Phantasy Star II: Amia's Adventure


It is AW 1282, Autumn.

Amia is a hunter who took on a job from the Motavian Agents. She is to arrest a Motavian named Hack that has been hacking into Mother Brain's network.



A human masquerading as a Motavian that has been hacking into Mother Brain. When he was still a baby, he was taken in by Motavians, and lived his life thinking that his parents abandoned him, which led to his hate for humans. In reality, his parents died in a car accident.


Weapon AP Dice
Knife 1 2
Boomerang 2 2


Name HP AP Dice
Man-eating Bat 20 1 2
Crow Chick 30 1 2
Rock Bees 10 1
Hole Worm 10 2 2
Corgen 40 2 2



Before leaving the jet buggy, you should search it. Look at the panel to reveal a poster. Take it. Look at the glove box to find a knife. Take it as well. Now visit the Villager Residence to the south of Bee Rock. Use the poster on the man, and he'll give you the handcuffs necessary to capture the criminal.

Go to the Dome Farm. You'll see several Motavians leaving their hiding places. Go to the Dome Control Room. Hack is here, and he'll notice you before you can do anything. Try to use the knife or handcuffs on him. The other Motavians will come in and knock Amia down. When she comes to, go north to the Mountain Base. Look at the local area, and Amia will notice Motavian footsteps. Look at the footsteps to reveal a passage into the mountain.

If you go to the right, you can fight a man-eating bat and find a mushroom that heals you as a reward. It's unnecessary, though. Go to the Dead End to the south west instead, and take the pole. Go to the north eastern area where a Crow Chick is making a ruckus. Fight it with the knife. When it's defeated, look at the nest to find a scope that lets you see in the dark. Take it.

Further east you'll find a Stone Corridor. There's an object lying on the ground here. Look at it to find out it's a tiger paw used to trap animals. Use the pole on it to activate the trap so you don't get caught in it. Continue east to find an entrance to a cave, and enter it. Inside the cave, enter the Storage Room to the east. Look at the boxes to find a boomerang. Take it. Now go south into Hack's Room. Use the knife, boomering or handcuffs on him. He'll escape through a door to the south. Follow him.

You're now outside again. You can go either west to face Rock Bees, or south to face a Hole Worm. The easiest path is west, as you can take down the Rock Bees with a single throw of the boomerang. By the time you've fought your way through, Hack has disappeared. Follow the road to find a Cabin. Look at the fibers to notice a hang glider. Take it, and go back outside. Use the hang glider on the wind that doesn't blow violently.

Amia will land in the middle of the desert. Go south to find a heap of bones. Look at them, and she'll find a key. Take it. Go back north, then west, to find a box. Use the key on the box to find sand skis. Take them. It is now possible to cross the sand to the east. You'll notice a humanoid figure to the south, so follow it. Amia will slowly be driven towards the sand whirlpool. Try to use the handcuffs on Hack. He'll extend his hand to try to help Amia. However, both will be dragged down into the whirlpool.

When Amia comes to, Hack is still lying unconscious on the ground. Go east to retrieve your belongings, then use the handcuffs on Hack. He'll wake up and start following you. Go east to leave the cave you're in. Next, go north to find a nest. Look at it to notice an egg. Take it. Go back south, then go west. A Corgen will block your way. Use the egg on it, and it'll eat the egg and go to sleep. Continue north. The sand storm will suddenly increase in intensity. Take refuge in the shrine to the west.

Hack will give Amia his robes, revealing that he's actually a human. While doing so, a photograph drops to the ground. Take it, then use it on Hack. He'll tell his story. Meanwhile, the sand storm subsides, and the sun goes up. A crevice that is letting sunlight in is now visible. Look at it to notice that Bee Rock is right behind them. Look at the boulder, then look at Hack. He'll move it. Look at Hack again to trigger a short event that isn't required, but necessary to understand the end. Make your way to the Dome Control Room.

Hack will access Mother Brain's network again. Look at the monitor to see what he has found out.

Congratulations, you have beaten Amia's Adventure!



Copyright 1990 SEGA

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