Phantasy Star II: Shilka's Adventure


It is AW 1282, Autumn.

Shilka is planning on stealing the Opa Opa painting.


Weapon AP Dice
Lightning Rod 1 3
Laser Gun 5 1


Name HP AP Dice
Robo-Guard 1 20 1 2
Robo-Guard 2 Unlimited 3 2



Go to the Front Desk on the first floor. Look at the woman to receive a credit card. Go to the Sporting Goods Store and use the credit card on the hang glider to buy it. Head to the roof and use the hang glider on the sky to fly over to the Kaiser building.

At the Edge of the Roof, look at the railing to find a lightning rod. Take it. Make your way into the building. You will soon be stopped by a robo-guard. Fight it with the lightning rod. When it's defeated, it'll drop a laser gun. Take it. Enter the elevator and take it down to the sixth floor.

Go to restroom, where you can find a hand mirror. Take it. Next, go to the Ballroom, where a key is lying on one of the tables. Take it. The eastern elevator won't go further down, so use the central one instead. Take it down to the third floor, where there's only a restroom. A key is here. Take it. Now go down to the first floor, and use the keys on the lockers. Look at what's inside them, which should be a contact microphone and a climbing set.

Take the central elevator to the ninth floor, and use the contact microphone on the door of the western room. Apparently Shilka isn't the only one who wants to steal the painting. Go back down to the first floor, and take the western elevator to the eleventh floor. You'll encounter a stronger kind of robo-guard here. Use the hand mirror on it to reflect its lasers back at itself, resulting in its destruction. It'll drop a card in the process. Take it, then take the elevator down to the fifth floor.

Another robo-guard will stop you here. Fight it with the laser gun. When the corridor turns north, use the climbing set on the wall to avoid detection. Use the card on the card slot to open the door to the security room. Look at the panel. While Shilka hides, the two men from before will enter the password that deactivates the security cameras. Go back to the eleventh floor, and go to the Dead End. There's an iron grill here. Shoot it with the laser gun to gain entry into the air shaft. Make your way through it to end up in the gallery.

The Opa Opa painting is south, in the Masterpiece Collection room. Take it. The alarm will go off. Escape through the passage east of the shuttered entrance. You'll find a smoke bomb there. Take it, then look at the impasse to get through it. You're now on the twelfth floor. Go to the Edge of the Roof, and use the climbing set on the wall. Climb down to the sixth floor, and enter it through an open window.

A skimpy outfit is lying on the floor in the Cloakroom. Take it, then use it to change clothes. Go into the Ballroom, and use the smoke bomb.

Congratulations, you have beaten Shilka's Adventure!


Copyright 1990 SEGA

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