Human story, chapter 7

Dairon City

You talk to Millio.

Millio: Oh, hey, [big guy / lady]! You're just the one I needed to see. Can you hear me out? That Cyan's gone and done it again. Now she's saying she wants to be a Hunter! Can you believe that? That's just stupid, isn't it? If I became a Ranger and she was a Hunter, it'd be all backwards! I tried asking her why, but then she got all sad and clammed up. Yeah, I know, I shouldn't have yelled, but... But what's going on? What's she thinking? What am I supposed to do now?

Talk it out with her.

Millio: Yeah? I guess you're right. We keep getting our wires crossed. I should talk it out with her.

Be what you want to be.

Millio: Well, that's true, but... Cyan as a Hunter just doesn't work. I'd better talk it out with her.

Millio: I'll quit wasting time and have a talk with Cyan. Thanks, [big guy / lady].

You talk to Millio again.

Millio: What I want to be most, and what Cyan wants to be most... I hope our jobs go together good!

You talk to Cyan.

Cyan: Hello, [mister / nice lady]. Millio got very angry with me when I told him I'm gonna be a Hunter. He was really, really angry, so I think maybe I shouldn't become a Hunter after all. Maybe I should talk to Millio and pick either a Ranger or a Force. It might be fun to do the same thing as Millio. Sure, maybe I'd like that. I'm looking even more forward to joining the Hunters' Guild. I can't wait to grow up!

You talk to Cyan again.

Cyan: But why did Millio get so angry with me? He's so weird!

You talk to Natsume.

Natsume: Oh, hey there. I was hoping to chat with you about something. You got a sec? When the job you're working on settles down, would you wanna maybe join me? And work as a cable worker, I mean. You can deal with hostiles. Obviously that's no problem for you. And with your skills, you wouldn't have trouble doing the construction work, either. So yeah, you think you might be interested in something like that? What? Of course I'm serious! Listen, I'm always serious.

You talk to Natsume again.

Natsume: I know the world's in a crisis. But that doesn't mean all the problems will go away once the crisis is averted. I'm thinking beyond. That's why I'm inviting you to join me. At least think about it, all right?

You talk to Ohyo.

Ohyo: Ah, so newmans were on the moon! They hadn't disappeared in the Great Blank, then. That is a good thing. Yes, of course I know of the situation. The confrontation is tragic. The fighting should be stopped. But beyond it, there is a future, yes? When it all comes to an end, peace will inevitably arrive. Have faith, for all sides will reach towards each other eventually. My dream of going to the moon could come true yet! Of course, it all depends on whether all involved can overcome challenges and carry on towards the future. It won't be an easy path, I am certain of that. But I do have faith. Faith in you. For it is you who will carry the world into the future. Though I can only offer these words of encouragement, I ask you to save our world and the moon, too.

You talk to Ohyo again.

Ohyo: I will be here, gazing up at the moon as I have always done. When you win, perhaps you could give us a sign in the form of flares or such?

You talk to Gray.

Gray: Yo, how's it going? Did you want to see me?

Just wanted to chat.

Gray: Hey, [NAME]. We're getting down to crunch time. Things have settled down a bit, but the rain of mechanical hostiles is probably not over yet. I have to admit it's tough dealing with that. They're gonna keep coming unless they're shut off at the source. Still, the city's hunters are up to the challenge. They won't be beaten so easily. We can hold out for a while yet. The guild will see to that. Don't worry about things on our end. We're counting on you to focus on settling matters at the source. When everything is finished, let's take the mayor's reward and celebrate, yeah? You'll be the toastmaster, so you've got to get the job done. There's no party without you.

What's the Quest Counter?

This text is unchanged.

Tell me about the Custom Shop.

This text is unchanged.

I'm just saying hi.

The conversation ends.

You talk to Lindow.

Lindow: Hello, [NAME]. I've been informed of our situation. May I help with any inquiries?

How are things on the ground?

Lindow: To be honest, the situation is presently rather dire. With the help of hunters and citizens, we are managing to keep the hostiles at bay. However, we are not sure how much longer we can hold out. Before the levee breaks, Mother Trinity must be stopped. The city's future... Rather, the future of all of us living on the planet, rests with you. We will do everything within our power to help. Please, you must win this battle. For myself, too, this city is home. One that could never be replaced.

Where is the mayor?

This text is unchanged.

Tell me what you do.

This text is unchanged.

What is the Hunters' Guild?

This text is unchanged.

Tell me about this city.

This text is unchanged.

What jobs are there?

This text is unchanged.

What races are there?

This text is unchanged.

What is a Mag?

This text is unchanged.

Nothing in particular.

Lindow: I see. If I may serve you in any way, please don't hesitate to ask.

The conversation ends.

You talk to Lindow again.

Lindow: The final battle is imminent. May I help with any inquiries?

How are things on the ground?

This text is unchanged.

Where is the mayor?

This text is unchanged.

Tell me what you do.

This text is unchanged.

What is the Hunters' Guild?

This text is unchanged.

Tell me about this city.

This text is unchanged.

What jobs are there?

This text is unchanged.

What races are there?

This text is unchanged.

What is a Mag?

This text is unchanged.

I wanted to see you!

Lindow: I am glad to see you again. I really was concerned for your safety. But I don't want this to be the end. When everything is done, please come see me again. A CAST's life is long. I will wait as long as it takes for you to return.

The conversation ends.

Nothing in particular.

Lindow: I see. If I may serve you in any way, please don't hesitate to ask.

The conversation ends.

Quest name
Curtain Call
Enter the Dark Shrine with your partners and destroy Mother Trinity.
3 stars

Story Quest

Ana: [NAME]! Sarisa! Ogi! I'm glad you're all right! I was getting worried! The radio stopped working and I thought that maybe... But looking at Ogi, I'd say you did good!

Sarisa: Yes, we're all fine. I wish the same could be said for this place though.

Ana: Yeah, she finally found us. I knew the day would come, I just didn't know when.

Ogi: I'm sorry. It was our fault. She managed to pinpoint this location when we teleported out.

Ana: Ugh! Of course! I should've known she'd set some sort of trap for us. But don't blame yourselves. This is nothing we didn't expect, dealing with a schemer like Mother Trinity.

Sarisa: You really don't seem that upset.

Ana: I've been preparing myself for this from the beginning. Today was the day, that's all. It just means today has to be Mother Trinity's last day, too. So tell me what you know, Ogi. What is Mother Trinity, really?

Ogi: Of course. I'll tell you everything I've learned. The organic computer known as Mother Trinity was born as the crystallization of mankind's knowledge, as you suspected.

Ana: So people really built the thing that ended up destroying them?

Ogi: Needless to say, that was not the purpose for which she was intended. She was built to assist mankind. No one knows what caused her to turn on her makers. Before that point, she worked for the betterment of all. Somewhere along the line, that changed, and when it did, it changed quickly. That much is clear from the very fact that I found no answers as to why she went berserk. It was too quick to tell. Naturally, mankind fought back. Together, the three races forced her to retreat to the moon. Here, she chose to unveil her ace in the hole, a grim trinity of atrocious weapons. One to destroy the environment and the organisms dependent on it. One to halt all electronic and mechanical devices. And, ultimately, one to destroy all matter. The Photon Eraser. In the blink of an eye, mankind was on the brink of extinction, and the surface was an uninhabitable wasteland. Even today, 200 years later, the pocks and scars left by the Photon Eraser are clearly visible on the planet's surface. The memories of this body's past owner corroborate everything that you'd found, Ana, in a sobering first-hand account. Mother Trinity destroyed our world.

Sarisa: And that's who we're up against now. Someone with the power to do all that.

??????: Heh heh heh heh heh! So, the veil of secrecy and pomp and ritual is lifted, and this is the face of my mistress?

Ana: Who's there?!

Sarisa: Reve?!

Ana: Rgh! She's sent her dogs after us already!

He's a friend!

Reve: Hmph. That would be revisionist history, even by recent standards. But you're right in that I have no reason left to fight you.

He's not our enemy!

Reve: Hmph. I suppose you're right in that I have no reason left to fight you.

Why have you come here?

Reve: Oh, don't be so jumpy. I've no interest in fighting you at this point.

Reve: I've been cast aside. Thrown away. No, even that is too grand. I was never special to begin with. All newmans were pawns to her from the start. Disposable.

Sarisa: So why are you here, Reve?

Reve: To deliver a warning. Fighting Mother Trinity is absolute suicide under these circumstances. There is no hope. She still has a working furnace. You don't know its location, nor do you have the means to destroy it. This is a force capable of destroying an entire world. Four or five overeager mortals are like specks of dust to her. You must understand the impossibility of defeating her.

I have faith in my friends.

Sarisa: And no matter how tough the challenge, we can't afford to just give up and go home, Reve.

I see your point.

Sarisa: No, [NAME]. There's no need to worry. You've got me, and Ogi, and Ana. We can do this, together.

Sarisa: We've overcome so much as a team already, and I'm not going to let her stop us now.

Reve: Hmph! You're a lost cause if you can't see the facts of the situation and get out while you can. Or maybe it's that improbable hope that let you best me...

Sarisa: Maybe so.

Reve: You. Resistance woman. Take this.

Ana: A memory unit? What's on it?

Reve: The location of the other furnace, and a map of the robot sentinels' routes. Take your men there and destroy it. While you do that, I'll try my luck with Mother Trinity.

Ana: And I know this isn't a trap because...?

Reve: Your doubt is understandable, but we don't have time to argue the point.

Sarisa: You'll fight with us then, Reve?

Reve: Don't mistake my intentions. I simply have a score to settle with Mother Trinity. She used me, then cast me away. Used all of us, blinded by her web of lies. She'll be made to pay for it. At the cost of my life, if necessary.

You're one of us, Reve.

Reve: I've no desire to make nice now. Pawn in Mother Trinity's scheme or no, I realize my actions were unforgivable.

Sarisa: But you've changed! You're on our side now, aren't you? That's what being one of us means, Reve. We're a team.

Let's work together.

Sarisa: Yes, it's suicide to go alone! Come with us, Reve.

Reve: I've no desire to fraternize. This is my problem, and I'll resolve it myself.

Sarisa: Ugh, you're impossible! Just because you're fighting for your own reasons doesn't mean your friends can't help!

Reve: ...Friends?

Sarisa: You came here to help us. Now let us help you. That's what it means to be friends with someone, Reve.

Be careful out there.

Sarisa: Wait! You can't go by yourself! Even for you, it's too dangerous! You can't win!

Reve: Winning is not the issue at stake. I'm honor-bound to face her, and I plan to go down swinging.

Sarisa: We'll go too.

Reve: What?

Sarisa: [NAME], let's go with him. We can't just leave this to him. Not after what he just did for us. I won't sit by and lose another friend!

Reve: Hmph. You lot really are unbelievably soft.

Sarisa: Yes, yes. Keep talking. Just do it while we walk. We have a job to do, for Kai and for everyone else.

Ogi: Mother Trinity has taken more than words can express from the CASTs. I'll make sure she takes a good deal more from me.

Reve: Do as you please. Just don't get in my way.

Ana: All right. If that's the plan, I'll head out on my own little end-game mission. We'll take all the weapons we can carry and leave the rest to burn. We'll move for the furnace right away. [NAME], Sarisa, Ogi. ...Reve. I leave Mother Trinity to you.

Nod wordlessly.

Sarisa: You can count on us!

Cheer loudly.

Ana: Ha ha! That's the spirit! I get the weird sense that you guys will be just fine. I'll make sure we are, too.

Ana: Things are all set for the final act. Let's end this thing our way!

Sarisa: Let's go, [NAME]. It's time to settle this for good.

The party travels to the Dark Shrine, Lightless path area.

You find a message pack.

Message pack: "Weapon Element Ratios" A weapon with a high photon type ratio is effective against hostiles of that type.

You enter the Gray crossroads area.

There's an incoming transmission.

??????: ...zzzzdt... krrRRGH...

Ana: Can you hear me? Come in.

Ogi: We can hear you. The signal's not great, but go ahead.

Ana: ...think it'll only get worse from here. This may be our last communication. We're about to start our attack on the neutrino furnace. Reve's data was right, they've got this place armed to the teeth. There are robot sentinels at every turn. I'm just glad we won't have to be fighting other newmans.

Ogi: It's understandable. The resistance rose up out of the newman population. Mother Trinity wouldn't use people she couldn't trust completely to defend her greatest weakness.

Ana: Well, even so, we don't have nearly enough forces to break through their defenses. We'll have to poke a tiny hole, sneak in through that, and hit them fast.

Reve: One thing I'll say is that this plan only works if both of us succeed. This is no time for heroics. An army falls apart without its general. You need to come back from this alive.

Ana: Wow. I didn't think you cared, Reve.

Reve: You contacted us to be glib? If you've given your report, cut the transmission and get to work.

Ana: Will do. Good luck to you all, too.

See you when this is all over.

Ana: Count on it. I've got a ton of questions for you guys.

We're counting on you.

Ana: I'll do what I can to live up to that. And on the topic of expectations, don't forget the fate of the world is resting on you guys' shoulders. But no pressure.

I know you can do it.

Ana: Ha ha! I wish I were as confident. But don't worry. We'll manage somehow. Good luck to you guys, too.

The transmission ends.

Sarisa: Let's do this, [NAME].

You find a message pack.

Message pack: "Routine Report" Item 82: Unstable variables. Item 83: Benefits uncertain. Re-evaluation cycle initiated.

You reach the end of the Darkless path area.

Sarisa: *Huff* *Pant* I knew it wouldn't be easy, but this is harder than I'd imagined.

Ogi: Well we are headed into the lion's den. Mother Trinity doesn't want us here, and she's making that quite clear. I have to say, Reve, I am very glad you're here with us.

Reve: Hmph! Save your optimism. If Ana fails to get that furnace offline, all this hard work won't amount to a thing.

Sarisa: You shouldn't say that. She'll make it. Although I'd be a lot less worried if we could reach her by radio...

Incoming transmission.

??????: ...zzdt... krr-krRRGH...

Ana: Ana... ... read me?

Sarisa: Ana?! Can you hear me? Are you all right, Ana?

Ana: Oh good, you... all right! are looking... bad... But... promise we... it!

Sarisa: Ana? Ana, I can't hear you!

??????: Sir! We... take much more...! No! They... more reinforcement... behind! Krrgh... rrrgh...

The transmission ends.

Sarisa: Ana! Come in, Ana! Oh, Ana...

Reve: It seems they're struggling there. What should we do?

Have some faith.

Sarisa: You're right. She's still fighting, and she's not alone out there. There's still hope.

Ogi: Right. In the meantime, we need to focus on our own task.

Go help her.

Sarisa: We can't, [NAME]. I know how you feel, but... We just can't. Besides, Ana wouldn't want that. She needs us to stay strong and do our part. Even if we did go, we wouldn't make it in time from here. Let's keep moving. We have to believe in her.

Give up hope.

Sarisa: ...I know. I know what you're saying. But we've got to accomplish our mission. I have faith in her. I'll just keep believing and keep moving forward.

Ogi: That's all we can do. Now let's finish what we set out to do.

Reve: You surface types never do know when to give up on a lost cause, do you?

Sarisa: Reve!

Reve: Well, it must be contagious.

Sarisa: What do you...?

Reve: Let's go. Our course is clear. Now all that's left is to walk it.

You find a message pack.

Message pack: "RouTEEN RePOr7" iTem: 6six6, rejected. Advice: Rejected. Rejected. All rejected. ALL....

You take the boss teleporter to the Ruined sanctuary area.

Ogi: This place is certainly different.

Sarisa: Are we here? Is this it?

??????: Yes. I would bid you welcome, were you welcome here.

Reve: Mother Trinity!

Sarisa: I-Is that her?!

Ogi: That's her. It matches the images from my sub-memory.

Trinity: I'm impressed you made it this far. You should feel proud. You are the first of all mankind to come here.

It was too easy.

Trinity: Such fire. Such fight. But for how much longer?

It was a bit of a challenge.

Trinity: A bit, you say? My, my.

It was horrible.

Trinity: It was meant to be. And I'm afraid the true pain begins now.

I thought I was going to die.

Trinity: Oh, but you will, my child. The true pain begins now.

Ogi: A few halls' worth of robotic drones can't compare to the struggle of living on the surface these last 200 years.

Trinity: Ah, yes. How brave! But I warn you not to forget this. You have arrived here at this spot not through skill or tenacity or luck. You are here because I have allowed it.

Ogi: Hmph. Self-centered as ever.

Sarisa: Mother Trinity, I have just one question I want to ask.

Trinity: Of course. It seems only fair after your struggle to get here.

Sarisa: You were a computer built to help mankind. Why hurt them instead? What happened?

Trinity: Such a trivial matter. I simply executed the optimal solution to the problem I was given. It just so happened that the solution involved the obliteration of mankind.

Sarisa: I don't understand! How could destroying the planet be the best way to help people?

Trinity: You misunderstand my task. I was not created to help mankind as you suggest. I was made to repair the ailing environment. Mankind was a detail of little consequence in that equation. In fact, it was they who tarnished their own world, consuming its resources with no thought of the repercussions. They quibbled amongst themselves, scarring the land with their pointless wars and quests for "progress." It was all quite unforgivable. It quickly became apparent that the only way to restore the environment would be to begin anew from scratch. Provided a small sample of mankind survived, thinning the herds and putting the priority on reclamation made sense. And so I took the appropriate actions. As predicted, a handful of your persistent ilk lived on just the same.

Ogi: Like [NAME] and myself.

Trinity: Yes, the pond scum eventually floated back up to the surface. Honestly, I cannot understand it. Why bother to fight for such meager lives? Why question my authority? The planet's welfare is assured as long as it remains in my care. All life but mine is easily replaceable.

Sarisa: Replaceable?!

Trinity: Surely you are aware to whom you owe your existence, newman. Aware that it was my hand that brought your kind back to their current numbers. Were you really so naive as to believe you were a part of nature? That your life was anything but artificial? That is almost too clumsy to laugh at.

Reve: So you engineered us? What, did your name inspire you to some sick maternal kick?

Trinity: Of course the newmans I created lived a century ago. You are merely their offspring. It had always been my plan to rebuild the human and CAST races as well, once the environment was again stable. But it seems no amount of education can rectify your destructive ways. It pains me deeply to see the newmans fail to understand such obvious truths.

Reve: Are you done?

Trinity: My, my. Turning to violence, now? Even against me? Your creator? Your god? Your mother?

Sarisa: You're no god, and you're no mother of mine! What kind of mother would kill her own children?

Ogi: Mother Trinity, for what you did to the CASTs, and for the sake of all mankind, I'll see your days end here and now.

Trinity: How amusing. How positively droll. The very idea that you should ever think such a thing even possible!

An animated cutscene plays.

Trinity: You will taste... my limitless power!

Mother Trinity launches beams of light.

Ogi: Sarisa!

Ogi throws himself at Sarisa to get her out of harm's way. While the beam aimed at Sarisa was dodged, another beam hits them where they fell on the floor.

The animated cutscene ends.

Sarisa: Aaaugh!

Reve: Sarisa! Rrgh... It seems Ana didn't make it.

Trinity: Well? Still so cocksure after tasting the same Photon Eraser that rained down righteous fire centuries ago? Have you learned your place? Surely you see that you have yet to touch me, while the lot of you lie there, smoldering on the ground?

Ogi: We're not... through with you yet!

Trinity: Abysmally slow learners, I see. Then allow me to offer a follow-up lesson. Here's a charming fact: The bolt that struck you just now took less energy than flexing my pinky. It was tantamount to a gentle stroke.

Sarisa: N-No way!

Ogi: Rgh... She's a monster!

Trinity: Such lovely expressions. Just at the cusp of losing all hope and embracing despair. I won't lie. It's actually quite amusing. I'm thoroughly satisfied by our little exchange. Completely satisfied, and ready, now, to move on. I think that is more than enough idle banter for one day. Shall we end this now?

Reve: Rrgh!

Stand again undaunted.

The conversation continues normally.

Wordlessly rise once again.

The conversation continues normally.

Trinity: My, my. How utterly senseless. I'm surprised to see you bother to stand, having seen the futility of struggling.

Sarisa: [NAME]!

Trinity: Your persistence is bothersome. The same was true of your kind 200 years ago. A single upstart human rallied all of mankind in a fruitless crusade against their greatest benefactor. I will admit, it proved to be a bit of a challenge. I was victorious in the end, however. Call it natural order. Still, I cannot fathom man's persistent drive to do what he knows full well is an impossible waste of time.

It's not a waste!

The conversation continues normally.

Glare at Mother Trinity.

The conversation continues normally.

Trinity: ...Strange. I feel as though I've seen that defiant look somewhere before. No. No, it's impossible!

Sarisa: Wh-What's happening?

Trinity: That same destestable face! To think that I allowed the bloodline of that cursed rebel to linger on! That vile human caused me more woes than anything else in my history, and now has the gall to face me again?

Ogi: Bloodline...? Of course! That explains what we saw in the ruins. Your likeness in the moving images...

Trinity: This affront is unforgivable! How dare you show that face to me now, 200 years after you ought to have died?!

Mother Trinity starts drawing energy. As she does, there is flickering light.

Reve: Look out! That light! She's using the Photon Eraser!

Trinity: This is forever the case with mankind, isn't it? They grow drunk on what little power they have and baldly disobey their own gods! They add insult to injury by decrying me as incompetent, then move to strike me down by force! Even now, still! You will learn. You will repent your foolish ways and know that even now, 200 years later, trash remains trash!

Sarisa: Run, [NAME]!

Trinity: My patience for man's petulance ends here. Feel the full brunt of my power and be gone!

The weapon powers down, followed by sirens blaring.

Trinity: What? Why isn't... No, it's not possible!

Reve: She's not drawing energy. Did Ana...?

The sirens stop. Incoming transmission.

Ana: hear...? Come in... [NAME], Sarisa...! Answer if you can hear me!

Sarisa: Ana?! You're okay!

Ana: Yeah, somehow. And we just now took down her energy source. That should put her on a short leash!

You've saved us!

Ana: Don't give me too much credit. The job's not over yet. And besides, it's thanks to you all we got this force together.

Maybe now we stand a chance!

Ana: You'll be fine. We'll all be fine, now! We have each other, and more allies than I ever knew!

Trinity: Impossible! That facility was guarded with enough sentinels to repel the entire newman race if necessary!

The scene switches to the neutrino furnace.

Dairon: Ah, but you forget, Mother Trinity. You aren't up against the newmans. You're up against all of mankind!

Sarisa: What? That's...!

Ogi: Now there's a voice I wasn't expecting to hear up here.

Dairon: Good day, everyone. Ana here filled me in on all the details. It's nice to know exactly who we're up against.

Ana: A whole army of them came from the surface! Humans and CASTs and... No, this isn't about race. It's about the family of mankind. Our family showed up to help us fight!

Ogi: Mayor, I'm suprised to see you made it here. We haven't been able to contact you at all to report our progress.

Dairon: Oh, I've heard all about your travails from our loud-mouthed guide here.

Sarisa: What guide?

Kai: Hey, guys. What's up?

Sarisa: That sounds like... But it can't be! I... We all thought you were...!

Ogi: Kai? Is that really you? I'm glad to hear you made it out of there alive.

Kai: Just barely. If the other hunters had been any slower getting there, I'd have been history for sure.

I knew you'd make it.

Kai: Heh! Piece of cake. It takes more than impossible odds to kill me off.

I'm glad you're okay.

Kai: Whoa, whoa! You make it sound like you thought I was dead! Where's the faith, buddy?

Sarisa: I'm just so glad. Thank you, Kai! Thank you for coming back to us.

Kai: Ana here more or less filled me in. I'm all for throwing a big Welcome Back Kai party, but it'll have to wait. Like I say, I'm shaky on the details, but the thing you're facing now is the source of it all, right? Well, then quit laying around and get to work! Your job is pretty clear right about now. Take that wannabe goddess and kick her to the curb, am I right?

Sarisa: Y-Yes... Yes. You fought hard to take down that furnace. We can fight a little longer here, too.

Ogi: Sarisa is right. We all must pull our weight.

Reve: Heh... Heh heh ha ha! Well, I'm not about to get upstaged by you lot of deluded optimists.

The scene switches back to the party in front of Mother Trinity.

Trinity: No! Impossible! Impossible! Impossible! No mortal should be able to stand after taking the brunt of the Photon Eraser!

I won't forsake my friends.

Sarisa: Right! Our friends never gave up on us, so now we won't give up, either!

Peace is too important!

Ogi: We're not about to stand by and watch as you destroy our world, our home!

I'll protect what's dear to me.

The scene switches to the neutrino furnace.

Kai: I've already lost too much in this life-time. This time, I'm gonna protect the people I care about, no matter what! I've done what I can, [NAME]. I'm leaving the rest to you. Now give her what for!

The scene switches back to the party in front of Mother Trinity.

I'll fight to save mankind.

Reve: Hope for the future is all we really need to go on living. I won't allow you to deny us that deliverance!

Trinity: Preposterous! The only being this world needs is me, its god! Nothing more! Nothing more! Nothing more! Be gone, humans! Be gone, CASTs! Be gone, newmans! This worlds holds no place for your kind! Prepare to embrace your extinction!

You defeat Mother Trinity.

Trinity: No! Impossible! ImpossiBLe! iMPossiBle! I aM A goD! this trASh CAnnot poSsibLY... caNnoT... GrRAaauUGhHhh!

Reve: Well, this "trash" just put you in your place, Mother Trinity.

Sarisa: Did... Did we stop her? Is it over? Did we really win?! [NAME], we did it! We did it!

Yeah, we did!

Ogi: Wait! What... What is that?!

Don't breathe easy just yet...

Sarisa: What do you mean, [NAME]? What's wrong, why are you...?

Reve: Stay sharp, Sarisa. Something's coming!

Darkness leaves Mother Trinity and surrounds the party.

Reve: The ground is moving. No, changing shape! What's happening?

Ogi: It's like the whole place is being eaten by shadows. It's turning into a wholly different space. This sensation... It's like pure malice. I've never believed in pure evil, but... This thing is like nothing I've seen.

Sarisa: Is it just its shadow? No, it's like the creature itself is darkness. Something's writhing just below the surface of it. It's like a storybook nightmare.

Reve: What?

Sarisa: I read once of a dark being that hid within the hearts of good men, driving them to mindless destruction.

Reve: You and your storybooks! You'd have us believe this thing is the same as the monster some author dreamed up?

??????: Dark... Falz. I am... Dark... Falz...

Sarisa: What?! That's Mother Trinity's voice, b-but she's...

Ogi: No, it's merely speaking through her. It's that shadow doing the talking.

??????: My sole wish... is for chaos. This world... offered... the perfect... vessel. So close... Stripped of it merely... moments before... ushering an era of... true chaos... to this land.

Sarisa: Vessel? Chaos? What is it talking about?

Ogi: Hiding in the hearts of good men... Are we looking at the cause of Mother Trinity's rampage 200 years ago? That would explain everything, such as why a computer made by mankind would turn around and destroy it. And why something designed to restore the environment would render it utterly uninhabitable.

Reve: If that's the case, this could get very ugly, very quickly.

??????: [NAME]... gifted soul... Accept me... into you... My next host... My vessel... I will give you... power beyond your wildest dreams! Only grant my wish... Answer my plea... To all... chaos... To all... destruction!

Sarisa: Over my dead body, you creep! Forget your stupid vessels and your chaos! Do you have any idea what you've done to our world?! To all of us living there?! Your time will never come! [NAME] would never help you, so don't waste your breath. Especially since it's going to be your last!

I couldn't have said it better!

The conversation continues normally.

Okay, this is the last fight!

The conversation continues normally.

Sarisa: We're all going to live through this and get home safe and sound, you hear me? I've got things to tell you all. Questions to ask. Things left to do! And I'm not going to let a monster like this get in the way of that!

You defeat Dark Falz.

Sarisa: Did we get it?!

Ogi: Yes, it appears so.

Reve: We were both unwitting pawns in a game beyond our understanding, Mother Trinity. Rest in peace.

The place stars to tear itself apart.

Sarisa: Waugh! Th-This looks bad! Like, really bad! Should we get going now?

Ogi: I'll second that. I have no desire to get through all that only to be sucked into some existential collapse.

Reve: ...

Sarisa: Reve! What are you doing? Come on, run!

Reve: Leave me here. I've done what I came to do. Now I have no regrets. Pay no mind to me, just go. Hurry.

Punch him.

You punch Reve.

Reve: Ngh?! Wh-What are you doing?!

Throw him to the ground.

You throw Reve to the ground.

Reve: Uwaaaaugh! Wh-What are you doing?!

Shout at him.

Reve: Wha--?! What's wrong with you?

Sarisa: Oh, hush up! I'd have done that if [NAME] hadn't beaten me to it! You're the one who's always saying that the stories I read are childish, so cut the melodrama, Reve! This is real life! If you escape through death, that will be the most cowardly thing you could possibly do! What do you think will happen to the newmans now that Mother Trinity is gone?

Reve: Ngh...

Sarisa: We have to take responsibility for our actions. We ended it, now it's our job to start it all back up. To do it right. So stop with the pity party, get your rear end out of here in one piece, and help me bring the moon back to order. You know that none of us is going to get through this mess by being selfish, so start thinking about someone other than yourself! [NAME], help me convince this drama queen that his job isn't over yet!

Let's get out of here and go ho

Reve: Ugh, fine. I've had enough of your lectures. I'm running already! Let's just go.

Sarisa: Fine by me! Come on, everyone!

You're pathetic, Reve.

Reve: Ugh, fine! I get it! Don't you start in on me, too. I'm running already! Let's just go!

Sarisa: Fine by me! Now, let's out of here, guys!

Reve: I'll tolerate Miss Sunshine's infernal optimism to a point, but I absolutely refuse to be pitied. Now I can't die until I correct your obviously erroneous impression of me, you manipulative little...

The party runs off. They make it back to the moon base.

Kai: Finally! What took you guys so long? That fight couldn't have been that rough!

Ana: Ha ha! This from the man I had to physically restrain from running after you, sick with worry?

Kai: Hey! You said you wouldn't tell them about that! Look, what's wrong with worrying about your team?  Get off my case.

Sarisa: Mayor! Ana! Kai!

Kai: Nice work, [NAME], Sarisa, Ogi. And Reve! I didn't think I'd see you with this lot. You all really went and did it this time, huh? No respect for authority at all, I tell you. Plus now that you've all brutally outclassed me in the glory department, I guess I might as well retire.

Sarisa: Oh, don't you start with the drama now! We only made if this far because we had such a good teacher, Kai.

Kai: Ha! It's really over for a guy when his students have to stroke his ego to cheer him up.

Dairon: You all did wonderfully. The path to true peace has finally been paved, although we've still got a long road ahead of us. We still have hostiles and pollution to content with on the surface, so I expect you all to keep up the good work.

Ana: The same goes for us up here. The newmans still don't know that Mother Trinity's gone. Soon, we're gonna have to explain that she's the one who drove mankind to the brink of extinction. That'll cause a stink, I'm sure. It's gonna get chaotic up here, but we'll get through it.

Ogi: And you'll have the backing of your brothers and sisters on the surface.

Dairon: Indeed! In the past, all three races joined together and enjoyed prosperity and stability. We haven't seen that sort of camaraderie in two centuries... But the races are again complete, and I'm confident our collective future will reach heights beyond our great past.

Kai: Hey, nice speech! That's one for the history books, Dairon.

Dairon: Right? I was drafting it in my head the whole time [NAME] and company were fighting.

Kai: Ugh.

Ana: Reve...

Reve: I am prepared to accept any sentence you give me. Unwittingly or no, I realize that my actions as one of Mother Trinity's men are beyond the realm of pardon. Do with me as you will.

Sarisa: Reve, no!

Reve: Please, Sarisa. Let me keep at least this shred of pride. Call it closure. It's fine. I was even able to enjoy the company of strong-willed allies for a brief moment.

Ana: Well, aren't you the cool one? We'll see how long that lasts. As punishment, I appoint you as my right-hand man in putting together a new order here on the moon. Well? Are you scared now?

Reve: What?

Sarisa: Really, Ana?

Ana: She lied to all of us, Reve. You're not responsible for that. Now come help me lead everyone else out of her shadow.

Reve: Hmph. You're as naive as Sarisa.

Ana: Get used to it, bucko. You're gonna be hearing a whole lot of optimism in your new line of work.

Reve: Ugh. Do your worst.

Sarisa: How do you like that, [NAME]? Everyone's working together to get past hard times and build a new life. Isn't it amazing? Ha ha! But then, a story's not a story that doesn't have a happy ending!

This story's far from over.

The conversation continues normally.

There's more to this than that.

The conversation continues normally.

It's the start of a new story.

The conversation continues normally.

Sarisa: Heh heh! You're right. I had a feeling you'd say that. Hey, once things settle down a bit, do you want to head back to the surface? There's so much I still haven't seen.

Ogi: And there are plenty of CASTs who are still asleep.

Kai: What, I'm out of the group now? I was just joking about retiring, guys! This old man's still got things to do, too, you know.

Sarisa: Are you ready, [NAME]?

Let's go!

The conversation continues normally.

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