Phantasy Star II: Huey's Adventure


It is AW 1284, Summer.

Huey is a student at Kvarts' university, where he performs biological experiments and creates new plants. One day, the director asks him to investigate rumors of a strange monster roaming around campus.



The most beautiful girl in school, and Huey's girlfriend.


A student that heads a gang. He's jealous of Huey because Rita likes him.


Weapon AP Dice
Metal Bat 4 2
ID Card 5 2
Shock Gun 5 3


Name HP AP Dice
Petite Flower 50 1 2
Mad Flower 50 1 3
Crazy Wire 50 1 4
Kiith Flower Unlimited 1 5
Crisis Flower Unlimited 1 6



You can go see the director if you want, but it's not necessary to advance the game. If you talk to Huey's friend in the classroom, you'll find out that weird sounds have been coming out of the gymnasium's basement. By the way, if Huey needs to recover health later, return here and go north into the Storage Room to heal. While you're here, take the bat. You can't go to the gymnasium yet, because Rody and his gang are loitering in front of it. Instead, enter the next classroom, and look at the locker. Huey will open it, and some pince-nez glasses will fall out. Take them. Use this near Rody's gang, and Huey will be able to enter the gymnasium.

Go down into the basement where the reactor is. Look at it, and Huey will notice the power lines. Look at the power lines, and Huey will notice a Petite Flower monster. Fight it with the bat. When defeated, it will drop a key. Take it. Use the key to open the locked doors of the research department. In Huey's Lab, take the lab coat. A Mad Flower monster was behind it! Fight it with the bat. When you have defeated it, take the lab coat again. Huey will find 40 meseta in it. Use the lab coat so Huey will wear it for a defense increase.

The school's power section is up next, but a guard is blocking the passage. Look at him, and he'll ask for identification. Unfortunately for Huey, he forgot his ID card. Go to the Student Cafetaria, and look at Rita. She'll lend hers. This won't get you past the guard either, but you can use it as a weapon if you like, and you'll need it later. If you speak to Ralph in his lab, you'll find out that the guard loves manjuu buns. Go to the Shop and look at the clerk to buy some. Go back to the Power Section Entrance, and use the manjuu buns on the guard. He'll let you pass.

There are several items here, but most of them are red herrings. Follow the passage until you're in a room with a mop on the floor. Take it, then go to the Janitor's Closet close by. Look at the ceiling to notice a vent. Use the mop on the vent to make the shock gun drop. Take it. It will be really useful.

Continue following the passage until you're in the Transformer Room. A Crazy Wire monster will be waiting for you. Fight it with the shock gun. When it's defeated, continue following the passage down to the Reactor Room. A Kiith Flower is absorbing electricity through some power lines. Use the ID card on the power lines, and it will go away.

It's time to report to the director. He'll tell you that the city's reactor is likely next, and arranges for you to enter the power plant. When you get there, no one believes anything serious is going on, so Huey will have to fix it by himself. Make your way to the shutters, and open them by using your shock gun on the switches. Once you're inside the Main Reactor Room, you'll see that the monster is already there, and that it has evolved to a Crisis Flower. Look at the reactor, and Huey will have the idea of overloading it to the point that the monster can't take it.

As you go back, you'll be assaulted by some tentacles in each room. Fight them with the shock gun. You'll need the control key to use the control panel, so pay the chief a visit. When you get there, look at the desk. It looks like the chief has already left with all of his paintings. Luckily for Huey, he has left the control key there. Take it. Now, before going to the Control Room, take a detour to the Dressing Room. Look at the curtains. Exit the room, then re-enter it. Look at the shower. There's no one there now, but they have left a bottle of shampoo. Take it, then make your way to the Control Room. Fight the tentacles you'll encounter with the shock gun.

Once inside the Control Room, use the control key on the panel. Huey will turn the key to increase the reactor's power output. However, the key will break before the required energy level is reached. The shampoo bottle also has a hexagonal shape, so use it on the panel to replace the control key. The monster will explode.

Huey will go back outside, where a group of people is awaiting him as he notices that the petals flying around belong to his experiment. Look at Rita.

Congratulations, you have cleared Huey's Adventure!


Copyright 1990 SEGA

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