Phantasy Star II: Kinds's Adventure


It is AW 1281, Autumn.

Kinds is living in a small apartment in the city of Lume. He's trying to make a psy-gun, a weapon that is very effective against machinery. Meanwhile, a gang is being formed in the city, lead by Mellivan.



A friend of Kinds who lives in an apartment on the same floor. He'll give Kinds the data he needs to complete his gun core.


A friend of Kinds. He thinks she has feelings for him. She'll rescue him from the warehouse and accompany him when he needs to escape.


The leader of the gang. He had Kinds kidnapped and tried to enlist his aid in his anti-Mother Brain plans. Kinds will later find him wounded in the Mother Brain facility, where he asks Kinds to give Maria his pendant.


Mellivan's girlfriend. She works in a clothing boutique owned by her father, who used to work at the Mother Brain facility. She'll help Kinds escape from the city when he gives her Mellivan's pendant.


Weapon AP Dice
Knife 1 2
Psy-Gun 5 5
Para-Gun 2 2
Psy-Gun (without charger) 3 3


Name HP AP Dice
Nezumi 20 1 2
Officer 60 2 2
Amoeboid 30 1 2
Man (rebel) 50 1 2
Coolie-61 140 1 8



Take the knife you see in Kinds' room. Go to the Second Floor of the Bar. A man is making a scene. Look at the man. It's Nezumi, and he is picking a fight with Kinds. Fight him with the knife. Go back down and look at the bartender. He'll ask Kinds to fix his air conditioner. Kinds needs some tools to do this. You can find them in the back alley behind the disco. Take them.

Go to the Second Floor of the Bar again, and Kinds will fix the air conditioner. Go back down and he'll receive 200 Meseta. Unfortunately, as soon as he leaves the bar, it explodes. Oops. Anyway, head to McCoy's, and look at him. Kinds will receive a gun frame in exchange for 200 meseta.

Kinds doesn't have all the necessary parts for his gun yet, though. Go to the Second Floor of the Chinese Restaurant. Look at the couple, and Kinds will recognise Chang. Look at Chang, and Kinds will receive a coin. Give this coin to Randolph at the casino, and he'll give you a flashlight in exchange. Now go to the Dead End of the back alley, and look at the manhole. You can now enter it. Follow the sewer corridor, and climb out. You're now at the Garbage Dump. There are some components here. Take them.

Now that you have gathered all the components, go back to Kinds' room. Take the core, and use the components on it. Go into the corridor and look at Yuuki's Room to notice he's home. Enter it, look at Yuuki, and give him the full core so he can insert the data. Use the gun core on the gun frame. The psy-gun is done.

It's time to try out this new toy. Go to the Poli-Box. A robotic police officer will be waiting for Kinds. Attack it with the psy-gun. One shot should do. The way to the warehouse is now clear. Unfortunately for Kinds, he gets knocked unconscious not long after he arrives. After he comes to, he finds himself tied up. Melville will try to get Kinds to join, then leave. Look at the window twice. The game will switch to Sue's point of view.

In one of the eastern rooms of the warehouse you can find a hammer. Take it. Now go to the second floor and enter the eastern room. An Amoeboid is here, but ignore it. Smash the wooden crates with the hammer to uncover a para-gun. Take it, then get yourself healed in the capsule on the first floor. Go up to the third floor, and fight the man there with the para-gun. Take the key that he drops. Go back to the second floor and enter the northern room to find Kinds. Use the key on the wire to free him. The game will now switch back to Kinds' point of view.

Go to the third floor where your psy-gun is lying, and take it. Leave the warehouse. A robotic police officer will block your way. Take it down with the psy-gun. You might want to grab a bite at the Diner by looking at its owner to restore your health before continuing. Make your way to the Boutique Inner Room, and look at Maria's dad. He'll give Kinds the password that he needs to temporarily lower the Mother Brain facility's defense. Go back to his room and look at the MG-68 to use it to hack into Mother Brain's network and enter the password.

Next we need a car. You might remember there being one in the warehouse, but you need its key. Go back to the third floor of the warehouse, and look at the panel. Kinds will find a car key. Take it. Go back down to the first floor, and use the car key on the car. Go north onto the highway and follow it to the facility. Enter the facility, and keep going until you find Mellivan. Look at him, and he'll ask you to give his pendant to Maria. Take the pendant. A Coolie-61 will now appear. Your weakened psy-gun can't take it down, so escape.

Go to the Boutique Inner Room, and give Maria the pendant. She'll accompany you to the Airport, and give you back the psygun's charger. Use the charger on the psygun to put it back. When you arrive at the Airport, the same Coolie-61 will be waiting for you. Fight it with the fully-powered psygun.

Congratulations, you have beaten Kinds's Adventure!



Copyright 1991 SEGA

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