Mag?

This text is unchanged.

I wanted to see you!

Lindow: I don't think coming to visit me will be very entertaining for you. That isn't to say I don't want to see you. I do appreciate your company, [NAME]. I look forward to your next visit, in fact.

The conversation ends.

Nothing in particular.

Lindow: I see. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

The conversation ends.

You enter the mayor's office.

Dairon: Ogi?! My goodness, man! What on earth happened to you?

Ogi: Hm? Oh, it was nothing serious. My body was eaten by a hostile, but otherwise, I'm quite fine.

Dairon: Oh, is that all? I would call losing one's body something serious, but I suppose if you're not bothered... Still, what are you going to do now, Ogi? Even if it isn't fatal, surely you can't stay in that condition forever! You know we don't have the technological wherewithal to rebuild a CAST body from scratch...

Ogi: I'll be fine for the time being. ...Though I will admit the lack of mobility is rather vexing. I plan to borrow the body of the first fallen CAST I come across.

Dairon: How positively morbid. Still, I suppose there's little alternative. Do you have any idea where to find such a body?

Ogi: The recently uncovered ruins seem a likely spot. I've also promised to take [NAME] and company there. With any luck, we'll find a spare body along the way.

Dairon: I see. This will be two things you owe them for, eh? You all have my thanks, as well. With Ogi's reinstatement on the line, this deserves formal quest status. I'll file it with the guild myself. I'd pay good money to have Ogi back in working shape for us.

We don't need the money.

Dairon: That's very selfless of you. But as someone who's been around a good bit longer than you, I'd advise you to take what you can get. If you have no use for it yourself, I'm sure you could find someone else to spend it on. Perhaps the lovely young lady standing beside you?

Sarisa: Uh... What?

Just leave it to us.

Dairon: I can rest easy knowing Ogi is with you all. You have my thanks.

You're sure you don't mind?

Dairon: What's to mind, [NAME]? I've never been one to balk at investing capital in the future good of this city.

Ogi: You're sounding awfully generous for a man who perpetually complains that the city coffers are empty.

Dairon: Oh, I plan on getting my money's worth. If you're exploring a ruins site, there will surely be hostiles to fight. If you clear those out, it will pave the way for subsequent expedition parties.

Kai: Well, I'll leave justifying the expenses to you. You'll come up with some way to squeeze out a bit of cash for us. We'll take care of our end of the deal.

The party goes to the lobby.

Nicolas: O-Ogi! You're all right! ...Right? I mean, you're just a head, but you're still in one... Er...

Ogi: Ah, Nicolas. I'm sorry you had to see me like this. I am fine. Thank you for your concern.

Nicolas: I-If you say so. And don't mention it, partner. Thank you, [NAME]. I can't tell you how relieved I am. I'm afraid I can't offer much in way of thanks, but... Ah, I can fill you in on one little-known fact about the city. Have you perchance seen a manhole while walking around town? Beneath it, you'll find a ladder leading down to a subterranean area where people live. There's even a market! Have you come across Photon Drops and remnants of hostiles in your adventures? If so, you should pay the merchants there a visit. I know the whole setup is a bit shady, but they're honest enough. Photon Drops can be traded in bulk for useful items, while hostile parts can be refined into weapons for cash. There's supposed to be even more down there, but I guess it would be easiest to just see for yourself. Oh, and try to keep this hush-hush. The people down there don't take well to newbies, so it's invite-only.

You enter the mayor's office again.

Dairon: Ogi's an interesting CAST, isn't he? He's been the same way ever since his awakening. Most CASTs, when they awaken, their memories are wiped clean. They tend to act bewildered, disoriented. But Ogi was different. He took his memory loss to be a positive thing. He said it was an opportunity for him to learn everything anew. It is a very unusual reaction to a dire situation. Even among CASTs, he is rather odd, but he is also sure in his abilities and vast knowledge, so bear with him.

You enter the mayor's office yet again.

Dairon: A CAST can survive as a disembodied head... That, I didn't know!

You talk to Gray.

Gray: Yo, how's it going? Did you want to see me?

Just wanted to chat.

Gray: If an area is too quiet, there's usually a good reason for it. Like the presence of a deadly poison. If you think about things that way, things don't always seem so peaceful, do they? Things may be safe now, but you never know what could happen. That's why everyone should stay on the lookout.

What's the Quest Counter?

This text is unchanged.

Tell me about the Custom Shop.

This text is unchanged.

I'm just saying hi.

The conversation ends.

Quest name
Investigate the forgotten city of Paru. Search also for a CAST body.
2 stars

You take the quest Artifacts and travel to Paru, Dark path area.

Sarisa: So this is a real ruins site... civilization, before the Great Blank.

It's ancient.

Sarisa: It really is. I wonder when it was built. It must have been centuries ago.

It's huge.

Ogi: And this is just the entrance. We still have no idea just how far back it goes.

It's falling apart.

Sarisa: I know. I'm scared to breathe on anything for fear it will crumble to dust.

Ogi: I take it this is your first time?

Sarisa: Yes. I've read about ruins in books, but they never went into much detail. It's amazing. And enormous! You could fit the whole city in here and have room to spare. What could possibly have happened to demolish something this big?

Kai: Nobody knows. We're all so in the dark, we couldn't come up with a better name than the Great Blank. Kinda pathetic. But maybe it won't be long until we learn. Let's head on in.

Sarisa: Right. Come on, [NAME].

You and Sarisa go ahead.

Ogi: Kai, might I ask you a question?

Kai: Hm? What's up?

Ogi: Sarisa and [NAME] exhibit a curiosity towards the Great Blank. That explains their willingness to risk the dangers involved in coming here. You don't appear to share their enthusiasm for uncovering the past. Why come along? Surely you are aware of the risks.

Kai: Eh, don't get me wrong. I'm just as curious as the next guy. But I do see where you're coming from, and I can't say you're totally off base. I'm just not that into ruins. Sorry, I guess I'm being kind of roundabout in my answer. I just... Hm. Look, you know the hunter's creed, right? Well that's why I'm here. I mean, I'm kind of the one looking out for Sarisa and [NAME]. Making sure they're safe.

Ogi: So you came here for them? You do seem to have taken on an almost parental role with them. But the hunter's creed? The one that states that all people are brothers? I'd always thought of it as an unwritten rule that we need all cooperate to help one another survive. It hardly seems reason enough to risk the danger of coming to a place such as this.

Kai: Hm, how do I explain it? It hasn't been that long since you woke up again, right?

Ogi: That is correct. It has been just over a year.

Kai: Then take it from me as someone who's been around longer than you have. I used to think looking out for number one was the only sane way to live. My first response to any quest was, "Okay, what's in it for me?" Helping other people was like a side-effect. Well, I hit a rough patch and it made me change the way I saw things. I decided to give working for other people a try, and dang if things weren't a lot more rewarding that way. But I guess that's no big surprise. Any fool knows it feels good to help people out. It just took me a while to get there. I felt a different kind of satisfaction at doing my job than I ever had before. So I kept at it, and here I am. This is where all that's led me. Ha! If it hadn't, I'd be kicking back at home right about now, doing anything but babysitting two crazy kids.

Ogi: More rewarding to work for others... I see. How fascinating. Do you suppose the day will come when I'll learn to feel the same?

Kai: Count on it. But first, we need to find you a body. You won't be doing much work for anybody as just a head.

You find a message pack.

Message pack: "The City's Secret" People once lived beneath the City. It's an open secret. Have they all forgotten?

You enter the Lighted ground area.

Kai: About how much farther, Ogi?

Ogi: I'd say we're about halfway there. Why, are you tired?

Kai: Well, yeah. Do you have any idea how heavy you are? Your head needs to go on a diet, man.

I'll take him.

Kai: I appreciate the offer, but if we're halfway there, I'll manage just fine. If it's any further than that, though, he's all yours.

Just roll him along.

Kai: Ooh, I like the way you think. His head's all lumpy, though. It'd be more effort to chase it all over the place.

Sarisa: Erk... U-Um, you guys? A-Are those dead bodies? They're not, right? Are they?

Ogi: Hm? Looks like part of a CAST to me. The metal plate you're standing on is likely from a CAST exoskeleton as well.

Sarisa: Ngh...

Ogi: It's not particularly unusual. This place was once a city. It follows that it was inhabited at one point, no?

Sarisa: Well, yes, but still. There are just so many of them.

Kai: It's not pretty, I'll give you that. All the more so if you're not used to it. ...Hm? Hey, is this--

Kai stumbles on something.

Sarisa: Wha--? Hey, what are you doing?

Ogi: Excuse me! I'll thank you not to throw me around, Kai!

Kai: Ooh, sorry, buddy. I just thought I saw a foot there.

Sarisa: A foot?

Kai: Hold on just a sec. There could be a... A-ha! A CAST body, and it's more or less in one piece!

Ogi: Really? If the body is intact, it is possible the CAST is merely still in stasis.

Kai: Well, Ogi?

Ogi: ...No. The head is lost beyond repair. I'm afraid this one is gone.

Sarisa: I'm sorry.

Ogi: The body may still be functional. I'm sorry, but could I ask you to place me up against the neck socket?

Sarisa: The neck... Wait, are you just going to steal this corpse? Is... Is that really okay? I know this person's not using it anymore, but still, it's their body, right?

Ogi: A CAST essentially exists as a head. Our relationship to our bodies is like yours to your clothes. In that respect, the style might not be a great fit here, but I'm in no position to be choosy.

Sarisa: I-I suppose not.

Kai: I can see why you'd feel weird, Sarisa, but the fact of the matter is that this guy's not waking up again. Don't you think he'd be happy to know that his body is helping someone else? I know I'd feel that way.

Sarisa: I... I guess you're right, yeah. I'd rather it be used than just lying here.

Kai: Then let's do it. Er... So how do we do this?

Ogi: There should be a button on his back. Press that... Right, just like that. Slowly, now.

The neck aperture claps open.

Ogi: Perfect. Now just slide me into the neck aperture there.

Ogi's head snaps into place.

Ogi: Mm... Mm... Mm... Mm... Grnh... Grrnrrgh... GrraaAAAUGH!

Kai: Wh-What's wrong?! Ogi! Are you all right?!

Ogi: Rngh... nh... I'm... I'm fine. Thanks kindly, pardner.

Kai: P-Pardner?! What's happened to you?

Sarisa: Y-You seem... less than fine. Are you sure you're all right?

Ogi: Darn tootin', little missy. I'm A-okay! We CASTs have a little thang called sub-memory stored in our bodies, see? That gizmo floods the memory of any new inhabitants with data that can cause some nasty little errors.

Sarisa: That sounds incredibly dangerous.

Ogi: Aw, t'ain't nothin' dangerous about it. 'Least not this time. Most of the sub-memory's a goner anyway. Language circuit's fried like a leg o' Aunt Bessie's chicken, but who gives a hoot, am I right? 'Least I can walk! Body's been hit with the ol' ugly stick a few times, but beggars can't go choosin' now, can they?

Kai: Ugh, I'm just glad I don't have to lug your head around anymore. Actually, scratch that. How long before you start talking like a normal person again?

Ogi: Hm? If you don't pay it no never mind, it's not like it'll hurt ya, Kai.

Kai: I'm asking because it does hurt. I feel like my ears are crying. Plus it's just creepy. It's not you.

Ogi: I know, pardner. Humans're all about heart, right? Well, don't you worry your precious little head. I'm still me. It won't take two shakes for me to sort out this language bug, so try not to get yer britches in a knot 'til then.

Sarisa: So, does that mean this CAST spoke that way back when he was alive?

Ogi: I'd reckon so, missy. Seems from what sub-memory's left, he was treated like a real odd customer. People said he was loonier'n a coon dog.

Sarisa: Wait, you mean everyone else didn't talk the same way?

Ogi: Course not. That's just bonkers!

Sarisa: And... kind of a relief.

Kai: Well, if only your talking parts are broken, let's keep moving. I'm happy to be rid of the extra baggage.

Ogi: Ya know, I never did a proper thank you fer carryin' me all this way, Kai. That was mighty decent of ya.

Kai: Er, no problem. You'd have done the same, although my head's lighter, and would have talked less. You're back in business as a hunter now. You can pay me back by helping us handle some hostiles.

Ogi: You betcha, pardner.

You find a message pack.

Message pack: "We've Come a Long Way" Perhaps it's something to celebrate, but I feel sick. Am I the only one?

You enter the Abandoned path area.

Ogi: Whoa-ho! Hold on there, little doggies!

Kai: Ngh, could that be any more obnoxious? What? What is it?

Ogi: Don't git all ornery on me now. I just done found an interestin' little tidbit in this here sub-memory 'o mine.

Sarisa: The secret of the Great Blank?!

Ogi: Wouldn't that be a hoot if it were true? I'm afraid not, little missy.

Kai: So, what'd you find?

Ogi: An old map. Just might give us a clue or three about where to go lookin' fer new ruins.

Kai: That's a nice find. New ruins sites means more chances to dig up stuff that'll make life easier for everyone.

Ogi: You got it.

Sarisa: What's the map of? This area?

Ogi: Well, actually, I don't rightly know. Old as it is, there's bits 'o data missin'. It'll take me a lick to figger it out.

Kai: There's no rush. Why don't you do it later? We're here to check out that machine with [NAME] on it now, right? There'll be plenty of time after we get back to the city to piece together that map. If new spots turn up to explore, the four of us can head out again.

Sarisa: Yes, that makes sense. None of us is going anywhere. We can take all the time we need.

Ogi: I reckon y'all are right. I'll tuck it on away fer later, then.

Kai: Personally, I wish you'd make fixing that speech effect your top priority.

Ogi: Bothers ya that much, cowboy? I been thinkin' it actually ain't that bad. Gives me some character.

Sarisa: Hm, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a little bit distracting.

Ogi: Well, it'll have to be alongside all the roamin' and rasslin', but I'll put a rush on 'er. Y'all just sit tight.

Kai: Rasslin'? He really just called combat with bloodthirsty creatures "rasslin'"?

You find a message pack.

Message pack: "Something Wrong" I keep getting these weird coughs. He doesn't, so it must not be from the pollution...

You take the boss teleporter to the City center area.

Ogi: This'd be the one. The video inside 'o this here doohickey's got you in it, [NAME].

Sarisa: I've never seen anything like it. How do you work it, Ogi?

Ogi: T'ain't nothin' too hard, missy. I done it once before. I'll have it up an' runnin' for ya in a skinny second. ... Aaand, that should do 'er. Image should pop up over yonder in two shakes.

The machine is projecting a video.

Kai: Oh, wow. That does look just like you, [NAME]! I can see why Ogi and Nicolas would be surprised.

Sarisa: What do you suppose [NAME]'s fighting here? It's not a CAST. I guess you'd call that a robot?

Ogi: I reckon so. It shore ain't no CAST I ever saw.

Kai: I'm still impressed with the whole projected images thing. They had some wild technology back before the Blank.

Ogi: Judgin' from how banged-up the metal is, I'd say about 200 years's a good estimate, age-wise. The video's a mite fuzzy in spots. I reckon the machine's busted a bit, but at least she's still runnin'.

It's fascinating.

Sarisa: Isn't it? If I had something like this, I'd want to leave pictures of the snow on that pretty mountain behind!

Can't believe it's so old.

Kai: Two hundred years, and it still works. You've gotta hand it to them, they built to last back then!

Any other machines here work?

Ogi: I don't know, but I'll betcha dollars to dumplins there's other machines like this around. Some may still work.

Ogi: This place may not be just videos, neither. Could be all sorts 'o good stuff lyin' around in here.

Kai: Like a machine that can fix the way you talk? Oh please, oh please.

Sarisa: Although the twang has gotten lighter. Think you've about worked it out of your system, Ogi?

Ogi: I reckon it won't be long now, missy. Figger I'll kinda miss it once it's gone. Maybe I'll save it fer--

Kai: Never, ever again. Look, there aren't any hostiles around, so can you get it taken care of already?

Ogi: All right, cowboy. Simmer down. Nnh... Hrmmm... Ahhh. That should do it. There, back to boring old Ogi. Are you happy now?

Kai: You have no idea. It's like a nail through my skull's been yanked out. Wait, that doesn't sound good...

Ogi: I fail to see how something as minor as an accent could be such an issue. You humans are inscrutable at times.

Kai: Anyway, now that that's taken care of, let's take a look around.

Ogi: Yes, I'm curious to see what other--

Kai: Huh?! Everyone, get back!

Lightning strikes where the party stood.

Kai: Whew! That was a close shave!

Sarisa: A lightning technique... No. No!

Reve: You again?

Sarisa: Captain Reve!

Kai: The one from the mountains!

Reve: Sarisa, this has gone far enough. I demand an explanation.

Sarisa: I...

Reve: Reactivating a ruins site side by side with these lesser beings? That is precisely the opposite of your mission!

Kai: Sarisa?

Sarisa: Captain Reve, I know we were taught that the people living on the surface were... beneath us. That humans are the ones who turned the planet into this wasteland. But they're... Spending time together with them, talking with them, I've learned that's just not true. I mean, it is true that they have their faults. We all have our failings. But they're a lovely people! The humans are working with the CASTs, helping them survive without their memories. They've built a life together. I can't accept that they're inferior to us in any real way.

Reve: Then you claim the world simply annihilated itself? Who could have wrought this destruction but humans?

Sarisa: I don't know.

Reve: Of course you don't. You've merely deluded yourself into accepting an impossibly sentimental dream. There can be no mistake in the words of our benevolent mother!

Sarisa: But, Captain! Have you seen their cities? Bursting at the seams with life and joy and energy? How could a people who create such a home for themselves have destroyed their world?

Reve: "But," you say? You believe the sacred teachings of our life-giving mother to be wrong. Is this so?

Sarisa: N-No, I would never say that, but... But it doesn't make sense! That's why we should be exploring their society!

Reve: Hmph. It's plain to see they've tainted you. Small loss. You've fallen from an incompetent failure to a traitor.

Kai: Hey, bucko. I don't know who you are, but I'm not about to let you talk to her like that.

A moment of silence.

Reve: Oh, you're going to ignore me here? I'm just so far beneath you, huh? Ugh, I've seen better manners on hostiles.

Reve: Quite mouthy for a subordinate species. But no matter. I can forgive a few ill-considered words, given the fact that none of you will be leaving this place.

Sarisa: Captain, please. I think now is the time when we should be joining hands with the surface people. Working with them. If we learn the truth of what happened, we can make sure it never happens again. All of us, together.

Reve: Silence! You can join your human and CAST compatriots in slumber, here in these ruins for all time!

Ready your weapon.

Kai: This stuck-up punk is going down! [NAME], let's go!

Stand in front of Sarisa.

Sarisa: [NAME], I'm sorry. I never meant to get you involved.

Gaze at the broken machinery.

Ogi: I'm afraid it's gone, [NAME]. For now, we need to concentrate on the task at hand.

You defeat Reve's vessel.

Reve: Hrnngh... no. I-Impossible! Impossible! Not to these creatures! These maggots!

Sarisa: Captain Reve, please. Please, just listen to me.

Reve: Heh heh... ngh. I see. Humans, CASTs... Newmans. It appears the races form more than the sum of their parts together. This is dangerous. I'll have to report back immediately.

Sarisa: No! Please, just wait a minute! Captain Reve, please!

Reve: Traitor. Lesser creatures. I doubt we shall meet again. I'll look forward to watching you wither away on this shriveled planet.

Reve leaves in his vessel.

Sarisa: ...

Kai: Hey, Sarisa? How's about we put an end to all the secrets?

Sarisa: Oh Kai... You're right. I should have done this a long time ago. [NAME], Kai, Ogi, I'm not human. I'm a newman. An extinct race. At least, here on the surface.

Ogi: Newmans? That's something I didn't expect to find here. I thought none had survived!

Sarisa: I'm sorry for not telling you.

Kai: It doesn't matter. Even if you had, I probably wouldn't have believed it. I mean, you may as well have said you were a dinosaur. Newmans are the stuff of legends. So, what else? I get the feeling there's more to this story than just that.

Sarisa: ...

Kai: I'm not going to press you. You know that by now. But are you really sure you want to keep it in any longer? Are you really okay with that?

Sarisa: No. I'm just not... I need time. Just a little, a little more time. I swear. Just give me time to steel myself for it. Time to really think of what's right and wrong. What I really believe. And there are other people who should hear this too. Let's head back to the mayor's office. I'll tell everyone everything there.

Kai: If you're sure, that sounds good. I can't think of a better place to speak in private.

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