Phantasy Star II: Eusis's Adventure


It is AW 1274, Winter.

Having lost his parents one year earlier, Eusis is living in an orphanage in Paseo. He has shown to have a lot of skill with the blade, and has beaten everyone who has challenged him. This had made him arrogant and given him a sense of entitlement. However, an encounter with a powerful sword master will learn him a lesson.



An orphan living in the same orphanage as Eusis. She will become an agent in the service of O'Conner.


Another orphan living in the same orphanage as Eusis. He has feelings for Shelley.


The governor-general of Paseo, and a powerful sword master. He sees his potential successor in Eusis, but finds that he is too arrogant to realise his true potential. He will teach Eusis a lesson which will push him on the right path, and employ him as an agent after he passes his test.


Weapon AP Dice
Sword 2 2 (3 when Eusis has become an adult)
Light Sword 3 4
Tendou Zanhaken Technique 4 8


Name HP AP Dice
Instructor 50 2 2
Soldier 50 2 1
Shelley 50 2 2
O'Conner 150 4 2




Go to Dick's Room, and look at him twice. He'll give you a love letter. Present this love letter to Shelley. Now that she's focusing all her attention on it, you're free to search her shelf. Take the doll that Eusis finds, and show it to Dick. He will release his hold on the liquor bottle, allowing you to take it. Give this bottle to the guard at the entrance, and he'll fall asleep.

You're now free to go to the sword gym, but first you better grab the sword that's sitting in the storage room. In the sword gym, look at the instructor. He will spar with you. Fight him with the sword. When he's defeated, head west into the room where the sword master, O'Conner, resides. Fight him with the sword. You'll lose.

Eusis will run out of the sword gym. Look at the local area. A soothsayer will approach Eusis. Look at the soothsayer, and he will tell him how he can become stronger. Eusis will get back to his room. Go to the Director's Office and look at the director. He'll give Eusis money for a plane ticket. Go to the Paseo Airport to leave for Uzo.

Having returned to Paseo, look at the local area. Eusis is now an adult. Go to the Director's Office at the orphanage. O'Conner will be in the office as well. Look at either of them twice, and they'll tell Eusis that Shelley has been kidnapped. Eusis volunteers to rescue her, and receives a plane pass and some money.

Before leaving the orphanage, go to the Dining Hall. Dick will be there. Look at him, and he'll give you a golden box. You can take a piece of bread as healing supplies if you want. Next, go to the storage room. Look at the desk, and Eusis will find a membership card. Finally, visit the sword gym. Look at the instructor, who will want to spar with you. Fight him with the sword. When you defeat him, you'll receive a tape as a reward that explains a powerful sword technique. You're now ready to leave for Scion by using the pass on the employee at the Paseo Airport.


Go to the Second Floor of the Inn and use the tape on the recorder. Eusis will learn the sword technique Tendou Zanhaken. This technique is very powerful, but it'll drain Eusis of 20 Hit Points when he uses it, so be cautious. There's a black key here as well that you should take. Head out of town, and you'll encounter a robotic soldier. Fight it with the sword. When defeated, Eusis will get some money from its pockets. With this money he can buy a light sword in the Weapon Shop. But first he'll have to show the membership certificate to the proprietor.

You can't enter Myra Tower right now. Head north to the Vacant Lot instead. You'll find a locked warehouse. Use the key you found at the Second Floor of the Inn on it. You will encounter another one of those robotic soldiers. Fight it with the light sword. When defeated, you'll get some money. Pick up the dynamite, and use it at Myra Tower to blow it open.

Myra Tower

There's nothing to do on the first floor, so go up to the second floor. The second floor is a small maze. You'll find a gold key. Use it on the golden box to find Shelley's doll inside. You'll also find a card. Take it. Next, find the stairs going up. A door will block your way. Use the card you found on the previous floor on it to open it. You'll find a seemingly brainwashed Shelley on the other side. You have no choice but to fight her with the light sword. When she's defeated, show her the doll. She'll go back to normal, and the way to the fourth floor will be clear.

Before going up to the fourth floor, go back to the second floor and pick up the laser gun. Use it on the shutter that blocks your way on the fourth floor. Enter the room. Look at the man, and Eusis will realise that it's O'Conner. Look at O'Conner, who will unveil his plans for world domination. Use the sword on O'Conner. If that doesn't defeat him, you'll likely not have enough Hit Points left after his attack to perform another, and you will be defeated. If you do get defeated, you will be booted out of the room, and will have to rest at the inn. If you do defeat O'Conner, Shelley will stop Eusis from killing him. Look at Shelley, and she'll explain. Look at O'Conner. Look at Shelley again, who says he will explain the rest. Look at O'Conner again.

Congratulations, you beat Eusis' Adventure!


Kohe Nomura

Copyright 1990 SEGA

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