Phantasy Star III: First Generation Characters


Rhys is the prince of the kingdom of Landen, and a descendant of Orakio. He has a strong sense of justice, and is loved by his people.

One day, he found a woman washed ashore at the beach, and fell in love with her. They announced their marriage only mere months later.

As an Orakian, Rhys is adept at sword-fighting, but he can't use Techniques.


Mieu is a combat cyborg, designation Mieu-type S2 that has served Orakio 1000 years ago. She looks like an ordinary human girl, with the exception that she doesn't blink. She has emotions, but it's not known whether these are programmed or if she has a will of her own.

When Rhys finds her by the lake, she explains that she's been waiting for a descendant of Orakio, and accompanies him in his adventure.

She can use Heal (Res, Gires, Rever, Anti) and Order (Fanbi, Forsa, Nasak, Shu) Techniques.


Wren is a Wren-type cyborg who can only serve Orakians. He can hold his own in combat and operate systems with ease. With the required parts, he can transform into a submersible, an aerojet and an aquaskimmer.

Rhys finds him in a western cave in Aridia. His assistance is needed to repair the weather systems.

He can use Melee (Foi, Zan, Gra, Tsu) and Time (Ner, Remit, Shiza, Deban) Techniques.


Lyle is the prince of the kingdom of Shusoran. He values chivalry and is very loyal. His true agenda is unknown.

He first meets Rhys on an island south of Landen, where he has taken refuge after stealing the Sapphire. For unknown reasons, he hands over the Sapphire without a fight. Later, he can be found in the weather control tower, looking for a way to rid his world of the cold climate.

He can use Melee (Foi, Zan, Gra, Tsu) Techniques.


Lena is the princess of the kingdom of Satera. She's a gentle soul with a brave heart, and was raised as Rhys' fianée since childhood.

When Rhys got thrown into the dungeon by his father, Lena rescues him and encourages him to go after Maia. They meet again in Shusoran, where she offers her help and her Moon Tear, necessary in order to reach the kingdom of Cille.

As an Orakian, Lena can't use Techniques, but she has some skills with knives and needlers.


Maia is the princess of the kingdom of Cille. After being washed up on the beach shores of Landen, she has lost her memory. Nevertheless, she accepts to marry Rhys when he proposes to her. She's abducted in the middle of the wedding ceremony, and this starts the adventure.

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