The Wacky Adventure of Rhys

Step 1

If you don't have a hex editor there are save states from this quest you can download:

Alright, on to the adventure...

  1. Start a new game
  2. Go to marry Maia, get thrown in dungeon, escape, leave town
  3. Once you are standing just outside of town save the game (F5 in Genecyst)

Step 2

Hex values of party's location before hack

Open the save game in your favorite hex editor. Scroll until the E480 and E500 lines are visible. The following values should be stored:

Which translates to (06D0x0138)=(1744x312).

Step 3

Hex values of party's location after hack

Change these values to:

Which translates to (0650x0198)=(1616x408).

Step 4

Rhys is over the river

Reload the save game (F7 in Genecyst) and voila, Rhys is across the river.

The monsters on this side of Landen are all from Nial's quest and are basically impossible to kill with just your knife! While you're hacking the save state you might want to consider arming yourself a little better (or use a Game Genie code).

The walkthrough

Thus begins "The Wacky Adventure of Rhys". If you really can't stand surprises feel free to proceed to the walkthrough portion of "The Wacky Adventure of Rhys"... OK, it's not a "real" walkthrough because this isn't a "real" quest... But it certainly is wacky. I'd personally recommend exploring this area for yourself before reading the walkthrough.

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