Phantasy Star II: Anne's Adventure


It is AW 1284, Spring.

Anne is working as a doctor at a hospital in River Town. One day, the director asks her to take some medicine and to bring it to the elementary school of Wood Town, as it has just been attacked by biomonsters.



A man studying medicine in a cabin near the river. He will heal Anne when she's injured, give her a special pendant, and help her defeat the Kite Devil.


Weapon AP Dice
Knife 2 2
Laser Knife 3 2
Golden Ring 5 2


Name HP AP Dice
Biting Ant 40 1 2
Poison Fang 50 2 2
Monster Unlimited 2 2
Grass Killer 50 2 2
Kite Devil 100 3 5 (2 when the barrier is up)



The medicine is in the Pharmacy, but it's locked. You can find the key in the Supply Room. Once you have it, use it on the door to unlock it. Inside, you'll find trimate.

Go to the Sickroom. Look at the patients to notice a boy. Look at the boy to notice some glue. Take the glue.

Exit the hospital and walk around town. At a Street Corner, you'll find a plank. Take it. Further north, the bridge is broken, but a Motavian at the Riverbank will offer to trade a nail puller for a rubber raft. You can find one in Anne's House. Use the nail puller on the Motavian to trade.

You've got a rubber raft now, but you can't use it yet. Look at it to find out that it has a hole. Use the glue you picked up earlier on the rubber raft to close it. Go to the left Riverbed and use the rubber raft on the river. You'll find out that you need an oar.

To get an oar, you can go to the Workshop and have the plank you picked up crafted into one. However, you don't have enough money. To remedy that, go Outside of a Small House. Anne will automatically knock on the door, and a woman will open it. Look at the woman, who will you take you in so you can treat her daughter. Look at the girl, then use the trimate on her. You will receive 50 meseta and be brought back outside. You can now go to the Workshop and use the plank on the owner to have it crafted into an oar.

Go back to the left Riverbed, and use the rubber raft on the river again. This time, it'll work. Go north to arrive at the other side. Take the sack, and Anne will find 100 meseta in it. You now have enough money to buy a knife at the Weapon Shop, so cross the river again, go to the Weapon and look at the proprietress to buy a knife.

Now that you have a knife, you can fight the Biting Ant that's blocking your way to the east of the river. Once you have defeated it, cross the river. The hole in the rubber raft will open up again as soon as you get to the other side, but don't worry about it. Go east to enter a Cabin, and look at Heinz to have Anne healed. Look at his desk to reveal a dimate. Take it so the guard further on the road will let you through.

Leave the Cabin, and follow the road. You'll soon find yourself in Wood Town. Continue north to find a field of flowers, and take a red flower. You'll run into a Poison Fang when you go to the town's western part. Use the red flower on it to chase it away. Follow the road, and you'll end up in a deserted Secondhand Shop. Take the laser knife that's lying there. Now go back the way you came, and fight the Poison Fang. It'll drop an antidote. Go back north and use it on the old man to cure him. He'll thank you and give you a lamp.

With the lamp you can explore the school. Once on the second floor, you'll encounter the cause of the attack. Try to attack it with the laser knife. A voice will stop you and tell you that only the legendary golden ring can defeat the monster.

Exit the school and the town until you're back at the Turning Point. Now that the guard is down, you can enter the forest. This one's a magical maze, so follow the following directions: south, west, west, west. You should now be at the Edge of the Forest, where a Grass Killer is waiting for you. Fight it with the laser knife. When you have defeated it, follow the road to find and enter a mountain hut. This is actually a hideout for a wanted criminal, so Anne gets knocked out and captured.

When Anne comes to, she'll find herself tied up and watched by the criminal's accomplice. Look at the man four times, and he'll untie Anne. Go south to find yourself back to where you were before Anne was captured. Look at the desk to find an old tome and a key. Take them. Go up to find your belongings and take them. Leave the mountain hut through the southern entrance, and you'll find a jet scooter. Use the key you found on the jet scooter to activate it and hop on.

Go east until you're north of the left Riverbed, and get off the jet scooter to the south. You'll find the Motavian to the east at the Riverbank. Exchange the rubber raft for the nail puller, and hop on the jet scooter again. Don't move, and get off the jet scooter to the north. Use the nail puller on the gray house to open its door. Inside, you'll find an altar. Use the old tome on the altar, and the golden ring will appear. Take it.

Exit the gray house and get back on the jet scooter. Go west and get off the jet scooter to the north to find yourself back in the forest. Find your way back to the entrance, and head for Heinz' cabin. He'll give you a special pendant and heal you. Now go back to Wood Town and make your way back to the second floor of the elementary school. The monster is gone, so the way to the classroom is free. Use the pendant on the teacher or the children to heal them all at once. You'll learn that the monster is on its way to River Town.

While making your way through River Town, you'll find the wanted criminal wounded on the ground. Heal him with the pendant, and he'll give you some alshline. Go to the Open Field and use the alshline on the rock. Take the crystal that has been uncovered. Head to the hospital's Supply Room next to find the monster, a Kite Devil. Fight it with the golden ring. Anne will be knocked out.

When Anne awakes, she'll find herself in Heinz' cabin. Look at him, and he'll team up. Go back to the the hospital's Supply Room. Use the crystal on the Kite Devil to reduce the damage taken, and fight it with the golden ring. Look at Anne to heal when necessary. When the Kite Devil has been defeated, go down to the Basement.

Congratulations, you have beaten Anne's Adventure!


Kohe Nomura

Copyright 1991 SEGA

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