Phantasy Star II: Nei's Adventure


It is AW 1284, Spring.

Nei has been living in the wilderness ever since she lost her foster parents six months ago to a mob led by a hunter with a scar on his cheek. She has arrived in Paseo.



A young child that thinks Nei's ears are cool. He tries to befriend her and gives her a pastry. His mother notices him talking to Nei and takes him inside their house.

Elderly scientist

The scientist who led the project that combined human cells with biomonster cells. A power surge led the Biosystems Lab to malfunction, but a creature with human intelligence was born in the process. He considered the creature to be a failure, and tried to kill it. Two other scientists took pity on it and escaped the lab with it. But he didn't let go, and hired an outlaw to have it killed.

He meets Nei again in his mansion in Paseo, but is unsure if she's the creature he has been looking for. The outlaw he has hired kills him not much later.


The outlaw that was hired by the elderly scientist to kill Nei. He led the mob that killed Nei's foster parents.

He tries to kill Nei again when she encounters him in Paseo, but fails to catch her. Wanting his money, he proceeds to kill the scientist that hired him. Finally, he will encounter Nei once more, and the two fight until he's arrested by Eusis.


Weapon AP Dice
Plank 1 2
Animal Claw 2 2 (3 when upgraded)


Name HP AP Dice
Rabid Dog (1) 20 1 2
Rabid Dog (2) 40 1 2
Giant Rat 50 1 3
Darum 50 1 4



Go to the Dump. A rabid dog is there that wants to hurt Nei. Take the plank and use it to fight the dog. You can recover in the hospital by looking at the nurse. It is now possible to meet Kid at the Front Porch of his house. Look at him. Nei will receive some pastry before Kid is yanked back into the house by his mother. You can now enter the mansion of his grandfather. Once you do, look at the local area to notice an elderly man sitting at a desk. Look at the man, who will start flipping through notes before getting lost in deep thought.

Go back to the first Tree-Lined Way, and look at the local area to notice a soldier. Look at the soldier. He will give Nei a pendant with a silver bullet before leaving. Go to the weapon shop. Nei will be stung by a tranquilizer dart shot by a hunter who mistook her for a monster. She'll wake up at the dump. Go back to the weapon shop and look at the owner. He'll trade an animal claw for the silver bullet. If you want, you can look at the hunter to receive a jerky as an apology.

Kid's house will now be open. Enter it and look at the mother. She'll take Nei outside through the back door into a Rear Alley. Go east to the Field. Look at the men. One of them is the hunter that killed Nei's foster family. He'll notice Nei and try to catch her. Escape by entering a trash can in the Rear Alley. Look at the local area, then peer out by looking at the alley. The hunter will leave, allowing you to get out.

Visit the Young Man's Residence in the residential district that has opened up. Look at the young man, who will accept her as a guest. Nei can recover here as well by looking at him.

Go to the Path in front of the mansion. Look at the mansion to notice the cat. Look at the cat twice for it to notice Nei. Now go to the dump, where you'll encounter the same cat, threatened by a rabid dog. Fight the rabid dog with the animal claw. After it runs off, follow the cat into the sewer.

Go to the area at the south-western end. Look at the door to find a card. Next go to the Machine Room and look at the panel. This will reveal the card-slot. Put the card in the card-slot. You can now get past the Waterway to the other cat. Look at the cat twice, and they will accompany you.

The area in the northwest that was previously blocked off will now be open, but a giant rat will be guarding it. Fight it with the animal claw. When it has been defeated, continue east to a Dead End. Look at the crevice twice. Suddenly, the giant rat that was thought to be dead will charge at Nei, who will evade it, causing the giant rat to smash against the wall and break it. The way forward is now open.

Nei will find herself at the Bottom of the Well. Look at the ivytrees to be able to get out and find yourself in the back garden of the mansion. Look at the window to look inside. The hunter has mortally wounded the scientist, who is now lying on the floor. When the coast is clear, enter the mansion and look at the scientist. He'll give Nei a big bottle of medicine. Exit the mansion through an eastern window, then make it to the Residential District by going south, then east.

Sell the bottle of medicine by going to the Clone Labs and looking at the man. He'll give Nei 500 meseta. Go to the Weapon Shop and look at the owner to have the animal claw fixed and upgraded. When you go back to the Field, Nei will encounter the hunter again. This time, you must fight him with the animal claw. When Nei thinks she has defeated him, the young man from before will come to her rescue to make her dodge the hunter's final shot. Nei will fall unconscious.

She wakes up in the Young Man's Residence. Look at the young man, who offers her to stay at his place as his little sister. Next, make Nei look at herself.

Congratulations, you have finished Nei's Adventure!



Copyright 1991 SEGA

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